Playing With Public Health

Vegetables and fruits are being injected oxytocin in order to grow fast, big size and overnight fruit. The public complaint is in the knowledge of the state governments and central government. Even the Court is seized of the matter. But nothing concrete has been done to stop such misuse of the oxytocin injections, which were earlier given to cows and buffaloes to obtain larger quantity of milk.The public is being fed wrong information that it does not cause any immediate harm but can prove to be harmful in the long run. It is nothing but playing with public health since the effects are visible daily.

Contrary to the claim made by the public health authorities that it is difficult for the common man to find out if the vegetables and fruit have been laced with oxytocin, it is visible to even a naked eye in normal sunlight or electric illumination. Each vegetable is injected with oxytocin as can be seen from the jab mark on it.Vegetables like gourd, bitter gourd, bell peppers or capsicum, cucumber, brinjal(eggplant),pumpkin,radish, carrot etc can be seen to have been injected, with a naked eye. These vegetables are retailed openly. Besides, most are further treated and/or laced with dangerous chemicals to give them a fresh look or some longer shelf life. They smell foul and are tasteless besides being hard to cook and hard on the stomach. In some cases they have created medical conditions necessitating medical care.

The fruits are all treated with oxytocin to ripen early, as they are picked raw before natural ripening and treated with all kinds of harmful chemicals. For example banana is given acid wash and artificially ripened. Train loads of raw banana reach the wholesale markets like Delhi, which are stored in harmful conditions and released into the market after having been chemically treated. Papaya is another such fruit that suffers such chemical treatment. The green skin of the fruit turns yellow in artificially treated chemical lacing. The fruit does not really ripen. Eaten in this condition it causes severe stomach ache. No complaints. No authority to listen to it. Only large advertisements in newspapers to put up a show of doing something. A sincere effort to check such dangerous practices would have taken the authorities to the warehouses of the fruit merchants and vegetable cold stores. But it seems to be expecting too much from a weak government. Its will power is strong only for the wrong kind of things.The consumer has to be extremely cautious while buying fruits like cherries,apple,peach,kiwi fruit,grapes,banana,mango,guava, water melon or kharwooza.

Many of these vegetables and fruit are summer season products. Unless careful, the consumer can suffer life threatening diseases like diarrhoea.Many deaths do take place due to artificially ripened fruits and chemically treated vegetables, but no data is maintained or published by the health authorities.How harmful this deadly combination of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, chemical sprays, acid wash and oxytocin is easy to estimate. Only the government has no concern for public health. This is the bane of democracy: corruption is its life blood and public health is a rich source of that. So the worm of corruption is entering people’s blood stream and can crawl into the brain.

Is it some population control agenda?

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