Defiling Democracy Daily

Nothing new: the Indian foreign policy has been subjected to all kinds of indignities right from the shame of the Sharm-al-sheikh to Norway Indian family dispute to this matter of Lanka voting.The question is: will such an indiscreet act of voting on a resolution help the Sri Lankan Tamil’s case even a bit? Millions of words are written everyday in condemnation of politicians- does anybody even bother? It is a sign of weakness if a country of the size of India fails to persuade even a country like Sri Lanka in its immediate neighbourhood on a n ethical issue like human rights violations! What can it do in conditions like the atrocities on the Hindus in Pakistan? It talks of secularism but is terribly afraid to even raise the matter with the Pak government and issue any statement.

Unfortunate but Indian democracy has been defiled in the past 8 years of MMS government. It will take centuries for India to regain its national pride, self confidence and honour. Indian Economy stands ruined, its social Order compromised,its political institutions devastated and its constitutional scheme sabotaged. At times it all looks depressing, unless the youth decides to take on the reins!

Hardly does a day pass when some disturbing news doesn’t make the headlines in media. Today it was about a young 19 year old boy being allured by his school friends- mind friend-, drugged and murdered and parents approached for ransom, yesterday it was the Comptoller & Auditor General(CAG) of India’s draft audit report about some “wind fall profit” of around 10.7 lakh crores of rupees to the private and public companies due to allotment of coal mines blocks without “auction”, and the baby Falak in the All India Medical Institute dying inspite of all the medical care by the doctors and her tragic tale and the tale of the misery of her biological mother and siblings. Murders are taking place for no rhyme or reason, road rage has become a symbol of one’s clout, abduction of young women is easier than picking up a pocket, politicking is the biggest business, corruption rules all organs of the state and makes headlines everyday (CWG, 2G, S Band, Adarsh,coal mining  etc are only some of the major examples) In a nutshell, uncertainty and insecurity has gripped the aam aadmi or the ordinary folks.

It is only a marvel that a country can be run so long without an executive prime minister and the prime minister is not the Leader of the House in the Lok Sabha or the House of the People. A capable but hamstrung man!!! What more to defile democracy?

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