Vindictiveness Towards the Honest Army Chief Gen V K Singh

Demands for ouster of the Chief of the Army and the intemperate language used to do so is most reprehensible. Pl answer a few questions: 1) If the Army Chief should write letters to individual MPs or the Prime Minister of India? 2) Why is the NCP so angry? Any connection with the action on the Adarsh Society in Mumbai? 3)How many letters of recommendation or complaints for army purchases, transfers etc have been received from the MPs, contents of such letters and the veracity or falsehood of all such letters individually? 4)Is it not the Duty of the Chief of the Army to apprise his Prime Minister? 5) Is a government servant not on duty till the last day in service? 6) Who are the lobbyists visiting various purchasing authorities? When there was no middle man and still Rs 65 crores were spent on bribing somebody in India in the Bofors gun case, in whose account the bribe money went? 7) Did Rajiv pay the price for banning middlemen in defence purchases? Compare the siege around Gen VKSingh with it and then analyse.8) Didn’t Krishna Menon also assure the country in 1962 exactly as Antony is doing now? What happened need not even be recalled.9) Vyalar Ravi has forfeited all respect for him as a leader by being awfully superficial in calling Gen Singh frustrated. Mr Ravi, muster courage and take the bull by the horns. The audacity of the bribe givers should open the eyes of all of us, who have so far buried our heads in the sand ostrich like to all dangers and overcome them. 10) What is this witch song of Othello of Chief ko hatao, CAG ko hatao, EC ko hatao, CVC ko hatao, Raja ko hatao, Chidambaram ko hatao…? PM pl rein these elements, failing which democracy in India stands subverted. When proven corrupt and criminal elements bay for the honour and status of the honest government servants, one feels very very angry. An angry nation is not a healthy sign.These elements make fun of Anna Hazare, making us feel revulsion and nausea!

Either the Defence Minister is completely in dark about the SWOT of the lobbies or has deliberately put up a show of boldness. Who decides in the UPA? The audacity of a lobbyist in approaching the Chief of the Army with allurements is proof enough of the culture of corruption under the UPA of MMS. Ask any empanelled Secretary in total confidence and you shall come to know that the fixers and wheeler-dealers approach them for creamy posting even before they come to know officially of their empanelment. The files marked Secret are handled by not one but more than one shady characters at the office of the ministers, especially at the residence office. What is the meaning of Secret? Is anything in the PMO secret? Even before the minutes are signed by the PM or on his behalf by his secretary, copies reach the lobbyists. Experienced civil servants are well aware of the business of “information selling”. The bitter truth is that the contents of a file take hardly any time to reach some state capitals but days to travel from South Block to North Block, a distance of merely 200 steps! The letter has certainly leaked from the PMO or the Defence ministry. When such incidents take place, inquiries are launched even before the office opening times in the morning. Who leaked the coalgate report? CAG or the Coal Ministry? Even the Minister seems to have been foxed. Nowadays, lobbyists decide empanelment, promotion and posting of not only officers but even their personal staff from PA to Private Secretary of the senior most grade, and even the peon. What do you expect a Head of the Department to do: type his own letter to the PM, put it in an envelop, seal it, diary it himself, carry it to the PM personally and hand it over? The exercise is still not leak proof. Would you expect the PM to do the same thing? This is not how work is disposed in the Govt of India. And the Lobbies have all the time in the world to extract information. Just think for a moment: how should Civil Service Exam papers be despatched? Depend on the Postal services? What guarantee is there if the envelops, prepared by an honest Secretary Telecom placing 3G licences inside securely will not be opened in the post office? Telecom(any govt office, telecom is by way of illustration only) department’s staff will change the envelops in collusion with the post office and there will be left no scope for any dissimilarity. This was the practice adopted by the honest Secretary to the GOI who should have served as Cabinet Secretary for at least 6 years, but lost it by doggedly refusing to get seduced by the corruption mafia of the lobbyists. There should be no surprise if even the Prime Minister is being watched by the highly experienced PMO handlers and their lobbies. Hence, there is nothing for Antony to get fooled by the opposition baying for the General’s blood. First they should come clean on the DA cases and the Adarsha ghotala and many more ghotalas.This is no way of addressing the Chief of the Army. If the man on the street used unparliamentary language for them, they cannot complain. At least behave civilized. If nothing learn some lessons in adab from the Urdu language or politeness from the English language. For God’s sake, don’t make Hindi the language of the uncouth, boorish and brute.

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