Freedom of Press Not For Abuse

The Indian Express today sensationalized the country by publishing a story about troop movements towards Delhi in January, suggesting some kind of a coup. Nothing more tendentious has appeared in the history of India so far. In the context of the Army Chief Gen VKSingh  going hammer and tong after the corrupt lobbyists and vendors, the media is being abused by them liberally.Ill informed TV anchors and correspondents were debating the motive of the Army in moving troops to the capital with retired Generals and experts on defence matters, who educated them liberally about such normal military exercises, but the paid news refused to learn anything from them. Hence they went on parroting their silly questions even after the Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Secretary Defence and the Army having dismissed such reports as baseless and mischievous. The Indian Express had no regrets throughout the day nor did the embedded correspondents and their channels.

 When the Fourth Estate turns to Fifth Column, newspapers like the Indian Express fall to such abominably low levels. The IE should take some lessons from Rupert Murdoch and close down at once. It has lost every single right to remain any more in business.

Meanwhile the CBI must hunt the culprits in defence deals;get an inventory check of every single truck for which payment was made by the government of India. It must also get a technical examination done to ensure the trucks are genuine Tatra and working. Short supplies to government is a usual trick adopted by the corrupt in collusion with the lobbies patronised by the mighty and influential.

These lobbies discourage even “modernisation”, for modernisation might mean vendor change. Hence big business interests are involved. Hasn’t the technology for truck manufacturing undergone tremendous change in the past 20 years that Indian Armed forces are stuck up with this outdated technological product? Which are the best trucks being vended by manufacturers around the world? What are the Americans using in Afghanistan? Tatra trucks? CBI has to remember that out of fear of reprisal from well entranched lobbies, no officer risks offending them by raising questions. But now that an Army Chief has chosen to do so, see how they are after his blood. Even the Indian Express has let down the nation: a paper that became the darling of the masses during the black emergency of Indira Gandhi & her notorious advisers by its ethical standards, which were traded today for peanuts!!!Time to place “reasonable restrictions” on the media. The SC is considering some guidelines for cases before it.Hope it lays down guidelines soon.

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