Zardar’s Pilgrimage to Dargah Sharif at Ajmer

Pakistan President Zardari made a pilgrimage to the Dargah at Ajmer in Rajasthan today.His visit was was known to the media. So a lot is being made out of a very personal visit. One headline has made it “Dargah Diplomacy”. Another chose to focus on “bilateral issues”. Since he is the Head of State, he was to be accorded a fitting welcome by the Head of the Indian Government. Why should more be read in it? Issues between India and Pakistan are too serious to be resolved so casually. That leaves enough time for the person and family man Zardari to fulfill his desire.

As the visit is primarily related to religion, it got adequate coverage on that basis. Here I am on the issue: why religion? Does it fulfill some need? Is it anti-science? After all Zardari is the holder of the highest position that any Pakistani could aspire. Should it not have given Zardari everything he needs, every wish he seeks to fulfill, every desire he seeks to satisfy? It is the same case with all of us. Why do we see more and more people reverting to religion. Most of them prefer to call it spirituality.With life becoming so comfortable and rich, thanks to technological achievements, why such a longing for something that is not tangible, visible, apparent?

These questions need to be answered as prosperity has brought more frustration in life of the highest echelons of society.There is a felt vacuum in life after coming into possession of everything; power, pelf, possessions. Why do the achievers feel a dizzy sense of hollowness? Perhaps, because there is more to existence than all these things. It makes no difference whether one is a theist or atheist or agnostic or scientist.The fact remains that all these beliefs depend only on this universe. In other words, religion or science, are trying to decipher the birth and being of it.Since what is born must also die and the universe has not yet died, its birth can be questioned. Then what is the scientific explanation of the universe? Religious thinkers have tried to explain it in their own way, which is still captivating thesis and commentary. Science, on the other hand, has yet to convince that it is possible to create space, time and energy. It has till date only created out of the creation already in existence. This might explain to some extent the desire to seek beyond material achievements.

What does an embryo do in the womb or the egg before birth? It is a long time- 9+ months for a human embryo.It can’t remain still. It is supposed to “develop and grow”.What is this development? Is it re-location from one existence to another? For what is seen as growing is matter and matter only changes form. And what is the mind doing in the meantime? It can’t be bound to the little universe of the womb. It has the properties to go beyond boundaries. It can travel great distances and time. Neurons, like electrons, possess infinite energy. Hence, this development period is likely to be a process of relocation, packing possessions of matter and mind and learn about the new location even before coming out of the womb.Whether the mind is visiting out of the physical universe of the womb to gather all the information it needs or gets it delivered inside the womb is yet to be firmly established by science.The baby will act as per the information packages transported into the womb or learnt in the womb. Whichever of them succeeds in dominating the baby, will nurture his future personality.So there is already a bank of valuable experience with the baby, which can not be discarded in the name of science unless science establishes otherwise.

It is nothing more than a “scientific superstition” to deny the existence of a power that has created and that manages the entire cosmos in flawless scientific manner. It is all such a complex and such a simple creation that one can enjoy it more without getting lost in the religious or scientific superstitions . I would place on record only one thing: life form exists between living and dead.Science must explain it.The very fact of its existence is scientific proof of the existence of God. But there is no obligation on anybody to “worship” God in any form. He has not prescribed it. It is others who have prescribed it in His name. The gravest tragedy of religion was its rabid commercialization. For doing brisk business, elaborate rituals have been devised and introduced. It is the easiest money flowing into the hands of the hierarchies controlling these religious establishments.It doesn’t allow an individual to even pray peacefully and communicate with Him. Zardari came all the way from Pakistan. How much time could he spend in the Dargah? Not more than 20(twenty) minutes. That also included photo sessions with whosoever considered himself entitled to it, the media and security.

My problem is: why can’t people allow others to pray in peace? Why is it necessary to go through these people? Merely because they control the premises? So, then pray at home. What is more important is to find sometime for yourself. Moments when you can be in conversation with yourself. Those moments of peace all individuals need. In a healthy life schedule, such a stage should arrive late in the fifties, after one has discharged all his worldly duties. Zardari can go no higher in official position in life. He has to stand and ponder- what next? Where next? These questions, when properly attended, join the two sets of development & growth- the one in the womb and the other out of the womb.As hormones regulate life for basic needs, neurons trigger activity for the satisfaction of the needs of the mind.In a nutshell, it is unification of the part with the whole, the atom with the matter or the Anu & the Parmanu, Atma & Parmatma. Neither is he different from us, nor distant, He is here, with us all the time. To experience those few moments of ultimate happiness and bliss (called Chidand in Indian thought), a pilgrimage like the one made by Zardari is required. Everyone needs those moments of humbleness, which can be experienced in the presence of God, as man would never surrender to man.

There is no conflict between science and religion. Both are learning from each other.In the name of science, a valuable religious tradition has been lost: the tradition of pure love. It is knowledge society today in a fierce competition, where jealousy rules our lives. One is amused to hear  the President of the mightiest nation of the world complain about India and China overtaking America in economic growth.There is so much jealousy in men and women today which the  TV serials portray, that it makes the viewer sick.It is the prosperous upwardly mobile people, who have lost all emotions of love! One wants to possess everything that the others possess and until then it is jealousy.

I write this only to demand that people allow others the privacy of at least a visit to a place of worship. Can we leave it at that rather than calling it  Dargah diplomacy or read anything else. It is a basic human need.. There is nothing more to it. Knowledge has limitations. The best Nobel Laureate is totally illiterate about the other branches of knowledge. There is no person so far who can claim to know everything  or who has assimilated all knowledge. When this knowledge dawns on a mind , it moves into the realm of Bhakti or devotion. A pilgrimage may be just the beginning of the travel of the mind into the universe beyond knowledge . Better explore the world of the mind, which tries to connect one to the other world in the form of colourful portrayals of the encrypted memory , transferred byte by byte, named dream.

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