Development Pyramid of Individual

Life is a developmental journey. Starting with the Attachment phase and ending with the Emancipation phase. Here it is:

1. Sentimental phase

2. Emotional phase

3. De-sentimentalization phase

4. De-emotionalization phase

5. Maturity phase

6. Independent thinking phase

7. Objective observation phase

8. Neutrality phase

9. Detachment phase

10. Renunciation phase

11. The Emancipation phase

Life means early childhood, childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, manhood/womanhood and maturity. Sucking at the mother’s milk, walking with her holding her hand,childhood attachment to things like dolls and friends,emotions, entering the world of thought, maturity of ideas, developing a global outlook, assimilating a cosmic view of the phenomenon,entering a phase of slowly renouncing the baggage,gaining a sublime view, philosophy and finally spiritual equanimity. The ultimate moment of happiness, the final phase of emancipation or mukti

A life span of within 100 years offers a good opportunity to enjoy fully this world !

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