Disaster in Waiting

The talk of the formation of the Third Front has started gaining currency in the media, with the meeting of the Chief Ministers of the non Congress governed states. It is an exercise in making advance preparations for the General Elections to the parliament in May 2014. It dreams of making a non-congress non-BJP government at the centre. Such attempts in the past have proved disastrous to the society, law & order and the economy. 1967, 1977, 1989, 1996 and again since 2004 it has been a saga of failed promises, stalled growth, destruction of national institutions, falling standards of law and order, institutionalization of corruption and its historic growth, rising graph of crime, money laundering and drug trafficking, sale in human organs, blood and trafficking in children and women, generation of black money and crony capitalism and stashing black money in foreign banks abroad. India can hardly permit any more expensive experiments by such diverse forces and interests to perpetrate another disaster on the nation.

These ambitious elements are enthused by their success at the state level. They can deliver in the states because of limited territory, single identity of the dominant demographic group in the state, one major language and operating in a rather comfort zone of executive responsibility largely concerning the state. They fail at the centre  because they find it difficult to cope up with the complex conflicts of governance in a vast country like India with mind boggling diversity of identities of region, race, caste, language, religion and class. Coupled with international relations with both friendly and not so friendly countries, the skills, capabilities and competencies required at the centre are many times greater than those at the states level. The very fact that these forces have taken more than 60 years to even decide their political ideology, speaks volumes for their competency. Their only ideology is to fight an election to form “a non-congress, non-BJP” government ! Can this be termed as “ideology”? The people felt betrayed in the past when they got sucked into believing their words. They not only failed, but failed miserably. Such diseased thinking negates the very concept of India, that is Bharat. Both the Congress and the BJP are going to stay far longer than these forces imagine. Their influence may shrink, but their core agenda shall stay here so long as India remains on the map of the world. Unlike these two parties, communists will be forgotten after their  defeat  in West Bengal & Kerala. The communist ideology is no more relevant and those hanging on to it are doing so because of personal interest. This refrain of non congress non BJP is their familiar swan song to remain relevant. But government at the centre is an altogether different cup of tea. The communists have no experience of running the central government. They can derive as much satisfaction as they like for having extended “outside support” to the government, but the government never really wanted them to join the government. Once they joined the government which remained in power for a very short time. The reason is that the people never really favoured them. In the first flush of independence the communist propaganda of anti-Congressism influenced the intellectual class, which waned slowly due to disillusionment with the party in action in life. The communism influenced intellectuals are struggling to carry the old baggage, as is happening in West Bengal in Mamata’s Raj.

What will this third front do if voted to power? It will suffer from the same or even worse weaknesses of a coalition of interests without a political ideology as is afflicting the government of Manmohan Singh. It will lead to greater scams than the UPA  government of Manmohan Singh. Governance will be paralysed and institutions will suffer greater damage. Nobody will have the authority to check violations of the law and the constitution will get reduced to a useless bunch of printed papers ! The success made by the satraps of the third front in the states will bloat their egos so much that they will treat other partners with contempt. They will blackmail each other with withdrawal of support to the government. Only the people will suffer, the Nation will suffer and may be our immediate neighbouring countries might suffer due to instability in India.

The India of 2014 will  not be the India of  2011, not to talk of 1967 or 2006. Such bogus ideas of a third front sold very well during those times. The leadership was young and fresh, which held the promise of a happy new era. They disappointed. They were rejected at the first available opportunity. If these regional satraps were the darling of the people they would have remained popular. They failed because they were always only populist. They are again trying populism as a substitute for ideology. Those of them, who have got more than one chance to rule the state have been able to do so only because of the absence of a viable alternative. They have mistaken that as their popularity with the voters. Far from it, left to themselves the people will change them without second thought. Can they be given the power to rule India?

If the political parties, which have made a success at the state level, so desire, they should first place in public domain the agenda they propose to pursue if voted to power. They can produce nothing better than the CMP (Common Minimum Programme) of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance), which has remained a well drafted document of a new world of some Alice in Wonderland.  There was nothing united about it nor progressive nor alliance about this divergent conglomeration of vested interests which defamed the government and disgraced  its cabinet. Can this Third Front still float in the world of  delusions of grandeur? Do they think the people are so unwise? If they keep on pursuing their non-congress non-BJP agenda, they will help the Congress of today only to come to power again.They can, instead, help improve both the Congress and the BJP to improve their political agenda incorporating the sane advice of these regional parties if they choose to join hands with either of them. Two party system alone can help give the people a transparent government. Two party system alone holds the hope of reduction in corruption. If the parliament honestly discharges its duty of oversight over the executive, this nation can be rid of corruption and led to high growth and improvement in the living standards of the people.

Third Front is a III class idea in the contemporary times. We call upon the parties to rise above petty self interests and give the nation a healthy two party character of  the parliament. They will do a more valuable service to the nation by this gesture! Any other course is invitation to disaster!!!

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