If God is Dead, So is the Devil

What is truth? What is false? The lawyers community does not seem to subscribe to the notions of truth or falsehood. The biggest, most influential and rich class of people, created by democracy is the lawyers. In millions of court cases in India, the litigants have filed sworn affidavits stating their opposing case. So the murderer as also the victim’s family file affidavits, sworn to be true before the Notary Public. Obviously, both can’t be right. It is clear that one is telling a lie, but swears to say it is the truth. The interesting thing is that nobody knows the truth for years until the verdict is given finally. At times the courts may fail to pronounce any judgement. One is made to pay for telling sworn lies and lawyers charge heavy fees for tutoring their client to tell the lies and  proving the lie to be the truth. One tends to ponder if there really is something called the truth. May be it is relevant and not absolute. May be it changes with the change in the geography, time and persons involved. That is the only explanation for different expressions for the same crime. Stupid acts of violence of someone misguided is termed terrorism but fiercer violence of the state is described as only attempt to to do justice or bring the culprits to justice. While escapades of the undesirable kind may be put in the category of heinous crimes in one case, in another it may just be an inappropriate action or indiscretion. Human conduct has been categorised as perverse or unnatural in the law, but the same has been decried by the agitating masses and even by some courts. The word “marriage” meant something till about a decade back when it was upended. Now marriage may mean man & man or woman & woman ! No more man and woman.

Frontiers of knowledge have extended the horizons of human desire beyond all limits. There is no restraint, roadblock or barriers in the name of religion or law. Everything is possible. If God was killed, could the Devil fall behind? Both are dead in these times of explosion of knowledge.Imagine the world without a God or Devil, where only human will alone shall reign supreme. In such a world, experimenting with one’s own body will become a great pastime. Becoming a mother at the age of 12 years will no more be frowned upon. Marriages could be broken as easily as made. There will be no need to conceive, as cloning will save the human being of the labour of love. People will be free to end their life as they wish. They may not have to wait for long for this, as even 30 years would be too long a time period. The intelligent homes will facilitate all experience of life that my generation has taken more than 6 decades to imbibe. Man may migrate to other planets.

If a population of 30 million files written affidavits stating lies and those become the basis for decision making, one can easily imagine the dominance of untruth in life in society. When everyone is telling a lie, it alone becomes the truth. Our politician has perfected the art of telling lies openly. In fact, many of them are practising lawyers. Invariably in all cases, the official spokesman or woman of every political party is a practising lawyer. Unmindful of the trust deficit the person goes on dishing out one untrue statement after the other. Because of a revolving door policy in practice, the fellow criticizing one party the day before, may become the official spokesman of that party the next day ! He may use his/her acerbic tongue as usual, unmindful of the target.The Devil can hardly claim credit for such a wonderful improvement on his skills. He might be regetting having ever made an enemy of God.God punished Adam and Adam killed God. The Devil seduced Eve and Eve has killed the Devil. So nothing to worry about God or Devil. It is all about demos now. It is the rule of democracy. That is the only truth. Anything else is lies.

Thus inspired, our democracies march in the present. For them, there is no past nor future. Everything is present. All is now or never.

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