Rajiv Gandhi Declared Innocent – My Book Stated So Earlier

The Swedish Police Chief, Stein Lindstrom, has dropped a virtual information bomb today. He has stated that the Swedish Deep Throat was none other than him, who had leaked 350 documents relating to the bribery case of Bofors Guns supplied to the Indian Defence Ministry, to the Indian journalist.The Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was maligned in the bribery case, the biggest by that time. His friend and Super Cine Star Amitabh Bachchan was maliciously linked to the case. Lindstrom says that the name of the actor was planted in the Swedish media by the Indian investigating agencies, who were determined to save the Italian businessman Ottovio Quattrocchi. The insinuation was that Rajiv’s wife, Sonia Gandhi, a person of Italian origin, was the reason for the closeness of the Italian businessman with the Gandhi family. The spin given to the bribery case and linking Rajiv with it, caused untold harm to Rajiv and pain to Amitabh. Rajiv lost the next election and Amitabh resigned from the membership of the parliament. Nobody can compensate them!

The Law Minister now says that there is no need to reopen the case. Actually now is the time to put every document in the public domain to expose all those crooks, corrupt and criminal elements, who planned the conspiracy and executed it successfully. Many of them are still occupying positions of power in the government, including constitutional positions. The Italian businessman was saved from the Indian laws, allowed to escape and also cart away millions of dollars of illegal commission in the deal. The case is live and the Supreme Court of India should take suo motu notice of these fresh revelations. When the honest officers of foreign countries are helping us unravel everything, why should we shy away?

I am happy at my own analysis on the subject given in my book published on this website. In fact, the Bofors political development spurred me to write the book. This book is yet to go into print. It is awaiting a good offer from a discerning publisher. I have no doubts that this book should be able to reach the mass market, for the students and young people hardly get objective analysis of economic and political developments affecting their lives. My book on this website delivers an authentic account of such critical developments, as I have not only been a witness to the evolving scenario but an actively involved civil servant too.

So Rajiv Gandh is innocent as I have written in my book and now stated by Mr. Lindstrom.

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