Questions are being asked about the timing of the fresh revelations in the Bofors scandal. These are no different from the questions about the timing of Gen V.K.Singh  ordering  an Inquiry by the CBI in the Tatra trucks scandal or other cases or his letter to the PM. Such questions will always be fired whether you make these revelations instantly or after some time or at the appropriate time. However, this is no defence of the suspects

For me, it was expected, as I have mentioned in my book also. Serious attempts are underway to eject Manmohan Singh  and  install  Rahul Gandhi in his place. Sonia Gandhi could not become Prime Minister of India in 2004 and the coterie drummed it as sacrifice, making it so ridiculous. Her son, Rahul Gandhi,  is raw in politics. In fact, he is poor  in  comparison to his father: he is inexperienced in real politics, unwilling to enter the rough and tumble of politics, has no family of his own and is often called Babalog(babies)  under the nursing care of his mother. All attempts to project him as a great leader, thinker & visionary, who could catch votes for the Congress Party, have woefully failed. It looks more like they were conceived to fail to bring maximum discredit to him as a rising star in the dynasty. The internal wars in the party are uglier than known. His mentors are out to market their patents & trade marks, but nothing has so far succeeded. NOTHING IS GOING TO SUCCEED unless the young man plunges wholeheartedly into  the cesspool of Indian politics. Even then, there is no guarantee of success, as the political landscape has suffered terrible change, most of it  has  adversely impacted the Congress prospects. That is the reason for the rise in the decline of the prospects of the Congress Party. Added to it is the extremely low rating of all those motor-mouths, who tend to monopolise the Gandhi scion as their proprietary product or political disciple !

The young Rahul has already been discredited  as an orator during the elections to the Uttar Pradesh(UP) Assembly. The loss to the Congress party in UP elections has been used in whisper campaigns to discredit him as a vote catcher for the party. His sister, who was considered as the Congress Party’s USP, also failed to get any votes for the party. Sonia failed the party too. UP has always  played  a decisive role in the evolving political scenario in India. That was one of the reasons to falsely implicate Amitabh Bachchan in the Bofors scandal. He comes from Allahabad in UP, which is the nursery of all future Prime Ministers from that state! Amitabh with his clean image evoked jealousy in the hearts of the Allahabad politicians nursing secret ambitions of becoming Prime Minister. It is UP again that has thrown a spanner in the dreams of the dynasty to make Rahul PM. Sonia’s failing health has added yet another anxiety. Her health has caused various kinds of reactions, depending on the kind of loyalty of the courtiers.  There is some hurry to install Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India before the next elections in 2014. Had UP given the Congress Party victory in the elections, the change would have been smooth and justified. Seeking to force it now is somewhat difficult. It is being silently resisted.

The timing of the fresh  revelations  is directly connected to that. The lobbies and  groups within the party have not yet become weak. On the contrary, they have gained further strength in these several years because of the need for flexibility of contacting rivals and political adversaries in the uncertain and choppy waters of coalition politics. If they could successfully “plant” stories about Amitabh Bachchan in the media in Sweden, they can as well get new revelations made. The accusation that Rajiv did not do anything to get Quattrocchi investigated is pregnant with meaning, which practitioners of real politics in India alone understand. The sting lies in this simple statement, which will be interpreted, expanded and clarified in due course depending upon the requirements. Expectation is that the charge will stick to the reputation of Rajiv Gandhi, affecting the prospects of the scions of the family. The regional satraps, who are being investigated leisurely for corruption by the CBI are bound to compare their conduct with Rajiv’s and demand their pound of flesh. The Congress Party is on such a rickety wicket that it will do anything so long as a scion of the dynasty is made the Prime Minister, even if  corruption and the number of the corrupt  takes a sudden quantum jump ! Which CBI or which civil society has the power to clean up such a system? This young man Rahul has yet to learn the ropes but he has already started talking of cleanliness and transparency like his inexperienced father. The point has been proved that he is no match to even their children, what to talk of them- the real politicians. As a strategy to check Rahul in his tracks, these harmless revelations  about the buried  scandal of  Bofors has suddenly charged up the political atmosphere in India. In the hands of the newspapers and TV channels, which number more than 12000 in as many as 116 languages, all varieties of salacious stories will circulate from now onwards to the next elections in 2014.

The game is to make it “quits” for the dynasty, whereas they are dreaming of putting up Rahul as the PM. Rajiv stands spared, but the radar focuses on his widow under the cloak  of  Quattrocchi. Dr MMS has yet to reveal his hand, but he is not going to oblige so easily. And he is not successful in becoming the next President of India- nobody is putting the name of Manmohan Singh in the list of likely candidates for the office of the President of India, even as  it is crystal clear that he is not destined to have another term as PM! This stale story about Bofors is not going to result in anything more than a sub-plot in the unfolding saga of electoral politics in 2014. Had it been something real, the Judas of the coterie of Rajiv would have done their act immediately on succeeding him in government. Since they failed to find any proof of Rajiv or his family’s involvement, they left the Bofors case undecided, so that it could be retrieved any time in the future to be used as a convenient punching bag. That is what is being done now. It is no big story any more in the light of the horrendous corruption scams like the 2G spectrum, CWG, Adarsh, Coalgate,Tatra trucks, Italian helicopters for the VVIP fleet etc. Neither the people, especially the young people below 25 years of age, have any knowledge about the Bofors story nor are they interested, because they are for the Lok Pal Bill. They are against corruption they are witness to as mentioned in the foregoing and highlighted by the Anna Hazare led Transparency Revolution. The political parties must avoid getting caught in the illusion created by the Bofors distraction & diversion and concentrate on current issues. Bofors can be pursued later also. And any ill advised move to appoint a judicial commission will drain the exchequer of another 5000 million rupees, since the 3500 millions spent on the Bofors investigation by the CBI has led only to the filing of a closure report in the court after wasting a number of years in the dishonest investigation.

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