Suicides, Religion and Knowledge Society

The global Indian members of the contemporary knowledge society are turning more religious than the lesser educated people. What is driving them to religion? Spirituality? Ritual? Religion? No definite answer can be given, since only trends have been observed. This class of people is in the highest strata of society by any measurement. They belong to a category, which rejected religion as not being essential and even irrational. They rejected the idea of God. They considered the believers as superstitious people. After their journey through a secular culture of scientific knowledge society, they betray a sense of some kind of emptiness in life. What is there to achieve in life that they have not achieved? Yet the feeling of emptiness.

It is this feeling of emptiness or rather a sense of knowing the limitations of achievements of life that fall short of happiness which seems to be driving them to explore the limitless world of spirituality. For the happiness and peace of mind, a little amount of religious rituals sans any commercialization, gives immense happiness. This is attracting the modern knowledge society. All achievements at an early stage in life, leave too much time to devote to the study of the sublime. The universal questions nagging the human mind for ages, continue to spur the members of the knowledge society also. There is no final answer to these questions of the beginning and end of the phenomenon surrounding us. The science of programmed, formatted, auto run soft wares that everything in the universe appears to be, triggers thinking and the totality of it all makes one accept rather than continue to question. This journey of the finite into the infinite tends to be interesting and rewarding. We are the change. Everything is changing every single moment. As we see a full tree grow out of a small seed, we also observe it changing every single moment without stopping. Our life also runs similarly. We can not control this change. It is this change that has been called “destiny”. Since the self automated being is programmed to change continuously, it shall do so without any outside interference. The mind that takes to the study of this aspect attains happiness and continues to live with it.

However, the other type of persons get frustrated and fall into depression. They can not take disillusionment happily. In some weak moment they decide to end life. The rising trend of suicides among such members of society is rather disturbing. They do not recognize the fact that knowledge has limits too. There is so much to know and human effort has been to know everything. Yet it has learnt very little. When human beings have not created so much knowledge, how do they expect to know the whole knowledge? Or whether someone has created such vast knowledge. Moments of such deep thoughts reveal the truth in a flash and man accepts the revealed truth, much of it left for the use of the later generations.

Religion seems to be reviving !

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