The new Age of science and technology promoted an attitude of economics at the cost of every other aspect of life. In less than 100 years of unchecked exploitation of the natural resources of the earth, they are now worried about one thing only:economic slowdown. Why has economic growth not proved “sustainable”? Because the greed of man leaves nothing for the natural system to heal and rejuvenate. Instead of behaving according to the laws of  Nature and obey them honestly, man has attempted to control and rule Nature. Man thinks he has invented science, but Nature is one of the best examples of science in operation. All life systems are functioning in a defined scientific manner, except when disrupted by man and his economic myopia. Unless, man learns to respect the laws of nature, economic meltdown or slowdown coupled with un-sustainable development are his destiny.

The cost of degradation of the environment was acknowledged for the first time 20 years ago when the first Earth Summit was held. A lot of sophistry went into drawing up the convention, formulating the goals and working plans. But that is that. After 20 years, the RIO+20 re-considers the same issues. Earlier it was the poverty of the third world countries. Now it extends to economic woes of the developed countries. Country after country are experiencing  the same hardships as Greece, Spain or Portugal. What does it indicate? It indicates only one thing that the economic model for development is unsustainable. It indicates that economic growth should not mean social decline. It means that values are as important as registering growth in statistical terms alone. It means that the urbanisation goals are defective somewhere. It means there is never going to be enough cement, steel, water, food, energy, medicines for everyone in an urban life system. It means there is need to strike a balance between urban and rural habitations. It means that urban conglomerates have no superior right to consume more resources than their rural brethren. It means values; it means ethics; it means Dharma or righteousness. What has mankind achieved by discarding the value of religion in life? Problems on more fronts than it was able to escape by establishing a complicated and costly web of laws that create more dissatisfaction than satisfaction. There is too much intrusion of the state and its agencies like the police and the courts in the citizens lives than can be desirable. Perhaps time for the Summit to revisit the subject in a holistic manner.

 Man has done enough damage Let him stop exploiting the Earth  anymore and destroy the environment. Every human being is entitled to the use and benefits of the environment unhindered. It is a universal human right and no country should entertain any notions of depriving them of this right. They should stop over consuming the resources of the world, whether forests or minerals or air. If they think they have nothing to fear, they are grossly mistaken. Nature has stout scientific laws in place to apply the correctives when required. It can punish the errant. Do we want that? If not, let us learn to respect all natural resources like the trees, water,air, soil, living and non-living things and be part of the creation , which we are, rather than create the Earth again. Reset economic goals to gel with social goals. Nobody rules Nature; nobody creates Nature; nobody disobeys Nature!

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