Should Journalists Sound Like Judges?

 Imposition of Emergency made some journalists famous. One such name was Kuldip  Nayar. He was considered fearless and objective. Unfortunately, his new book is disappointing  being a commercial venture to sell the so called “communal/secular” fare being oversold by all kinds of narrow caste/community/religion/region etc conglomerations. India is already at the mercy of terrorists, who can and do strike at will at a time and place of their choice. Such attempts will make India a country of cowards. Narsimha Rao played his cards close to his chest. He knew the overwhelming number of the courtiers in the Congress, who would resist any change in leadership in the party and government. Rao was a valued politician at that time, who excited jealousy in many hearts. After Rajiv, serious attempts were being made to hijack the Congress. Rao also needed to expand his space. The best bait was the Masjid and the BJP foolishly bit it. It didn’t understand the deft political move made by Rao and exploited later by his successors.The game of branding the Indians as only Hindus and Muslims and not Indians is a dirty old one. I am witness to both the field operations of the Congress and other parties as well as the deliberations in the NIC(National Integration Council).Let all marketeers of their own brands of “secularism” note that the Congress brand is the oldest and the best and shall remain so. For others, dreaming of becoming PM/President, secularism shall be nothing more than a revolving door ! KN would have sounded authentic had he detailed the particulars of the incumbent Home Minister of India in 1984 when riots were taking place and the then PM & his HM watched the proceedings longer than the Masjid ! Madhu Limaye is not amongst us to tell us if the HM/PM were sitting in Pooja which ended only when some aide whispered in their ears the end of the riots! And dragging Sonia, who had no political ambition, into focus is nothing but commercial. It is the same Sonia, same Rao and his Finance Minister Man Mohan Singh, who had offered her rupees 200 crores for the Rajiv Foundation !!! Was she bought or silenced?

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