Needed : Scientific Economists

Economists have failed. Political economists have also failed. Can Scientific Economists take birth and come to the rescue of the human society, planet earth, environment and all creation(or evolution)?

The question gains significance after the near discovery of the God Particle.  So far, all scientific knowledge and technology achievements have been misused by the economists or the politicians for awfully partisan interests. Whether it is the atom bomb or chemical and biological warfare, chemically treated fruits & vegetables, adulteration of food, drugs and every item meant for human, animal or plant consumption. Hardly a day goes without some advisory from the medical fraternity about the impending diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments or cancer. All due to sinful or criminal application of scientific discoveries for profits- the obsession of economic thought. Profits induce investments, leading to economic growth and increased incomes and consumption,  more production and demand and so on. These warnings tend to make all these diseases or conditions  a result of “lifestyle”. But nobody spells out the source of all these troubles.

On the one hand the food and beverages are called junk food, on the other their production and sale is vigorously promoted. Tobacco is called the cause of cancer. But it is not banned. Its production is not stopped. The reason is the potential for earning revenues. Is it different for a variety of colas? All of them carry harmful ingredients like sugar (or worse its substitute saccharine), harmful colours, fertilizers, chemicals, bacteria etc. Reports also reveal a thriving market of spurious products, which cause many times greater harm. Spurious drugs and pharmaceutical formulations kill many people even as the cause is shown as something else.

This Century is witness to clash of traditions, customs, mores, ethics, values, cultures, languages, sensibilities and sensitivities. There is a genuine “glabalisation” of confusion for the moment. The choice is not simple. The course is not yet set. Human civilization is not sure of the direction it should take. Man has ruined the heaven called Earth. His desire is to explore new Earth-like planets! What for? To pollute it like the Earth? What for does man want to discover the God Particle? To create matter? To create Life? Or is it just a disguise for another powerful weapon of mass destruction? Some kind of star wars? After all it is advanced nuclear physics. While logically there can be no bar on pursuit of scientific knowledge, mankind needs assessment, evaluation and audit of scientific discoveries in order to ensure health of  human beings and all other forms of life and their happy survival. Politicians or economists alone can not be entrusted the well being of  all life forms on earth.

The death of political ideologies and failure of economic doctrines of capitalism and communism has necessitated proper management of the infinite power of scientific knowledge and advances in technology. Time for   “Scientific Economist” to be born.

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