Shri Krishna Consciousness

Today is a great day of celebrations in the Hindu calender. Today is Shri Krishna Janamaashtmi or the eight day in the calender in the month of Bhaadra or Bhadon.  It is the birthday of  Shri Krishna. One of the prominent Avtaars  of the Lord in the form of Krishna. Actually the Lord materializes or appears whenever He so wills. There are three reasons for the Lord to take birth in human form, though God is formless essentially. These three are:

1.  Paritranaya cha sadhu naya or  to reach succour to the good people;

2.  Vinaashaya cha dushkrataam or to destroy the evil doers, and;

3.  Dharma sansathapanaarthaaya or to re-establish order in human society

Sambhavaami yuge yuge or I materialise from time to time.

Elaborating the theme, He said  that the human society comprises of two categories of people: Good & evil. The good ones are kind, fearless, knowledgeable, philanthropic, righteous, forgiving, exercise restraint on their desires and conduct themselves in a manner that causes comfort to everyone in society. They are called Daivi Prakriti man or man endowed with Godly tendencies. The other category consists of people harmful, violent, self-centred, greedy, aggressive, arrogant, pursuing worldly pleasures,  conducting themselves in an evil manner causing unhappiness to whosoever comes in their contact.  Such people have no scruples in self-aggrandisement, enrichment through fair or foul means, and are lost in seeking pleasure. They consider pleasure as the  essence of being:  “it is all the pleasure”. They nurse hostile feelings towards others. They condemn God. They consider themselves God! They don’t find anybody equal to themselves. They lead a sinful life. They cause misery to everyone. Their conduct makes life difficult for others . It reaches the tipping point when the average human being can take it no more and prays to the Lord to come to his rescue (traahi maam, traahi maam). When the Order in human life suffers such grave damage, the Lord takes Avtaar. Krishna took birth for the purpose of destroying  evil, personified by His maternal uncle Kansa,  the King of Mathura, who had imprisoned his own sister & her husband, to who Krishna was born.  Kansa  became  paranoid because of a soothsayer telling him that the 8th child born to his sister will kill him and end the misery of the people of Mathura, who were suffering untold atrocities inflicted on them by him. In his state of paranoia, he didn’t know how to count the eight child- whether cardinal number 8 or ordinal  and whether to start counting from 1 or eigth. So he decided to kill every child.

The duality in the universe is the truth. It is called “Satyamev Jayate” or the Truth Is. The categories of good and evil are there. The are in conflict with each other. All activities in life are born of this conflict. In our daily life we are faced with the perennial question “to do or not to do”. It is not easy always to decide what to do and which one to choose. The journey of  growth from childhood to adolescence to youth to adulthood to maturity etc is a long one. On the way, there come many occasions necessitating seeking help from others to make the perfect choice. But we can’t demand of others to counsel us in our best interests only. They can have their own agenda or even limitations. So the choice has to be made by each one of us in our individual capacity. Whether it turns out to be the right decision or not subsequently can never be forecast. A wrong choice is bound to cause unhappiness. But any informed choice made according to the well laid down rules for the Dos & Don’ts can comfortably steer one through the long journey of life. The ability to make such a choice is the essence of the Shri Krishna consciousness. Only that alone is worth doing which is recommended by the treatises guiding good human conduct and prohibiting what is called evil conduct. The choice is clearly between the conduct called  Daiviya Prakritiwaalaa  or the Aasuri Prakritiwaalaa(Godly natured or Demonly natured). Let the Shri Krishna Consciousness guide us in making the correct choice. The celebration of the Birthday of Lord Krishna is refreshing that consciousness every year for those practising it and inspire others to experience it.

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