Who Teaches The Child To Cry At Birth ?

The question is simple: who teaches the child to cry at birth? The answer should also be simple, but it isn’t. It is as simple or as complex as the simplicity or complexity of zero. The other animals born to the womb don’t cry- they simply stand up and start  steadying their walk almost by themselves. The tortoise babies rush towards the sea and other reptile species search for food.  The common man’s lexicon calls it “natural”. It has been happening always, so it just happens. That is true. The wired entity that a human baby is, acts stimulated by hormones or other catalysts present in the body’s chemistry. But crying is different, for if it were not, the human beings would never stop crying, be they  babies or adults.

One explanation that comes to mind is that the activation of the brain tells the baby the trauma of separation from a defined, comfortable, familiar world of the womb, anchored by the umbilical cord  and descending into an unfamiliar environment without any support. The memory of that lost world and the reality of the new unknown world causes pain to the body, mind and soul of the jiva or being.  Before birth, the baby had no experience of “pain”.  It was all comfort. Pain was taken by someone else; it was pleasure and comfort to the being. Out of fear the baby cries. The first experience of fear leads to trauma, as there is no going back into the cosy comfort of the womb.  As the body detaches from the umbilical cord, so does the memory from the consciousness of the old world, the familiar geography, the warm environment and feeding without doing work. There was no noise in that world to distract attention. There was no multitude of sounds, expressions, choices. It was all a unitary mini cosmos inside the womb, devoted to an audit of the whole consciousness of the individual, working out the profit and loss accounts of the deeds done or not done, until the moment when the stock taking reveals huge deficits, and spurs the jiva to make efforts to wipe out the losses and make profits. It is at that  moment that the baby becomes very uncomfortable and agitated. This leads to the birth of the baby. The agitated consciousness gets its first jolt after coming in direct contact with the unfamiliar world. Crying over the loss is only natural.

As the baby grows, he is administered new lessons every moment. He is “taught” many things by his mother, father, siblings. Later on, teachers play this role. Learning or making choices is no easy task. There are as many options as people. It is like visiting a mall to buy a shirt: there are so many options and the variety or prices ultimately encourage you to seek counsel of the salesperson at the counter. The need of counsel, guidance, education is the most significant part of growth of the individual. One needs a Guru or teacher in life. The connotation of the word Guru goes much beyond its equivalent of teacher. One should be lucky to get a Guru to teach him, guide him, advise him to “live” life as best as possible. As the Guru is a person who has knowledge, experience and higher consciousness to understand the reality of creation, he is in the best position to impart education to his pupil or Shishya. The word shishya  often falls prey to interpretations in philosophical sense. But it is all walks of life that need a Guru. The role of a Guru is played by a wife in a man’s life, as she plays many more roles. The mother plays the role of the Guru, the father plays the role of the Guru, the brother plays the role of the Guru, the brother’s wife plays the role of a Guru. Indeed, every living or non-living thing plays that role. The trees do that, the butterflies do that and even the honey bees do that. There is so much to learn and imbibe in life that everyone who can teach something to the other is a Guru. The average lifespan of a human being is calculated at 100 years. It is not possible to learn so much from so many people in life. Hence the need of a Guru. One is enough. If one can get one Guru in life, it should be more than enough. That is when one has no one else to look for in life, but those who have everything in life, need only one Guru. It is the blessings of my Gurus that I am what I am. It is they so far, I am still nothing personally. For I have yet to do anything on my own free will. I seem to be still functioning according to the ‘wired being” that I am. But I am deeply conscious of  God, which is because of the Gurus, who have taught  me and revealed His presence and made me realize it. Nothing big about it till  a definition of “death” is sought.

What is death? There is no doubt that death is a certainty. Nobody is going to live happily for ever after. This question bags an answer to another question: what is birth? If there is death, there is birth. Obviously,there is a cycle of birth-death-birth. The Bhagwadgita offers the most convincing explanation. It says as we change our frayed clothes and put on new clothes, so does the soul change a frail body. We are not bothered about changing our frayed clothes at all. Do we know what happened to the hair cut from our head when we visited the saloon last time? Why do the snakes  cast away their skin and grow new skin? Hair don’t grow on a dead body nor does a dead snake cast away its skin!

Our obsession with death centres in a misconception that the universe has been created for us only, that we alone are entitled to enjoy all its resources.  We forget that we are just one among the millions of species created in the universe. We are, like other species, another “wired” creature. We happen to live in an age that is regulated by technology. Our astounding successes in the technological field have enthused us to land on the moon and attempt to colonize the Mars. We are successful in creating artificial sperms and womb. Technologically speaking, it should be possible for us to create artificial life in a few years. Haven’t we already created artificial intelligence? Haven’t we already created artificial languages? Haven’t we created artificial skin or heart? What we have done so far is to relieve the Creator of His labours of creating this world! What next? Who will relieve us? Procreation regulates the entire life cycle. Sex is the incentive for that. It is Cupid or Kamdev, who is at work all the time to promote the cycle of procreation. In the universe it acts  similar to  the blood circulation or digestive cycle in our own bodies. Literature  has it that Lord Mahadev was once disturbed in His deep meditation by Kamdev. It angered Him so much that He reduced Kamdev to ashes. That was against the Order of the Creation. God had to intervene, make Lord Mahadev realize the role of procreation in the Creation and revived Kamdev. The technology dominated mind of man today seems to be attempting some such feat. Technology aspires to create life without the male & the female of the species uniting for procreation. Technology wants to colonize the moon, Mars and other planets, even as it is destroying the planet Earth constantly. Wars, chemical & biological weapons, atomic weapons, star wars- the whole power of technology is geared towards destruction of all the creatures and Earth, because some technologically empowered beings think they can always escape to the inter stellar colonies they are setting up for themselves.

What is this Age called. One word for it is Kaliyug or the Age of Technology. This epoch will be dominated, regulated and run by technology alone.  Humans have no role to play. Technology will render all humans as powerless robots only. The Order of the Creation will be sought to be changed. Emotions will have no value. It will be an Age of de-emotionalization. In a nutshell, it will render us de-humanized. Technological terror will reach the tipping point in due course. Technology ultimately consume itself. The phase of technological disillusionment will start at the end of this present epoch. Time moves at its own speed. It can neither be speeded up nor slowed down. It takes time to come out of this technological illusion.  That will activate higher consciousness in all of us. Whatever is visible to us is a part of that consciousness. We are a part of that consciousness. Each one of us contains a grain of that consciousness. It can be activated by luck or by the grace of our Guru. It re-connects us to the same Consciousness to which the Jiva is connected while in the womb, and snaps the connection at the time of birth. Death re-connects the Jiva to that consciousness. Hence more than life or death, it is the awareness of that connectedness. Once aware, the individual grows fearless of the painful experiences of life or death.

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