Stalks or Bricks

Sitting under the tree

Watching stalks fall

I realized the wonder

Of Nature’s design…

Soon the birds will

Come and gather them

To build their nests

I knew it heralded

The breeding season…

Soon we will see

The engineer architect

Builder owner

Put Nature’s bricks

In place to make

A comfortable

And secure home

And invite there

His mate to see

And approve…

Wonder this individual

Without formal education

In engineering, architecture

Design or building

Constructing a palace

For his consort

Without cement or lime

Steel or stone

Ferrying material

It knows useful

Working by itself

Turning dry stalks

Into a palace

Better than the

Hawamahal of Jaipur…

Only we humans

Depend on others

But live worse

We broke out of

Nature’s cycle.

The egg descends

Like an alien

Complete with

Special food pack

To survive initially

While on its

First space walk

On planet Earth.

Wonder the automation

The skills, capabilities

Matching neatly

artificial Intelligence

Created by us…

The breeze stops

I need to go

I experience

Such revelations

Very often

I feel happy

Calm  inner  peace

Moments of weightlessness!

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