Pakistan: Put Premium On Peace & Devalue Terrorism

Let us accept for the moment that Pakistan is genuinely serious about ending the menace of terrorism. In that case it should tell the youth in Pakistan that Kasab had on his lips the name of only Allah and no Mullah in his last moments and that he remembered only his mother, who did not (unlike his misguided father) push him towards the terrorists. The section of society from where Kasab like boys come are depressingly poor and vested interests, with criminal minds, exploit their poverty with many allurements. I would call this exercise “brain harvesting”. It is worse than organ harvesting. Cults and their propagandists indulge in brain harvesting, reap rich crops for themselves in the form of proceeds of crime, enjoy all the pleasures of the world here on this earth itself while promise to the victims of their crime only distant heaven and after sacrificing innocent poor boys and girls refuse to recognize them or take their dead bodies for proper burial. They deny their victims as simple a privilege as a prayer before their burial! It is the foremost duty of the state to provide minimum education to all the children so that they don’t fall into the traps laid out by all kinds of predators, the terror cults being the worst. Same logic applies to political, social, economic or judicial traps. In this case, the Government of Pakistan should show a human face and transport Kasab’s body to his home and hand it over to his poor mother, provide her all help in arranging his burial as per the customs and send a stern message to the terrorist outfits to give up their nefarious activities or face the law. If Pakistan really wants to save itself from terrorism, of which she has been vociferously complaining for the past few years, it should not hesitate any more in taking decisive action against them. It is Pakistan alone that stands to lose its identity if terrorists succeed in establishing their rule in Pakistan and run it as per their dictates. Terrorists are guilty even under the Sharia, for organizing murder of dozens of young boys and girls in the name of Jehad(not sanctioned by Islam), whose parents should approach the Kazi for blood for blood under the Sharia Law. They are guilty of organizing “jamaat” (reported by Kasab in his narco test) for crime, beguiling the illiterate or poor boys and girls in the name of the cult terrorists  alone vouch. The Pakistan government can achieve better results from such public education programme as compared to costly security operations. In the end, it can improve relations not only with India but the whole world, which has come to believe it to be a terrorist state, only because of the crimes of terrorism of a handful of international criminals. Save the youth, Pakistan. Put premium on peace and devalue terrorism.

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