Mauni Amavasya or the Day of Silence

The day of silence

Considered pious

Falls on the last day

Of the dark fortnight

Of the month of Magh…

What is so special about it?

Only a gentle reminder

Of re-living the comfort

Of the womb,its silence

To compare it with

The bigger womb-this universe

Its cacophony of noises

Distracting, disrupting

The rhythm of silence

Its melody-The Anahadnaad

The sonorous cosmic sound…

Which can be heard in

Complete silence

More precious than everything else

The only chain to link us

To the Creator

If we can spare

A day in a year

To observe silence

To speak little

To hear it all

To renew our energy

To re-join the

Noisy world of men

Waiting to be welcome

By Spring within the next

Few days

we celebrate

The festival of Vasant Panchami

The joy of creation

The riot of colours

The season of fragrance

New energy, dreams, romance…

Culminating in the boisterous

Festival of Holi-

The festival of colours

The festival of noise

The festival of celebration

Of the season of spring.

Life begins in silence

And ends in silence

Between the two-

The beginning and the end-

Experiencing silence

Difficult admittedly

Feels the feeling

Of the silence

Of the two..

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