Do They Fear Narendra Modi?

There hardly goes a day when someone or the other in the Indian political firmament does not try to hit Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Some newspapers and TV channels give the impression of being on paid campaign against him. Highly ambitious politicos and aspiring Prime Ministers don’t observe even the slightest courtesy deserving of any sensible, balanced and meaningful statement. In their animus against Narendra Modi, they sound dictatorial, autocratic and imperious. Even the ones who had a better political credit rating in public estimate have fallen a victim to this devious design of the forces of disintegration of India not only in to two nations, but many nations. These forces operate in the name of local pride as against national pride, religious sentiments against democratic values and narrow vested interests against larger public good. The hate speeches made against Narendra Modi from public forums are stronger in content and rhetoric than the worst terrorist organizations supporting 9/11 or arraigning George W. Bush. These tongues suffer paralysis when innocent pilgrims are burnt in a train in Godhara in Gujarat (India) or terrorists strike at will in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur or Delhi, killing hundreds of innocent children, women and men of all ages. Had they directed their spleen against these anti- democratic values activities, India would have emerged a strong nation in these 66 years. But that does not serve their political ends, similar as peace does not serve the interests of those benefiting from war.

It needs to be thoroughly examined as to why they are targeting Narendra Modi, dissecting him from the party he belongs to? Even as the Operation Vilification Narendra Modi is being carried in the name of “secularism”, it acts only as a smoke screen. Does it take such a sustained campaign, such heavy armoury of words, such acerbic statements, such battalion of the Fourth Estate acting as the Fifth Column to politically finish a person no more than a chief minister of a small state of the nation when the strongest point of attack happens to be secularism or communalism, which exposes the softest belly of any politician in India? A classic case of being clever by half! Were it only for secularism, the aspiring prime ministers of India would have simply ignored him, rather written him off by now. But it is Leadership which they find favouring Narendra Modi. They think that the public view Narendra Modi as the best Leader to take on the responsibility of the Prime Ministership of India in the next government. Perhaps, they too seem to be secretly assessing Narendra Modi on similar lines. Such forebodings can upset anybody, leading to paroxysms of hate, anger or paranoia. The most ludicrous outcome of their efforts is that a Narendra Modi many times his size has been propped up by their nindaastuti (worship in maligning; actually an oxymoron made up of worship and maligning). Had they left him untouched, he would hardly have acquired the national stature he now enjoys. To be fair to him, he enjoys even an international stature! The forces invidiously operating to destroy democracy in India were working till recently in the name of the USA and the European countries, by lobbying with their patrons in those countries to deny a visa to Narendra Modi to visit those countries on official tours. For one, a visa to the USA or any European country is no Pope’s Bull for heaven! It is singularly unfortunate that the Government of India never uttered a word against the hegemonic attitudes of these countries. But worse than that, the attitude displayed by these countries in “recognizing” or not any state government of the union of India is fraught with danger and the government of India failed singularly on diplomatic front to allow these countries to get away with such an unacceptable dispensation. Only a weak home government, surviving on the mercies of America or Europe would settle domestic differences in such ugly manner with the help of foreign countries. However, it goes to the credit of Narendra Modi that he succeeded in changing the attitude of America and also Europe, who discarded the lobbyists’ briefs, made their own assessment and extended a hand of friendship to Narendra Modi, even as half of the cabinet members of the Man Mohan Singh government talk street language in their attempts to dwarf Narendra Modi and paint their own icon taller than him.

The sudden burst of tirade against Narendra Modi is a direct fall out of this change in the attitude of America and other western countries. It threatens the very survival of his rivals, so assiduously built on a time tested script of secularism and communalism. If the foolish (?) people of India decide to rubbish the secularist idiom and opt for leadership, their prospects would turn bleak for ever, hence they seem to be delirious about the rising popularity of Narendra Modi. They are in the lucrative business of politics for the sake of these people only, whom they lovingly call aam aadmi   i.e. ordinary people/ average citizen and for whom they have staked their whole life and the lives of their progeny, including all the women of the household! It is for their sake that they are constantly making five year plans, devising welfare schemes, giving subsidies, distributing free food, kerosene, electricity, gold, colour television sets and now even laptops. But for these poor people, they all will become paupers, as they know no other vocation to create wealth than corruption in these so called “free” schemes. We have today more politician millionaires in India than corporates. They control everything, from elections to death anniversaries of those politically beneficial. Narendra Modi’s slogan of development demolishes that model of wealth creation, election winning and ruling the poor masses. His critics know that it is wrong to find fault with such a model, particularly if a state has successfully implemented it. They do indulge in demolition of the claims of Gujarat and Narendra Modi, but end up strengthening people’s perception of Narendra Modi as the right candidate for Prime Minister of India next time. So they have decided to play the bogey of communalism to deprecate Narendra Modi and raise their own prospects and also guard their stables lest horses bolt to Narendra Modi’s camp. That is the greatest fear for elements running their politics on the grime of “divide & rule”. They are afraid to answer the question: how long can anybody play the politics of divide and rule and keep the masses fighting amongst themselves in the name of religion, caste, community, region or language. Today’s India is not the India of 1947 or 1975 or 1980 or 1984 or 1989. The last opportunity given by the people in the past 10 years has been wasted by the national leadership in absentia. If half a dozen chief ministers have made a success of their tenures by providing good governance to the people, it has only further assured the people that it is less political jargon and more delivery by good leadership that is the sure solution of all their problems including poverty. People hate charity in India but demand work. They want their rights of social, political and economic equality. They are disgusted with the dishonest politicians making all kinds of promises to win their votes only to loot the nation shamelessly. The kind of corruption they have seen in the past 9 years is unprecedented and a grave threat to the very existence of India. Unless quality leaders come forward, such form of corruption oriented government will only facilitate re-colonization of India. If Narendra Modi has come forward to accept that challenge, he should be contested politically instead of maligning him. Whether he or his challenger(s) is a better leader is for the people to decide rather than the imperious politicos.

Who all are baring their teeth against Narendra Modi? The adversaries of his political party? Yes, largely. But he has no dearth of his detractors in his own party, who feel their own prospects threatened. That is only normal with any person with the necessary potential, be it in business, bureaucracy, sports, politics or religious Order. Modi has come under severe attack from his own party men, especially those rejected or ejected earlier and who are trying to establish their liberal secular credentials by attacking Modi and extending support to his strongest challengers. These fellows are only trying to grab attention, but the rival political parties project their views most affectionately by magnifying them. These parties were critical of each word coming out of their mouths before they threw up the venom against Narendra Modi. It is the time for new embraces and some fraternal embraces, as also some back stabbings. New coalitions and combinations will emerge as we proceed towards the next great election festival of India. We will witness some of the finest political theatrics in the coming months, some fine oratory, ugly spats not yet seen, violence, riots of all varieties including colours, scenes of wonderful mass bribing, acts of unknown buffoonery and cleverness, hyper activity in the CBI(Central Bureau of Investigation), ED(Enforcement Directorate), IT(Income Tax Department) etc. Fortunately for us, no adventurist shows are going to be manipulated on the borders or anywhere else. That is an assurance of a good and invigorating electoral fight in the end.

The verdict is not yet out. There is no guarantee of Narendra Modi or his challengers finally capturing the throne. They all might miss, if their rivals spread a good chess, e.g. another bout of something called a Babri Masjid or godhara or even Delhi 1984. But chances of their success are dim, unless they accept that leadership is all that means and nothing else counts now. The anti-dynastyism has long been buried by the regional Satraps  (Lords) as they preferred their wife or progeny over the claims of the secular leaders in their party to succeed them when they were deposed by the courts and sent to jail. But they succeeded by being the real ruler behind the mask of the chief minister or minister, operating even from the jail. It is not uncommon for criminals to roam free while their proxies serve the jail term! That, however, is not possible at the Prime Minister’s level, though history has to pronounce on the form of government under the UPA-I & II, which functioned in utter violation of the Constitution of India and which has come for  livid criticism from one of the General Secretaries of the Congress Party. But in the absence of leadership qualities matching Narendra Modi or his staunch rivals, nobody should dream of becoming Prime Minister of India. The courtiers are given to worshipping their captive icon and vilifying his rivals in order to ingratiate themselves. But that is the strongest evidence of lack of leadership qualities. Unless the challenge is accepted in right earnest, there is little hope for the little master since it leaves little time to make personal mark on the masses as Narendra Modi has already done successfully.

Those interested are invited to watch this great saga in total objectivity and neutrality in order to enjoy it fully. For a thorough enjoyment of political climate of India, my book on this website may please be perused.

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