The Doctrine of “Underperforming”

All government officers are paid for their services.  Generally they get paid from the Consolidated Fund of India. These worthies must perform, if they want their wages paid in time, without the administrative tribunal or the court ordering otherwise. But the smarter lot have no hesitation in getting paid for “underperforming” from sources other than the consolidated fund, like the high value IPLites. There will always be the complaining kind like the journalism probationers or police trainees or political upstarts, but that contributes to the raising of the value of underperforming several notches every time anybody tries to make a scam of it. There are any numbers of instances of such value upgradation such as the Commonwealth Games, 2G spectrum or the Coalgate etc. Government being the biggest litigant in the country, they lose most cases and huge revenues (like the Vodafone case) by employing the doctrine of underperformance successfully. The song of the caged parrot also refers to their inability to engage a lawyer of their choice to perform to their best ability. Everybody seems to be under stress for the underperformance of others like the governments, ministers, bureaucrats, police, judges, chairpersons of women’s commissions, members of the child welfare committees, national or state advisory committees, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, banks, municipal authorities and even panchayats. Like it or not, success comes to those alone who underperform , claim highest performance in just 100 days, reach the top of the bureaucratic level, capture the top political positions and never retire to the chagrin of all those retired civil servants , Chief Ministers, Governors, Prime Ministers, Presidents and even the Chief Justices! So it turns out to be the secret of a success of careerists in cricket, government service or political nautanki called democracy.

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