Buddha And Terrorists

Betraying complete insensitivity to civilized living, the uncouth terrorists struck once again in Bodh Gaya on the 7th of July 2013, killing one person and injuring 6 others in 10 blasts. The MahaBodhi temple is the most venerable seat of Buddhism. It paints the most effective contrasts between the two worlds: civilized and uncivilized. Buddhism earned world wide affection and following even before the start of the Christian era or birth of Islam. From India, it reached many countries, without a drop of blood being shed. As against it, the terrorists (even extremists) have been wantonly killing or maiming innocent people all over the world for decades in the contemporary times. They have earned disdain not only for themselves but also the creed they espouse. They might suffer delusions of victory one day, but they are inflicting the gravest injuries to their creed. But they fail to register. Hence the world will need to tackle them in a different manner. India has followed Buddhist teachings in daily life and statecraft. Ashok the Great was Emperor of India in ancient times, who became a staunch follower of Buddha. He promoted Buddhism and inspired his children to spread the message of peace and love, preached by Buddha. The rock inscriptions of the teachings of Buddha by Emperor Ashok are the greatest heritage that India can boast of. However, over time, these finer qualities of humane governance led to the ultimate decline of India, which had suffered at the hands of aggressors from across the borders. They were no different from the uncivilized terrorists of today. Repeated aggressions on India and repeated forgiveness by her as a civilized peace loving country, ultimately cost her independence.The land of Buddha went under foreigners’ rule for more than 900 years! They forgot about Buddha until Mahatma Gandhi revived the value of non-violence, love and peace in the early 20th Century.

Media has been speculating the motive behind the choice of the target. The choice emanates from the power of Buddhist philosophy as contrasted to the terrorist philosophy. A visit to the Nalanda University ruins would convince anybody of the great intellectual achievements of those times. The library of the university is reported to have been moved to some safe haven to save it from the aggressors, who burnt books and killed scholars, artist and all varieties of skilled workers. Buddhism was more than a religion. That is how it (Buddhism) is live and spreading even after almost 2400 years of the death Buddha, whereas terrorism is surviving on regular doses of artificial support systems like bombing civilian or religious places or demonstrating barbarism of the medieval ages! It has no future but the world community will always welcome Buddhism for millions of years.

Terrorists better acknowledge the Truth and join the civilized world>

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