Actor Pran Dies, To Live Long !

An actor in the true sense and definition of an actor, Pran breathed his last in Mumbai tonight at around 2100 hours IST. Such actors endear themselves to the audiences by sheer dint of their merit, their supremacy in performance and their memorable work. Pran was perhaps among few of those artistes who obtained 100% scores in rendering flawlessly their assigned role in a creative work like a film. His synchronized eye movements, dialogue delivery, perfect modulation, facial expressions, gestures, turns and body language lifted even an ordinary text to the heights of the best execution in an artistic manner. He lent his personal magic to the film and this made him dear to his viewers even in the role of perfect villain. The secret  was his stature of the actor more than the role he played, whether that of a villain, hero or positive person. If some actors popularized the role of a villain (detestable by Indian standards of social conduct) for aspiring actors, perhaps Pran set that goal for the young aspirants. He will be a great source of inspiration to budding actors for long and shall always occupy a living place in the memory of the cine-goers in India abroad.

He won many awards but never lobbied for any. The Government of India honoured itself by conferring on him the Dada Saheb Phalke Award last year. Pran deserves even the highest international film award purely on the basis of his contribution to the creative work of films as an actor.

Pray he rests in peace!

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