Ordinance To Save Convicted MP’s and MLA’s

Rahul Gandhi has broken his silence. He has called nonsense a nonsense without mincing words like the crooked politicians fattening on Indian democracy or the courtiers perfect in the art of manipulative English or the diplomatese with multi-meaning verbose or the shrewd calculating operators opening their mouth only when they become sure of personal gains. Actually the youth of this country has no stomach for nonsense. They derive their inspiration from Bhagat Singhs and not  every Singh, tempered by Mahatma Gandhi. The Ordinance to save convicted Members of Parliament and state legislators, coupled with the latest developments on the 2G scam worth rupees 1,700,000 million would have proved the Congress as the party of the corrupt and criminals. Already the power of the crime has overwhelmed the power of the vote in the country! But more than Rahul breaking silence, it is the booming guns of The Silence- something unthinkable. Yes, Rahul’s public condemnation of the Manmohan Singh government is a first in the 66 years of democratic India, but it is equally unthinkable that someone shall show courage and  impertinence  to charge him with “insubordination” and ask him to “apologise” to the PM, who is just an appointee of the 10 Janpath and no Leader of the House! Since when has the Congress Vice President or President become “subordinate” to the Prime Minister? The person to attack Rahul does not belong to the chorus of the shouting brigade ever ready to take on anybody who dares utter one word against the scion of the Gandhi family. It is the media Moghuls! Others are asking the people through TV debates not  to take too seriously the charge of nonsense  on the specious ground that  Rahul being  a young man may have a vocabulary deficit!  In other words these wise men or women still consider Rahul Gandhi  a green horn deserving to be ignored, which is more damaging than insubordination/apology. The PM has made everything look like the tantrums of a young man when he reduced it to mere “issues” that would be discussed on his return(in the cabinet and not in the Party). Is the Congress heading for a split?

Yes, the Congress is facing the possibility of a split. The third front getting forged in the name of “secular” forces, with the manipulated media playing an active role, might have sent feelers to the probable candidates for the PM chair if he promised a split in the Congress in the event of the party losing badly in the forthcoming general elections due to the public perception of corruption and non-governance of the Congress led Manmohan Singh government. Rahul’s intervention has nipped in the bud that third front idea. But Rahul will need to do more and very fast.  Now that he has broken silence and opened his mouth for the first time he has attracted attention of the sharp shooters in the political market- Rahul is clearly in the firing line. He will have to take every precaution for his personal safety. The alacrity with which guns started firing at him immediately only proves that the preparations had long been made in anticipation of such a development for change of guard at the top. It is history repeating itself. We must go back to 1969 when Indira Gandhi was driven to desperation by the old guards leading to the split in the Congress and the coming in to being of the Congress (I) and the Congress(O). The silence of the lions is enigmatic, though one or two came forward to support Rahul wholeheartedly. Others were so confused that they didn’t even know whether to openly support Rahul Gandhi or Manmohan Singh! Some prominent ministers, nursing silent ambitions of taking over from Manmohan Singh under the impression that the party was looking for a change and Rahul was disinclined to take over, had volunteered to speak for Rahul against Narendra Modi. They thought Rahul was such a novice! They had not seen Rahul grow up, they only visualized him as someone inferior to themselves in political chess competitions! Rahul dropped a bomb shell on 27th September when he tore off that image of an imbecile inexperienced incapable leader when he chose to go with the people that the Ordinance for saving convicted politicians was “wrong, nonsense and deserved to be torn off and thrown out” of the window. He made it amply clear that he was not going to be fooled with a toxic diet of anti Narendra Modism or communal hatred in the name of secularism or corruption as an essential part of politics of governance by hook or crook. In one stroke he had demolished all the old guards, including Manmohan Singh, who has so far prospered on his enigma of disgusting silence. The timing was perfect. The occasion was right. The place was the best. That justifies the wisdom of the words: Leaders are born. The leader by the name of Rahul Gandhi was born yesterday. Since it is just the birth, anything further can be said after watching the developments. The fight has only started. Rahul has started it. One thing must be clear to everyone: Manmohan Singh is not going to vacate his seat of power under any circumstance. Even if Rahul scales up his attack on every “wrong” decision of the government or the Congress plays its trump card (Sonia Gandhi) against such decisions, Prime Minister  MMS is not going to oblige them. Politicians and citizens might invoke ethical values or concepts of self-respect, dignity or honour, but astute politicians don’t act sentimental under such attacks. Neither can Rahul go back now. If he reverts to the ideology of the despicably corrupt, he would ruin his prospects of leadership of the Congress for ever. He has to proceed on the path of righteousness and strengthen his rectitude further. In this newly discovered path, he will face dangers aplenty.The dangers Rahul is likely to face immediately will be many but some likely ones are as follows:

If a truce is not hammered immediately, the apparition of Quattrocchi will be resurrected with damning details. Remember the statement of a former  Law Minister that if he made public the tapes in his possession, Sonia Gandhi will run away to Italy immediately (that was before defreezing Q’s bank accounts). Now the government has all the details to cause a tempest against the family of Rajiv Gandhi;

Some other damning scam involving the Rajiv Gandhi family can be exposed;

Propaganda of vilification to smear  Rahul’s character might be launched (remember the nasty stories against Indira Gandhi in 1970) for which there is great hunger in the media in India and which is a potential weapon to destroy reputations and careers;

Congress may be hijacked;

Any physical harm can be caused.

I had apprehended some of these as mentioned in my book. It would be seen that the other developments anticipated by me have come true in every respect so far.

Rahul Gandhi has only one option now: to go ahead without bothering for anything or any consequences. Those afraid of laying down their life for the country don’t make leaders. As Rahul has broken the image of a diffident, frightened and no PM material image, he has to take over the reins of the government and the party and prove that he sincerely means to take on corruption and crime. He has to earn his credits, not buy them. Good luck, young man! Good luck to the youth of the country!!

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