Language, political upheavals & Mass Miseries

The newbie AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) which collected windfall political gains in recently held Delhi elections by winning 28 seats in a legislature consisting of 70 members and even not being the single largest party in the house (it was the BJP) formed the government with the support of the Congress Party. The whole election was fought on the basis of corruption charges levelled by the AAP against the Congress Party and the language its ministers at the centre and the Delhi government used. Visibly, the people  were very angry with the corruption, price rise and arrogance of the ministers, Chief Minister & the Prime Minister, all of whom belonged to the Congress Party. Some of the ministers attracted so much flak that people would switch the TV channel the moment their faces appeared on the screen. The AAP had promised clean and transparent government. Its leaders spoke softly, especially its chief political advisor and spokesman Yogendra Yadav (YY), Arvind Kejriwal (AK) and some others. None of them belonged to any political family or dynasty, which is so common in India. Most of them had excellent educational qualifications to recommend their candidature. YY, a JNU professor of political science and recognized face on television debates and AK, an IIT( Kharagpur) product and a former civil servant. But in less than a month it has been in office this new government has created political turmoil by its inaction, mismanagement, agitation and worst of all, public misconduct of its Law Minister’s vigilantism and foul language. This minister, Somnath Bharati, another product of IIT Delhi and a lawyer by profession, has created the most untenable situation for the AAP and the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. He raided a section of the locality in South Delhi (Khirki Extension), house for people from African countries like Uganda, Congo  and Nigeria etc. Racist comments, as also derogatory language like “prostitution” are alleged to have been hurled at them by Bharati and his supporters. This has outraged the Civil Society very much in Delhi and elsewhere in the country. Hardly any newspaper or TV channel has come to defend the public misconduct of the minister in this case. The public demands dismissal of the minister by the Chief Minister, which he would have demanded as an activist of the AAP had it been the Sheila Dixit government. However, the CM and his AAP have left no stone unturned in defending the erring minister. They have resorted to same political chicanery that their opponent parties like the Congress have been arrogantly indulging in and the AAP has been attacking. They have reduced the minister’s horrible language to mere “distasteful language” or “intemperate language” (forgetting that it was their distasteful use of language against the Congress whom they always called corrupt which yielded them the chance to form the government. Now their law minister is continuing with the same distasteful language he has been  indoctrinated in). What a gentle nudge from political thinkers like Prof. Yogendra Yadav, Eminent lawyer Prashant Bhushan and Magsaysay award winner Arvind Kejriwal and others promising to give India a new kind of political system without the Congress and the BJP? If this is all they can offer, India is better served by the existing system. A law minister is supposed to know the law and uphold the Rule of Law, but the Law Minister of AAP breaks this doctrine, threatens to spit on the face of renowned legal luminaries like Harish Salve and Arun Jaitly, mounts a mid night raid on the houses of African women, suffers them being charged vigilante style “prostitutes”, Africans as drug pushers, subjects women to medical examination without authority and might even hold a kangaroo court to mete instant punishment to everyone he perceives as a drug pusher or flesh trader. It is not a pardonable offence, even if it were an isolated incident. Unfortunately it reveals a mindset most reprehensible. It has caused serious embarrassment to the government of India, especially with our African friends: the only saving grace is that neither this minister nor his party have the approval of the people of India, who have severely criticized the AAP and demanded the resignation of Minister Somnath Bharati.

It is not as if public opinion was lacking in offering them saner views and suggestion. They ignored everyone for their narrow political interests. I was one of the several commentators writing in newspapers, magazines and other forum. Here are some of my posts on the India Today online and the

Posted January 18, 2014

AAP: Don’t walk in to the Congress trap so easily. Minister Bharati must immediately tender an apology to the African residents and the women he and his enthusiastic supporters had subjected to uncivilized behaviour. The police were wrong in losing their cool. They are trained to control their anger. Nuisance is indeed a crime, and if aggrieved citizens complain to them, they must redress it. But if they keep partnering criminals in the darkness of the night, people are bound to mount nightly vigil and question the police for their complicity in crime. The guilty police officers must tender immediately apology to the citizens and our African guest.

Posted by: M.L.Gupta

January 20, 2014

Delhi is and shall continue to be a Union Territory- it is called the NCT of Delhi. Unless its structure is changed to that of a full state, it is nothing more than political nautanki to demand police under the administrative jurisdiction of the Delhi government. There are serious issues involved which are better solved in political discussions. Without understanding the issues, creating unnecessary rumpus puts unnecessary stress on the people. What the home minister of Delhi is expected to do has also to be done by the union home minister, who is directly in control of the police in Delhi. Delhi police should grow up in the meantime to become comparable with London police/NYPD and not UP police/Haryana police/Bihar police/Maharastra police etc. sted by: M.L.Gupta

Posted by: M.L.Gupta

January 20, 2014

Is a party born out of the Anna led movement going to be destroyed so cheaply?

Posted by: M.L.Gupta

January 20, 2014

Ye Siyaasat hai Shaayari nahi, yeh naa ho rusba bhale bo rusba hi sahi.

Posted by: M.L.Gupta

January 20, 2014

Give proof/evidence and voters will punish them. If unable to give proof, as demanded of the same parties to fix Sheila Dixit for CWG corruption, tender apology to the nation for such shit of unrestrained vendetta against others! Sad to see such a fast “disorientation” of AAP leaders like AK, PB & YY. Atrocious, horrible, irresponsible and naked violation of the people’s mandate by first allying with the Congress decisively defeated by the people and then indulging in useless gimmickry, justification of uncivilized behaviour of its ministers and defending the most indefensible in the same arrogant manner as the previous congress government.

Posted by: M.L.Gupta

January 21, 2014

The Anna led movement raised the hopes of a real change in governance in the country. Unfortunately nothing has changed. The AAP, and thinkers like YY, have perverted all logic and value paradigm. First: the Delhi voters’ “mandate” was not for the AAP to govern; Second, the Delhi Voters’ “mandate” was against the Congress,and; Third, the Delhi Voters’s “mandate” was not for the BJP or “Others including NOTA”. How & why had the AAP sold all its pre-election solemn promises and brought the Congress to rule from the back door? After Binny’s revolt, everyone knows that the AAP government in Delhi is tottering. Its days are numbered. In the meantime its ambition to capture the chair of the Prime Minister has been whetted uncontrollably. All this unwelcome drama in Delhi is nothing more than the New Theatre of the Comical. To carry it further would be cheating of the aam aadmi and frustrating their dream of good governance. This “vitandavaad ” must come to an honourable end straightaway.

The threatening postures of the AAP supporters make them no different from the goons in Mumbai or Lucknow. Their actions are bound to be termed “goondaa” unless kept under check immediately. Nobody succeeds by threatening others. The Gandhi cap they wear is a message of love & peace. Simply going to Rajghat to perform a perfunctory ritual is not Gandhism.

No suspension at the whims of any minister

The Unnecessary crisis built by an errant minister demanding suspension of police officers is abuse of the process of governance. Surfers in this column had roundly condemned the suspension of an SDM in UP and two senior officers in Haryana. Suspension is not an instrument for massaging the ego of a rogue MLA/MP/Minister/CM or bureaucrat. It can’t and should never be used excepting for good and sufficient reason. The whole civil society campaign is for transparent government. What the Delhi law Minister did, and aggravated further by repeatedly trying to justify it, was disappointing. The police officers should not be “humiliated” for the orders of the minister, lacking proper authority, given on the spot were not carried out. Unless public servants are supported for standing up to the authorities for unlawful orders, we will be inviting anarchy of a kind that its votaries even don’t understand. Inquire by all means, punish for failure to perform lawful duty if found liable, but don’t do so simply to “fix/humiliate/teach a lesson” to public servants. The errant minister has imposed too heavy a fine on his newbie party and compromised its further prospects completely.

M L Gupta        WIC 22/1/14

Has AAP already slipped into Anti Anti-corruption Party?

The first thing expected of the government in Delhi was a check on corruption and bringing to justice the proven corrupt in the fast track mode. Has anything happened? The government only promises the Lok Pal/Lokayukta! Does it mean there is no law to bring the corrupt to justice? What happened to the PCA? Vigilance rules are not effective? How many days it takes to send the message of sincerity about anti corruption? 2 days or 10 days or 15 days? It is more than that but nothing about anti corruption in Delhi govt. Only the placebo of the Lok Pal! God! The aam aadmi is frustrated at being tricked again. There must surely be scores of vigilance cases, which could have been decided by now. Accountability of the police is all that this government demands as if government means only police!! Government is good government. Anti corruption is to punish the guilty without loss of time. Do that and learn how difficult it is in this country to punish even proven guilty. Since the number of ghost employees in the Delhi Jal Board & other wings exceeds thousands, no government dare challenge such huge crowds. Even the judicial dispensation is quick to rush to their rescue.

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