Curious Case of AAP’s Identity Theft & Superficial Secularism

The poor man’s identity itself has been stolen. Look at our nouveau aam aadmi. Do they resemble the real aam aadmi (the nanga-bhooka-garib aam aadmi)? They are either rich or crorepatis or multi lakhpatis at least. Before the birth of the AAP there have been umpteen such claimants to the throne of the poor aam aadmi: Lalu Yadav (of the JP Andolan fame), Mulayam Singh Yadav (of the Lohia fame), Mayawati (invoking the great Ambedkar’s name), who are all multi crorepatis. They still call themselves the poor, dalit, oppressed, backward, most backward, minority etc. Arvind Kejriwal is a crore pati-patni couple, joined by Yogendra Yadav (the university Don), Manish Sisodia and 99% of the 500000 who have joined the party in the last 2-3 weeks. Besides, and this is the most significant part of this black humour, all of them are educationally empowered beyond the wildest dreams of the aam aadmi, despondent due to failure to provide even good education to her 2 daughters for whom she will have to shell out a huge dowry by borrowing from Shylocks of our financial system. All that the aam aadmi has been demanding in the name of Bapu is that SAME KIND OF EDUCATION & ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES FOR HER CHILDREN. Strangely it has been denied, rather perpetually. The aam aadmi will never get the same opportunities that the present day AAP have cornered by working of a flawed democracy. Are they entitled to call themselves the aam aadmi? No. A hundred times no, because in reality the aam aadmi will never come to form or run the government, though the AAP may opiate them with assurances to this effect as much as they want. The aam aadmi is called the plebeian, the AAP is patrician (aristocracy). In fact, they collectively form the Plutocracy. They have challenged the Oligarchy perpetuated by the Congress Party, for which the plebeian has come to despise them. But she does not dream of replacing it by plutocrats like the AAP. Funny though it sounds, India is witnessing a competition for getting the tag of a “minority”, like those hundreds of CBI cases undecided so far for the tag of fake SC & ST category. I am not aware of this game about the OBC tag, though the smart ones may try their deft hands and fertile brains there too.

The AAP, like most other anti-Congress and/or anti-BJP organizations, might claim to be “secular”, but its secularism like the secularism of others of its ilk is facile, bogus and just one more hoax. The anti-BJP stand of the party’s opponents is an attempt to secure secularist credentials and amounts to nothing more than a loud statement to snare the “minorities”, the   expression being restricted for all practical purpose to mean only the muslim community. There are more non-muslim crusaders in the political firmament of India than the pious mullahs in the entire Indian muslim community. The statements of the non-Islamic propagators of sham secularism are fishing nets for enbloc votes of the community, as it is perceived, rightly or wrongly, to vote enbloc at the call of the religious leadership. The muslim votes do influence the outcome of the electoral results, and consequently formation of the government. The BJP has been painted severally as the Hindutvavadi, Hindu Radical, Hindu Fundamentalist and Right Wing Hindu Party.

How do the self proclaimed secularist find it so easy to attack a party perceived by them to be espousing the cause of the Hindus in India when they have no qualms of conscience in associating with the rabid communal parties from the non-Hindu stream? Was the BJP responsible for partition of India? Should a country agree to its partition with such ease? Can this historical reality be forgotten and only the accusations against the BJP or any other Hindu organisation be allowed to be freely propagated in the name of secularism? Political thinkers will have to scrutinize these facts without being sagacious or politically correct someday. It is rather disconcerting to see the politicians showing disrespect to Hindu Gods and Goddesses or religious texts. Nobody bothers about the “sentiments” of the Hindus but gets easily provoked in the name of hurt of the sentiments of one or the other minority community? It is because they fear everyone other than the Hindus. There is no fear of violent retribution from the Hindus. The Hindu religion teaches love and tolerance. There is no compulsion for anybody to follow a defined path- one is free to explore, inquire or hypothesize. Hindus worship all manifestations and embodiments of God instead of restricting it to only one Form of God. It propounds the limits on creatures without prescribing limits on the Creator. Can man stop God from appearing in a new Form? Will He be called a heretic if He appeared in a new Form? The essence of Hindu religion lies in the wisdom of accepting the truth that God may appear in any form anyday anywhere (Prakat or appear/ manifest).He can appear in the form of animal, fish, bird, flower, fruit, man or anything so far created by Him. Human beings are just one of these million “many Godly artifacts or just softwares”. So is our planet, solar system, galaxy and the universe. It has been termed as the Sanatan Dharma or the Eternal Religion, meaning that He has been there since infinity and be there till infinity, whereas we all creatures live in time cycles. Such a view of religion is the most liberal  and genuinely secular. Attacking it or its followers, branding them as “communal” is no sign of maturity, knowledge or wisdom. It emanates from the absence of fear of any kind in retribution for what other religious groups call insulting, derogatory, offending, heretic, blasphemous, provoking or simply communal. Let us take an overview.

How is it that nobody fears any consequences of foul mouthing Hindus or Hinduism? It is so because there is no Hindu country in the world. The world is divided largely between the Christians and the Muslims. A few countries also profess Buddhism and other religions. It is rather amusing that there is no country- not even an island- which is inhabited solely by the secularists! The neither Hindu nor-Muslim breed of other categories claims to be “secular” as it has no better option. Since the major national and global communication is carried in the English language, the BJP gets a negative coverage in the media and press whereas its opponents get solid propagandist support from the major media houses owing allegiance to the Christian world or the Muslim world. The secular forces understand this reality better than anybody else. Since the Hindus draw their legacy from the Vedas and other scriptures, which are in Sanskrit, the community has suffered isolation of a devious kind. Under Articles 343 through 351of the Constitution of India, Hindi in Devnagari script has been declared as the Official Language of the Union of India, with many ifs & buts and misplaced punctuation marks. This has contributed to the isolation further, as the Hindi press cut in to the business of the English press. Politically also this provision had caused serious differences in the country, which continue unabated. The advent of the internet has suddenly worked in favour of the English language over not only Hindi but all other languages of the country (24 of them included in the VIII schedule of the constitution, 117 “Major” languages listed by the latest census and around 3500 dialects). Hindi owes everything to Sanskrit and hence, Hindi & Hindu have been perniciously mixed up and made synonymous by political parties, deftly converting the differences of language in to effective tools for capturing political power by spreading the deadly poison of language and religion. Nothing could promote the political interests of the self proclaimed secularists than an anti-Hindu as also anti-Hindi tirade. The secularist forces, as they are wont to call themselves, never speak for Buddhism because there is nothing to fear from its followers, who are as tolerant as the Hindus. Buddhism propagates non violence. Is there anything to fear of the practitioners of non violence as it is from the religious fundamentalists terrorizing the superpowers and the entire world along with them? However, the superficiality of their secularism will get exposed the moment the so called minority communities come to dominate the political establishment at the centre. Their real fundamentalism would shame all previous records in this matter.The world has witnessed the ethnic and religious riots in several places consequent to the disintegration of the former USSR, activities of the terrorists in the name of religion, ethnicity, race, tribe, geography etc.  Hardly any country can claim to be not affected by religious conflicts of the violent kind. In India also, such violent conflicts have been occurring, more frequently in places governed by the so called secularist forces. Even the Sikh minority could not escape mass murders in Delhi and other parts of the country, because their votes go to the Akali Dal more than the secularists who are unable to frighten them in the name of the communal forces and, thus, manage to get their votes enbloc for themselves. When with the Akalis, the politician is painted as “communal”, but when any politician from the Akali Party joins the Congress or other secular party he/she is certified a secular instantly. The Indian secular forces are provoked by  the simplest of skirmishes in the Palestine, which draws their harshest reactions against Israel, but they forget the human rights violations in the Tibet in India’s immediate neighbourhood, even though the Tibetan Government in Exile is a refugee in India. The secularist forces of India are so afraid of the religious minority backlash that they are not prepared to provide security to even a Muslim woman writer of Bangaladesh living in India. The communists threw her out of Kolkata, the Congress advised her to stay at some undisclosed location and all the progressive secular forces have maintained a steady silence about the freedom of thought & expression or human rights or equality of women etc in the case of the writer Taslima Nasreen. Even Salman Rushdie has been treated with the same contempt by our secular progressive forces in politics, economics, sociology or law. Had it been due to some kind of a protest against these writers by a Hindu, the secular establishment would have brought the sky down by now! The fundamentalist elements have announced heavy rewards for the heads of both these writers and our secular progressive forces, including non Congress, non BJP AAP, seek their support and vote. That is the naked reality of the Indian secularism. Secularism is not simply respect for all religions but respect for the freedom to define and re-define evey religion, offer commentaries without any fear of reprisal and genuine tolerance for all religions. Religion uplifts a persons, it provides precious moments of sublimity to experience the phenomenon beyond the earthly experience. But politics of votes and considerations of fear of loss or greed of political gains has defiled and polluted it. The AAP type of political experiments do talk of secularism only to expand their area of political influence and wider acceptability, but are little aware of the centuries of history of various communities of India and an awfully complex nature of the texture of demographic profile of such a diverse country as India. It takes no time to expose their skin deep love for secularism once their target turns out to be a soft one as was proved by the racist and sexist outbursts of its law minister in Delhi’s Khirki Extension while raiding the visiting men and women from some African countries. The AAP would never even dare to go anywhere near areas where the police had encountered the terrorists for fear of offending the vote bank of the minorities. So much for their ideology of secularism! How long such secularism will work in India is to be watched.

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