A Costly Illusion

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) led by Arvind Kejriwal has turned out to be a very costly political, social and economic illusion in less than just 50 days. The party began its journey under the pretext of providing a clean government, free from the corruption practiced by the previous Congress government led by Ms Sheila Dixit in Delhi and simply failed to govern properly. It is now making lame excuses to convince the masses about its decision to leave the field in total disarray and make a fast exit. Arvind Kejriwal has proved that he is a very shallow person, a mercurial character and an unreliable political activist. He is an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) product, who chose to waste his education in the first instance by preferring the civil service career over a technical profession matching his qualification to make a more valuable contribution to the technological progress of the country. Then he indulged in activism over service while working in the income tax department, failing in doing his duty as a civil servant properly. Neither civil service nor politics is a part time job. They demand whole time whole life dedication in public service, but persons like Kejriwal seek instant gratification of their desire for change, without even knowing what exactly they want. Such persons know only one thing that is to “demolish” the existing structure, which appears to be the easiest thing to do, as student strikes or labour strikes in the CPM ruled West Bengal for 30 years. They offer no alternative model to replace the existing structure. Such personalities operate in narrow one track intellectual lanes like pseudo-socialism, pseudo-communism, pseudo-secularism. They suffer from chaotic mental confusion about transparency, anti-corruption, anti-capitalism ideas of a dangerously untested kind and significance. They suffer from bouts of hate against individuals, systems, laws, conventions, processes or procedures. They mix up liberty with licence and indulge in all kinds of bizarre political activism. They complain against everybody and everything. They believe they are above scrutiny by the people, civil society or the law enforcement agencies, but want to have all the prerogatives to say whatever comes to their mind about or against all. They operate in shallowness, superficiality and sanctimoniousness.

Kejriwal perhaps let it out somewhat honestly when he called himself an anarchist. He and his AAP are indeed anarchists because they proclaim not to recognize the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi or the Home Ministry of India or the Home Minister of India or the Solicitor General of India or the provisions of the Constitution of India, while at the same time reiterating their loyalty to the constitution. Is he thinking of re-writing the constitution only to convert it in to a document of Anarchy of the AAP? He has no idea of how governments are formed or run. It was just by fluke that he came to be the Chief Minister of Delhi. It was as part of a punishing game of the Congress Party, which was humiliated in Delhi elections in December 2013, to haul the AAP and Kejriwal on the coals. How else would any sensible person ever imagine forming a government without a clear majority in the assembly? The Congress laid the trap to block the largest party in the assembly, the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), from forming the government with the support of others. Besides, there is reason to believe that the strings of the AAP are in the hands of someone abroad, who is pursuing a one point agenda of checking the resurgence of nationalism and economic progress of India. The Congress was helpful to these forces because it helped them in indulging in open loot of the wealth of the country, transport it to foreign tax havens, divide the country on communal & caste lines, keep it backward in as many fields as possible and prepare a class of modern day slaves, who would roar like tigers before the poor masses or the aam aadmi in India but act the perfect poodle before its masters. Indian history of the past millennium is riddled with thousands of characters, some sung but many unsung, of these slave dynasties. These men and women of straw are known too well to them, but hidden from the ordinary Indian or the aam aadmi! Presently, these forces see in Narendra Modi, the BJP nominee for PM in the coming general elections, an Indian who is likely to exercise his mind independently to domestic and foreign policies, in total contrast to the incumbent UPA-II government led by Manmohan Singh. Foreign economic interests are at stake and only fools would believe that they can tolerate any developing country to throw up competent, capable and strong leadership to run the government. They employ all kinds of soft and hard weaponry to block the emergence of such a leadership. Democracy in poor countries is of, by and for such external forces. Corruption is a very potent weapon in their armoury, but if it fails they are prepared to stoke the time tested weapon of communal riots or caste conflagrations. Outright wars like the Indo-Pak or Indo-China are next in readiness. These forces care only for their economic interests, jobs for their people and maintenance of living standards of their own people. For this to achieve, they need big markets like India for their goods, services, technologies, pharmaceuticals and, of course, their ever advancing ideas in political, economic, legal, human rights, IPR etc. fields.

Kejriwal and his AAP have played a charade on the Valentine’s Day, first in the assembly and then at their party office after sending the resignation letter to the LG. Text of the resignation letter is not yet public, but unless it is without any ifs and buts, it is just a drama. If the text contains any extraneous matter like attack on the LG or Home Minister or other Institutions, it may have to be referred back to him and Kejriwal will try to make political capital out of it. He started his drama from the Ramlila Grounds in Delhi. He will continue the Ramlila even though the ground (Maidan)has already been vacated by the masses, who feel terribly cheated by pretensions of the Aam Aadmi Party.

People of India will need to watch against all such forces, which will try to derail the general elections by creating more such illusions to inject complete anarchy and chaos in the system. They should not get cheated by these illusionists. They must teach them not only a good lesson but also establish their authority by making a clear choice. For a stable government they have to choose between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. They should use the Anna Hazare campaign against corruption to make these two parties put up candidates with clean image in the election. The safety, survival and sovereignty of the country cannot be handed over to the forces of anarchy, distorted political ideology, even absence of a clear cut ideology but churlish ideas about industry or business. They should remember the damage caused to industry and business in West Bengal by such forces under a 30 year reign of the communist party of india (CPM). Kejriwal seems to have come under the influence of the communist rhetoric, which is similar to his own. It is no coincident that Naxalism and Kejriwal were born in India almost simultaneously! If Kejriwal’s tactics of re-connecting the electricity in the homes of the residents of Delhi, whose power was disconnected for non-payment of bills, is subjected to examination it will prove to be exactly like the Naxalists’ style of anarchist activity. He appears to have imbibed the communist and in particular the naxal ideology while in IIT, Kharagpur in West Bengal, because during his student days these political thoughts were ruling supreme on the campuses. The Jawaharlal University in Delhi was another campus of such ideology. It surprises little that the AAP is a creation of the professors and students in Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. These elements think of revolutions in terms of irreverence, challenge and demolition of the systems and functionaries. They offer no improved and workable model of their imaginary revolutionary new model of government. They have, in fact, never confronted highly complex issues of governance, whether political or economic; domestic or global; law or order; war or peace.   The naxal extremists block all efforts towards economic development in rural India. Highways are dug up by them, field staff is kidnapped, security personnel are killed, and even plane loads of arms are imported in violation of laws covering them. Is this what these AAP activists want to do in India after winning forty or more seats in the ensuing general election?

Corruption alone thrives in such chaotic situations. It is now for the people to decide whether they want a clean & strong government or illusionists like  Kejriwal or the Third Front!  Any irresponsible exercise of the vote for the Lok Sabha, as in assembly election in Delhi, can truncate the country because Prashant Bhushan of the AAP is considering Azadi or referendum for Azadi to Kashmir, which he may extend to one or more states like in the North East etc.! Kejriwal wants to jail industrialist, businessmen, politicians and bureaucrats. Neither their means nor ends qualify for a vote for the Lok Sabha. They must first prove their capabilities and capacities by working in public life as responsible political organization with well stated plans and processes for their realization. The goodwill they had earned in December last year in Delhi elections must be employed to enhance their credibility, which has gone down drastically in the last 49 days! Communism and naxalism can only keep Indians perpetually poor. The voters should not allow political parties to seed poverty and harvest votes under slogans of garibi hatao, as there is no magic wand to remove poverty but development.

PS: Arvind Kejriwal has launched a media blitz today. The interesting point is the statement he has made visually about his revolutionary characterstics. He has prominently displayed in the background in the room where he has given his TV interview, a photo of India’s most loved revolutionary, Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh is reverentially called Shahid Bhagat Singh (Martyr Bhagat Singh) and inspires the youth even today. He and his breed of revolutionaries sacrificed their lives in the movement for freedom of the country. Kejriwal went one step ahead because he said that Bhagat Singh was hanged on 14 February- the day Arvind Kejriwal resigned as Chief Minister of Delhi. Anything strange about such an allusion? It means, he maintains a distance from the marxists and naxalites but is certainly a revolutionary of another kind.

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