Kanu Sanyal, Charu Mazumdar or Bhagat Singh: Kejriwal?

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its Chief Mr Arvind Kejriwal are gradually removing the masks they have cleverly worn so far. It is the mask of anti-corruption.  The other one is the mask of transparent & clean government. Yet another mask that hides its true identity is the claim to be a party of the aam aadmi or the masses. Its claim to be anti Congress Party is one more mask that protects its true identity. The AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal is such a wonderful illusionist that he has charmed the masses and the political classes equally well. They have yet to discover his true identity, objective, means and ends. In the absence of a reliable brief on the man, they are firing in dim light and missing the target. Kejriwal is enjoying every moment of this glory- he is on most TV channels, discussing or being discussed, and in every newspaper. He is getting too much of attention for him to handle, because he makes no claims to be the prime minister or form the next government even.

His choice of the description of his party and its workers as the aam aadmi is a craftily chosen epithet as it strikes at the emotions of the people. He is working on the emotions of the people, knowing it fully well that the people have been bitterly complaining against the Congress government under Manmohan Singh for all the scams of the past 10 years, price rise and failed governance. The Congress Party is fully aware of it. In fact it is directly responsible for creating all this chaos by operating the dual power centre mechanism. Under this mechanism, while Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister of India (De Jure), the actual exercise of the authority of the government is by Ms Sonia Gandhi (De Facto) in her capacity as the Chairperson of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) in the rank of a cabinet minister. This game was played to keep the seat of the PM warm for Rahul Gandhi, her son. In the process the de jure government needed to be discredited. Hence, all the scams, policy paralysis and missing government. Rahul Gandhi was to be propped up as the Mr Clean for the Prime Minister’s office in the next government. He has been groomed and mentored to don the mantle of the party leader. He has taken firm stand in a few cases on probity and honesty in public life by opposing legislation meant to protect the corrupt leaders. He has shown diffidence so far, but the Congress is going to project only Rahul Gandhi as their PM nominee, which they would do only after the results of the general elections become available mandating the Congress Party to form the government. However, the Congress cannot proceed to convert its design in to reality directly. It has to make very cautious moves and adopt a circuitous route for it. For this to happen, it needed the services of a Kejriwal. Kejriwal is acting exactly according to the script given to him.

There is some background to these developments. Anna Hazare gave a call to the people to protest the corruption being practiced by the Manmohan Singh government as also others. He demanded a Jan Lokpal Bill (People’s Ombudsman Bill).The government in its usual manner ignored him first but as the movement got unprecedented support from the people, it promised to enact the law. Some Congress ministers used highly offending language against the leaders of the Jan Lokpal campaign and attracted huge flak from the people. As these minister went on decrying the anti corruption campaign and Anna Hazare, the public perception got strengthened that the Congress was responsible for all the corruption scams from Commonwealth Games to allocation of air waves and coal mines etc. In a nutshell, the Congress became synonymous with corruption. Manmohan Singh (De Jure PM) fortunately enjoyed a clean personal image but Sonia Gandhi (De Facto PM and the Congress Party’s President) attracted censure in many quarters. Rahul Gandhi can’t be attacked for any act of corruption. But marketing him as Mr Clean by the Congress Party was unlikely to succeed. The Opposition was drawing blood every day. The principal Opposition Party in the Lok Sabha, the BJP, had nominated its PM candidate, who was building up both a clean image and vast support. The Congress Party was using Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar to counter Narendra Modi, the BJP nominee for PM. Nitish enjoyed a good image for secular and honest credentials. Initially Nitish seemed to fit the bill, but he was nursing ambitions to become the prime Minister himself using the compulsion of the Congress to support him against Narendra Modi. The Congress didn’t want to promote such a potential threat to its political plan of making Rahul Gandhi the next PM. Moreover it has been looking for ways to capture Bihar, which it had lost decades ago. So it needed a person, who nursed no ambition to be the next prime minister of India himself but could be projected to be a notch above these two stalwarts. Such a person needed to be popular. The Congress chose to engage Arvind Kejriwal for their Operation Rahul Gandhi over Anna Hazare, because the later was too much of the Mahatma Gandhi. Arvind Kejriwal suffered from no such infirmity. He is dynamic, malleable, illusionist, who has lived under illusions of his own kind so far. So the political ambitions in Kejriwal were ignited in the name of the same credo of anti-corruption which sustained Anna Hazare. Thus was born the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Anna Hazare disowned the AAP the day it was created. He instructed Arvind Kejriwal not to misuse his name and prestige or mix up the IAC (India Against Corruption), which started the campaign for the Jan Lokpal Bill. Why didn’t Anna trust Arvind Kejriwal, who was one of his trusted lieutenants in the IAC till the previous day? Was Anna able to smell the Congress design? Why did Anna go to the extent of issuing strict instructions to Kejriwal not to invoke his name during the Delhi election campaign or delivered a stern snub to Gopal Rai, Kejriwal’s representative who visited Anna after the Delhi elections? Outwardly it would all appear to be Anna’s distaste for politics. But the reason is that Anna has the capability to see for himself the true personality of people like Kejriwal. If Kejriwal really had any respect for Anna he would have first broached the subject to Anna and taken his views in consideration before arriving at any decision to launch or abandon the launching of a political party. Kejriwal acquired image and publicity only because of Anna. Had Anna not given him so much space, nobody would have even known who Kejriwal was. But ambitious people don’t suffer the chains of bondage of ethics, morals or commitments. They put to gainful use every platitude. Anti corruption is one such platitude. Kejriwal is an ex income tax officer and should know very well that no power on earth can ever root out corruption from departments like income tax or police. Still he launched the AAP in the name of anti-corruption, rather in the name of the Jan Lokpal Bill for Delhi. This is an instance of his cleverness to bypass Anna’s instruction not to use his name and fame and funds for political purpose by spoofing his key agenda of the Jan Lokpal Bill for the country. After becoming Chief Minister he drew satisfaction by saying that corruption has come down by 30%. Where has it come down? In the Revenue department or Excise Department? What little happened was due to the pressure of the sting operation done by a prominent TV channel within 48 hours of Kejriwal becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi. Congress is the old and experienced political party and knew the bubble was to burst in due course. So it egged the AAP and its office bearers to attack the BJP also, as it was ruling the three corporations in Delhi. The AAP was only too glad to do its bidding. The electoral success in Delhi has driven the AAP to a stupor. It has started experiencing delusions of winning enough parliamentary seats in the general elections to be in a position to play the role of a king maker, a ploy to form the government in the same way as in Delhi by leaving both the Congress and the BJP no option but to extend them support on issues or otherwise. The Congress will do so only if it gets the drubbing it got in Delhi, but extract from the AAP a very heavy price by ensuring AAP’s archiving at the earliest like it had done in the past to its other allies.

The understanding between the AAP and the Congress Party is clear. Both will continue to put up public fight for garnering the votes. Both will make every effort to cut the BJP’s votes. The Congress seems to have given to the AAP the “supari” (contract) to block the ascendancy of Narendra Modi to the office of the prime minister of India.The AAP has not only accepted the supari but also promised to field Arvind Kejriwal against Narendra Modi. It is bound to spice the contest, though the AAP’s charm is gone. Its true identity is getting exposed day by day. Arvind Kejriwal uses poems, film songs and symbols to make a statement when he needs to do so. He has displayed the photograph of the beloved Indian Martyr Bhagat Singh in the background recently in his TV interviews. His icons are Kanu Sanyal & the CPM, under whose influence he nurtured his political ambitions while studying in the IIT at Kharagpur in West Bengal. At that time the communist party (Marxist) and in particular its off shoot the Naxalbari movement were the prevailing political ideologies on the campuses of educational institutions in India. But both have long been discarded and archived. The JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) in Delhi was the last educational institutions to come under the influence of the marxists. The AAP gets its ideologues from the faculty of the JNU. Most of its active members are scholars from this university. They have targeted the poor in Delhi, who live in most inhuman conditions in slums. Their problems are many and any promise to provide them even a little succor is enough to enlist their support. The Congress has been doing it, the BJP has done it, the AAP has done it simply by donning the Gandhi cap to mislead the masses as being a Gandhian outfit (which it is not). The AAP acts Naxalite and shows the same disrespect to democracy, constitution & democratic institutions as the Naxalites!

The agenda is now clear: block Narendra Modi;  make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister by ensuring Congress victory by default;  form the government if none of these two succeeds. Background check of all top AAP leaders would lay bare the network on which they are individually connected, the bosses they owe allegiance to and the agenda they are pursuing.

It is interesting to take note of the other sybol: the Valentine’s Day chosen to resign. On this day, promises are made, most of which remain just that- promises. No guarantee is either sought or given to execute the promises made this day. It is just a day to enjoy. Fun, frolic and merry making is on every mind on this day. Talks like sincerity or commitment are out of place and inappropriate for such a gay occasion. It is a day for smiles, more smiles and nothing but smiles. Arvind Kejriwal was all smiles. His whole team was all smiles. Everyone in and out of the party office at Hanuman (!) Road was smiling in all gaiety when Arvind Kejriwal announced that he has resigned as the Chief Minister! That is what we all would also be doing if we choose to cast the responsibility of the government at the centre on the equally smiling shoulders of  Arvind Kejriwal.

(For Naxalism pl search the net.)

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