Aam Aadmi Party Guilty of Model Code of Conduct Violation, says ECI

The Election Commission of India has found the Aam Aadmi Party guilty of violation of the Model Code of Conduct enforced with effect of the announcement of the poll schedule on 5 March. I am posting some of my observations published in the India Today online. It is absolutely essential for the people to take note of the Dummy Gandhis, masquerading as followers of Mahatma Gandhi and pretending to practice his gospel of non-violence, covering their heads under Gandhian white skull caps (they have unfortunately stained these spotless white khadi caps by black slogans. In India this is a very strong metaphor of blackening the white meaning professing cleanliness but actually practising corruption). Arvind Kejriwal, the Dummy Gandhi has a following of the equally dummy freedom fighters. They have dumped, ditched, discarded Anna Hazare, Gandhian principles of non-violence and clean means for clean ends. They have loudmouthed journalists, who violated the code of ethics of journalism while anchoring on television channels and are now indulging in spreading disinformation in the leftist agitational style. See these pieces:

1. Gandhi Dummy the spoof of LWE (Left Wing Extremism =Naxalism) in Delhi. More than 200 districts in the country are naxal affected. Delhi was in a stupor of security thinking it is never going to get affected. Naxalism has beaten all by trying its hand at democratic means for capturing power, as opposed to the flow of power from the barrel of the gun, aided by the large number of urban poor. It has chosen well its target in Modi & his party, for they fear it to replace the Congress, which was the number one enemy of the naxalites. It is Naxalbari via Kharagpur to Delhi. Is the IB (Intelligence Bureau) going to add Delhi to the list of LWE affected districts?

2. ECI- kindly take notice that it is the worst season of “information pollution”. Do something to contain this pollution. You have imposed a Model Code of Conduct for everybody but spared the press & the media. There is too much of propaganda-indeed “Ganda Dhanda of disinformation dissemination” during this period. The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has given newspaper advertisements promising :NEW INFORMATION ORDER. The ECI can use the opportunity and do something like the mammoth of the Seshan, who injected some discipline in the game. The ECI should order publication of the ownership of the newspapers and Television channels, so that political identities of the owners can be known to the voters, who may not become victims of disinformation and propaganda. Every TV channel/Newspaper must display it on the first page prominently till the final results are declared. A clean environment alone is the guarantee of clean elections.

3.A child who refuses to abide by household rules never abides by any code of conduct, be it in government service, agitation, political arena, elected bodies or any other situation. Since such a person is basically a narcissist, he suffers a streak of autocracy and thus is comfortable in what is called a non governmental organization or NGO. It uplifts him in to believing himself the government and derive total ego satisfaction. But such a person ruins promising careers of talented youth in most destructive activities like extremism of the naxal kind or anarchy of the AAP. Basically such a person is an innovator who should serve humanity by devoting his talent to scientific, technological or other such activity rather than petty politicking.

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