Funny That Leaders Refuse To Change!

Ever wondered why the politician is such a darling for the cartoonist? Why is the political leadership across all parties such an ever flowing stream of comic relief for consumers of all fun poked at them by the authors, writers, film makers, journalists and the whole range of visual media? One reason could be that the politician (Neta ji) refuses to change, while the voter has changed dynamically. The Neta roars even from the jail and while on bail. He threatens all those who conspired to “frame” him in false cases of crime or corruption, bribery or robbery, black money or fake currency. Even those long archived make thundering entry in the presence of hired TV cameras in all their party regalia complete with crown and shawl and scowl, frowning at rivals and communicating their idea of India more through their body language than the gurgling sound they make could ever convey clearly. They advance convincing proof of suffering from dementia when they repeat the words, sentences, slogans and promises they enthusiastically made decades ago while starting their political career. So we have the sole selling agents of leftist ideology displaying their wares over again to the voter who has repeatedly exercised his choice in favour of free market economy; the self proclaimed secularist experts in inciting communal violence with uncanny success holding out promises of fighting communal forces to block them from coming to power; the big vote bank caste lobby barter tradesman promising social justice while distributing all the gains to his family members or clansman; the champions of the disadvantaged socio-economic groups fighting discrimination without ever doing anything to break the intra group barriers among these people; in addition any number of individual-centred claimants to the highest job in the land in the name of personal success or dream merchants casting spells by  promising to  root out corruption, poverty eradication or creation of millions of new jobs without having the slightest idea about how these will be realised. They make themselves the object of so much of caricature that election time promises more free fun than liquor! They continue to pursue their political ventures under the misconception that majority of the voters are unable to see through their game because they are illiterate. But illiteracy is no bar to wisdom. The Indian voter has proved from time to time that he may be illiterate but he is wise enough to take the right decision at the right time in national interest. The Neta is going to get educated by the voter this time again, as he stands no less empowered by the information revolution for which he has extended a warmer welcome than to the Neta ji who had been commanding welcome at every occasion from birth of a child in the voter’s household to the funeral. The writing on the wall: the voter has changed. The Neta has little room to negotiate a change- it is not easy for him to change the colour of his cap. The Left is Left, the Right is Right and the twin shall never meet. Meanwhile the society (voter) embraces change every moment like the calmly flowing sweet water river from north to east, west, south and all other directions.  

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