Gandhi Dummy Thugging the Aam Aadmi

India is land to some of the very best thugs in the world, but one man by the name of Natwar Lal earned quite a name. There is no dearth of his followers, who make regular news. They are all smooth talkers, who charm, mesmerise and hypnotize even the smartest guys in seconds. One can undergo such experience in the national capital any day- it is 24×7 fair. Railway stations, bus terminals, airport, markets, public offices and court premises are their favourite operational sites.

It is all in the business of thugging (sucking). The voters are no exception to this operation. They are so angry with the failed governance, corruption, inflation, price rise and unemployment that anybody promising them liberation from these ills easily wins their confidence. If someone dons a Gandhi cap, it becomes all the more easy for him to cheat, trick and suck the vulnerable angry voter. So when Arvind Kejriwal, emerging from the wings of Anna Hazare, announced the formation of a political party, called the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the voters in Delhi gave it an opportunity to prove its credentials, as it had no past and therefore, no tested identity. It disappointed the voters, resigned before implementing any promise and stands fully exposed today. Its founder members have resigned, MLAs rebelled, party workers in arms against the leadership and all kinds of charges are flying thick and fast, including selling nominations (party ticket) for the forthcoming parliament election. Shazia Ilmi and Kumar Vishwas have also expressed their anger publicly. Everybody is trying to find out the reasons for this infighting so soon. The answer lies in identifying the agency which has employed Arvind Kejriwal and his select team of partners; the specific job given to them; the plan of operation; the logistics; funds provided; the person assigned the command in India; the puppeteer moving the strings and the location of the controller of the whole show.

It is relevant to note that Shazia Ilmi, projected as the muslim face of the party, has refused to contest against Ms Sonia Gandhi of the Congress Party from Rai Barrelli seat in UP. The AAP was believed to be a party without blinkers of Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi etc but only a single identity of Indian. Contrary to it, the AAP has followed the same communal disharmony politics that it accuses its opponents to be practising. So it identified for Shazia Ilmi a constituency with a heavy muslim voter presence. The AAP is averse to utter a word against Sonia Gandhi, it being against the terms of its employment. Shazia also will never say anything in the electoral lingo of India against Sonia Gandhi. She can use all the adjectives against Narendra Modi, BJP or the Congress, but uttering a word against Sonia is prohibited by the terms of engagement. Arvind Kejriwal will never do so. Hence the attempt to create a mess whereby the AAP fields no candidate in Rae Bareli, which provides a face saving device to the party supremo Arvind Kejriwal. Shazia wants to operate from Delhi knowing the value of the national capital so as to remain in the news  to grab the television headlines on a daily basis. Kejriwal has been very avuncular to Rahul Gandhi, who is being challenged by his lieutenant (of Kejriwal), Kumar Vishwas from Amethi in UP. Vishwas seems to be perturbed, carrying on the burden of campaign all by himself. He has not received any support from Kejriwal, Sisodia, Profs.  Kumar or Yogendra Yadav. None of these AAP stalwarts has gone to Amethi so far to campaign in favour of Kumar or uttered a word against Rahul Gandhi. They have issued no appeal to the Amethi voters not to cast their vote in favour of Rahul Gandhi.

 It seems Kumar Vishwas was smart enough to nominate himself to contest against Rahul Gandhi, suspecting the party might not agree to his choice of the constituency as it has done in the case of Shazia Ilmi, denying her a ticket from Delhi. Now that Kumar Vishwas has marched ahead of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress, especially his mother Sonia Gandhi, and above all the International Controller of the strings of the puppet are all a worried lot. They don’t want Rahul to be defeated. Defeating Sheila Dixit is different from defeating Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi. Attacking Narendra Modi is the one point agenda for Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP. Congress is to be attacked in a very perfunctory manner, only to fool the masses by creating the illusion of being fair, honest or clean.

So long as the Indian voter is stupid enough to buy such words, machinations like creation of the AAP is good enough to stall a government to serve the economic interests of the controller of strings of the puppets. The Congress had served their interests well in the last 10 years but now stands totally exposed. Hence its proxy has to be crowned. Once it has played its role to the satisfaction of the Controller, it will be dumped, because thereafter Rahul Gandhi will be available to take over from the proxy. This plan can be successfully operationalised only by blocking the march of any nationalist government. Modi and his party are too much of a nationalist party and leader, who will end the economic exploitation and creeping economic colonization of India to the detriment of their interests.

Were that not the case, Arvind Kejriwal would have been in the thick of election campaign in UP & Bihar, which generally decide the Prime Minister of India. Kejriwal has no guts to visit these states or use the same harsh language against Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Lalu Yadav, Nitish Kumar or any other prominent non-BJP leader in these states. He can’t even utter a word against Karunanidhi or Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu.  He will do his best to avoid criticizing Rahul or Sonia till the very last day, but if he is compelled to do so he will perform the ritual without his heart being in it. All he can do is to tilt at windmills. He acts notorious in Gujarat only to remain in the media and good books of his masters. Since the average AAP worker does not understand these tricks, there is daily rumpus in the party, which is extensively covered by the TV channels. Kejriwal trying to seduce the TV anchor of  Aajtak TV channel has already gone viral on the You Tube. It is only the beginning. As the election gathers momentum, we will come to know more about the patrons and owners of the AAP. Till then the Boston Tea Party can collect donations and eat dinners costing 20000 or more rupees a plate- all to be paid indirectly by the aam aadmi of the aam aadmi party i.e, AAP, whose entire data under the name and style of Aadhaar has already been captured!

Meanwhile the Congress seems to have merged with the AAP or may be, has gotten the AAP merged in to it. An election slogan by a prominent Congress candidate reads: AAP  KA  APNA….. Readers can deduce for themselves the hidden message!

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