Kejriwal Threatens To Jail The Media

The AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) leader, Arvind Kejriwal has charged the media of airing paid news and held out a threat to send the whole media to jail if elected to rule India. This absurd comment has given him the desired publicity for free, blacking out all news about other main stream political parties like the Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). Besides these two parties, others have simply been elbowed out. All the TV channels are expressing severe displeasure against Kejriwal. So much so that even the BEA (Broadcasting Editors Association) too has condemned him for his irresponsible remarks. But the question is: does he deserve so much coverage for free? He is so happy at making fool of the whole journalist community, in particular the ever smiling, ever frowning television personalities charmed by their own faces on the screen all the time.He has used them all by stoking their lust for political power by inducting many of them in his newborn political party and making a select few of them candidates for the forthcoming parliament elections.Since the political class keeps the journalists in good humour they thought they would prove better politicians if they entered politics.It is such weak moments only for the devil to strike and the devil did strike indeed.A nobody was converted by the media into a new political party with stunning success in Delhi elections in December last year when it formed the government, which it could not run satisfactorily even for 49 days that it was in power.Now it is nursing the ambition of forming the government at the centre. However it has been so thoroughly exposed in these 80 days that the media had absolutely no screen to protect it from the social media. The TV channels, newspapers or editorials contributed by the sympathetic media in favour of the AAP and in particular its leader Arvind Kejriwal could not save him from the exposure by the social media, which exercises genuine independence of the press as well as the right to thought and expression.The media was compelled to follow suit. This has greatly irked the AAP fraternity and Kejriwal. His frustration with the uncooperative media has found an expression in the outburst to send to jail the whole media. Instead of apologizing to the media and the people, the AAP leaders have devoted themselves to defending their comments and arrogance. They have blamed the media and hold on to their statement that the media is sold out to the congress and the BJP and all it dishes out is paid news.Is it a case of as you sow so you reap? The media had played dirty with the democratic process in the country, the worst case was when a TV channel refused to telecast a scandal of buying members of parliament for the confidence vote by the Manmohan Singh government after doing a sting on it. The result was that the government not only survived but managed to get another term and the nation has suffered scams of historic proportions like the CWG, 2G, Coalgate, Adarsh, Augusta Westland copter deal and several others. Let us put the media-Kejriwal affair through the magnifying glass.
Kejriwal is being given undue publicity in the garb of attack on media. TV channels should mention it as a piece of news and close, otherwise he will give them another tantalizing bite. He might appear to be casual, but he does his home work well (after all he is an IITian).He has spoken from firsthand knowledge and experience of the corrupt media: (1) he himself is a creation of the fawning media; (2) he knows how unethical the media has been on Modi, BJP and even the community that these people address; (3) he has a team of the most depraved, biased and propagandist media persons in his team who had been fervent and feverish in attacking Modi, BJP and anybody speaking in the name of Indian culture, tradition or customs (Shazia Ilmi, Khetan and Ashutosh); (4) the inquiry Ashutosh and other AAP ( ill-)luminaries are asking should really proceed against these media persons for abusing the freedom & sanctity of the press. The journalists have no business to thrust their views on the public, incite hatred between different sections of the society in the name of religion or secularism or gender or region or language or corruption and act tendentious and jettison neutrality of the press. The press and TV channels are like the pulpit from where no unholy speech can be delivered. As the religious leaders are bound to confine themselves to the holy books, the media is duty bound to act only moral, ethical, fair, just, neutral, unbiased and samdarshi (uni-focal, to attempt a free translation of the word, which indeed is a holistic concept applicable equally to all the four organs of a democratic state). It is the most fundamental right of the people, as consumers, for free and unbiased news only. But the media persons have commercialized the profession in a manner worse than corruption in the legislature, executive, judiciary and academics. Many names have figured in the infamous Radia tapes. Such media has no moral right to frown upon anybody. Kejriwal is their creation and if he has outgrown his gown to threaten jailing the whole media, only the civil society has any right to condemn him, but the compromised section of the media has no such right really.

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