Enduring Happiness

Happiness is uplifting. One has to watch for his own moments of happiness. One has to look after his own emotional health. There are all kinds of wellness facilities for all kinds of illnesses in today’s advanced living but hardly any for emotional injuries that are inflicted on everyone from very early childhood. I am so happy for the last 15 days that I  feel like sharing my experience. My happiness was caused by the flowering of the mango tree in the park facing my balcony. There shouldn’t be anything so great about the flowering of a mango tree excepting that I have been waiting to witness the phenomenon for the last 7 flowering seasons! Every year I would watch out for the flowers on these trees during the season without sighting them. But this year was different. They showed up, tiny in size, needing use of my binoculars. They were initially green, as all of them certainly are so. I watched them grow in size. Now they have fully developed. They have turned golden in colour. They look so lovely, so enticing, so charming. They will slowly turn into tiny fruits, grow in size in due course and gain majestic size in due course. I also sighted a parrot on the tree. This new visitor surprised me- how do birds locate water, tree or fruit in locations never visited earlier? The next bird I am very keenly awaiting arrival is the Koel or the melody queen. Its sonorous voice has inspired vast folk literature, poetry, music, songs, metaphors, paintings etc.It will arrive before the flowers turn into fruits. The wafting fragrance of the flowers (baur in Hindi) will send her the necessary message and she will respond. Owners of mango orchids know the effect of the intoxicating fragrance of the mango flowers ( the word baurana has been derived from the baur on mango trees). Such is the healthy effect of happiness that comes everyone’s way every moment. Only those careful about their emotional health catch such moments as I have found. Who is otherwise happy in life these days? Life is full of everything excepting happiness these days. Highly educated, high net worth individuals, highly placed in jobs, high professionals and the genuinely high class of society are all unhappy. They don’t know the reason. It is because they have everything but time. They don’t have the time to find out the cause of their unhappiness, are not prepared to devote time to remedy it if they identify it and neglect their “emotional health”. In fact, the value of emotions has been lost in today’s competitive life style. Everybody is in constant 24×7 competition. Emotions connect, competition disconnects. For someone in a competitive mode, waiting full 7 seasons to see a mango tree flower is waste of time- even criminal waste of time. It night even be worse to watch and enjoy such an ordinary phenomenon for 15 days, feel happy and elated about flowering or parrot or koel. But I know the thrill, excitement, elation I have experienced at zero financial cost. A 15 days intercontinental holiday tour would have cost me more financially and not rewarding emotionally as the 15 days of enduring happiness I have been living with.

Who said the sky has evolved? Knowledge knows no full stops. We are enveloped in happiness as by the sky- the constant and yet the constantly changing tangible and yet the intangible phenomenon. No individual has any monopoly on the sky but nobody is denied the sky. So with happiness. Happiness is the constant nature of the unhappiness caused by the unstoppable change occurring. A search of the cardinal law behind this constant-inconstant is the key to the mystery of the happiness surrounding us and our share of it.

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