Modi In Top Gear

Election 2014 India. Narendra Modi increasing his lead over his rivals day by day. Congress has no match against him and is dependent on all other “secular” forces, meaning all anti-Hindu outfits indulging freely in spreading their religion under its overt and covert patronage. Hindus have no objection to other religions spreading their spiritual wisdom- it is the essence of Sanatan Dharma. But the Congress has given it a malicious twist for vote bank politics. They have inflicted untold social, cultural, economic, political and spiritual misery on a nation of peace loving people, who respect others and expect the others to do the same thing.Indulging in obnoxiously disgusting abuse of religion ad nauseam election after election by the self proclaimed secular forces led by the Congress has divided India more in just 67 years than the British could achieve in 200 years!They have stoked repeatedly communal violence, caste strife, regional conflicts, political rivalries, industrial disturbances, snapped supplies, impeded development, substituted rule of law by the rule of the jungle and have even started bullying the judiciary. They have actively promoted corruption. They have monopolized agriculture, trade, industry and almost every means of production and income. They control everything. They can’t be ignored, even if you despise to see them. They have grown arrogant, turned autocratic and conduct themselves as the Most Privileged MPs/MLAs and Netas (politicians) in the belief that there is nobody to challenge them, to de-throne them, to oust them. They think themselves the superman, treating others nothing more than insects. They got a rude shock in December last year when the ordinary voter in Delhi showed them the might of the vote and the power of the common man. Since then, they are shaking in uncertainty and fear of the electoral verdict this May 16.It is in this context that an ordinary man like Narendra Modi is giving them sleepless nights.
What is so remarkable about such an ordinary man? Nothing excepting what the Indian voter wants from its Prime Minister: honesty, character, resoluteness. The last ten years have witnessed corruption and lack of lawful governance. The sturdy organizational infrastructure for lawful governance in the country bequeathed by the British has been undermined by the incumbent government. The politicians still think the people don’t understand the methods of governance or the machinations of the corrupt. That is where they err. The old generation which has been witness to the success of the old communal exploitation or caste divide mechanism of the Congress is incapable of seeing the India that rejects their methods outright. It is a generational gap that the old politicians refuse to accept. It is Vaanprastha (retirement) time for them, but they refuse to vacate and make room for the youth to step in.The result is policy paralysis.The post Emergency born are now 35 plus, highly qualified, global citizens, capable of introducing change for the better. They are genuinely concerned and want to transform governance in the country to subserve the common good of the people without discrimination of caste, creed, community, region or gender.They have done it in their specific fields as professionals in India and abroad. They are financially sound. They have seen abundance in the country unlike us who had suffered situations like wheat imports under PL-480 to feed the hungry mouths. Modi has been particularly addressing this new generation, which has approved him for the highest job on the basis of his governance record in Gujarat.
Modi is being opposed by all those who are the beneficiaries of the status quo. But things have changed- Congress is going to be the biggest loser in this election. In Delhi election last year, the anti-Congress vote went to the newbie, which secured 28 seats. Its captain is openly asking for instability, an “unstable” government. He had given the people of Delhi a taste of his anarchy and unstable government. It would be too daunting for anybody to consider the wise Indian voter so immature as to secure a unstable government at the centre. The people have decided in favour of Modi. They know Modi is a changed man, the BJP is a changed party and the political environment is changed. The vilification campaign against Modi by overplaying something that happened more than 12 years ago and underplaying communal riots in Muzafarnagar as recently as 6 months ago has exposed these elements, who have successfully fooled the minorities so long. Their efforts to use the influence of the religious leaders as usual also appears to be ineffective. There lies the secret of Modi’s gains and frustrations of his opponents, within and outside his own party. What the Hindu-bashers were attacking so far was the BJP leadership, which was generally in the hands of the upper castes. Modi belongs to “other backward class” (OBC). A polity, a secular brigade, an anti-caste intellectual liberal minded modern society has consistently refused to acknowledge the perpetual social divide caused in post independence India by legalizing the social stratification in the name of reservation for government jobs.It was supposed to be a temporary measure to uplift the disadvantaged sections of the society. Congress converted it in to a convenient method to create loyal vote banks. It was bound to make others see the game and pay the Congress in its own coin. The emergence of the BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) was but a natural growth in the caste politics of the Congress, because tho beneficiaries understood the politics and asserted their vote power by first constituting a new political party and then forming a government. This development undercut the Congress, which would have been archived by now but for the life support granted to it by the BSP in the last 10 years. Even if the Congress managed to stitch a majority, it suffered the real loss in terms of no scion of the Gandhi-Nehru family becoming the PM in the past more than 25 years. Its loss this election will make it 30 long years. Unbiased political observers would show due prescience for evolving democratic trends in the next 20 years. My hunch is that the thinking of the ordinary people in India would be completely different from what it is today- they would think beyond caste and creed; they would think of living standards; they would fight for development. Modi has struck the right cord. The cry for development rises from across all religious denominations- it is not as if the poor and the marginalized among the Muslims and the Christians are better served either by their political leaders or religious leaders. They know the difference in the living standards, social standing and opportunities monopolized by the upper strata in these two communities. They know the reasons for their own backwardness. They want to break free of the choking grip of their religious lobbies, using them as vote banks they barter away every election for their own aggrandizement and treating them as slaves of the medieval times. The condition of the poor in these communities is as worse or better as in other communities, excepting where democracy has freed them of the fear of the religious and economic masters. The greatest gift of Gandhi is his exhortation to the people to become fearless. This was a message delivered to the awfully frightened people of India in the last century and Gandhi proved that it could win them freedom if they challenged their tormentor. The exploited in the two communities have been demanding such a freedom, which the Congress has been suppressing by promoting the interests of the lobbies controlling the poor in these communities in the name of minority concerns.The reservation granted to the Schedule castes and tribes among the Hindu community has been thwarted for the Muslim and Christian communities. It is these segments who see in Modi a ray of hope: they have rejected the communal appeals made in the name of secularism. They know that the Hindu society is very liberal. But the secularists led by Congress have been demanding and promising 3% reservation for the Muslims. Think for a moment the availability of same rights as for the Hindu SC/ST to the exploited in these 2 communities and the composition of the government will be different. It will change the composition of religious communities for ever. But will the upper caste among these 2 communities ever allow the lower castes to share equally the community wealth and other privileges? For that the composition of the government has to undergo change.At the moment it looks these people are going to favour Modi. This is in spite of the media, which is in the hands of the upper castes so far. They have exploited foreign media also to block Mod’s advance without much success, the Economist magazine becoming the latest journalistic buffoon of the century.
I consider trends more valuable than individuals. It is the job of historians to deliver the verdict whether the individual brought about the change or the change propped up the right kind of the individual at the right time. At this critical juncture of the country Narendra Modi has succeeded in winning the hearts of the masses and may be handed a powerful mandate to prove himself worthy of their trust. The American Congress is acting ridiculous by talking colonial rhetoric without even knowing simple facts about the country, misled by the likes of John Dayals and Katrina Swett. There has been an active lobby in America to ensure that relations between India and America always remain fragile. What has America achieved or lost due to such propagandists? Has it forgotten 9/11 so soon? Do these American lobbies believe that the CIA did not know where Osama was living while the whole world was made to suffer the consequences of a shadow counter insurgency operation led by America? The Americans will only harm their interests by indulging in silly interference in the Indian elections or mounting any absurd campaign against Narendra Modi or any other emerging Indian leader, who might not serve their diktats. The change is imminent. It would be in the interests of everyone to accept the reality and welcome it. A strong India is an example of strong democracy; a prosperous India is a sign of democratic dividends; a glorious India is proof of peaceful co-existence of all of us on planet Earth!

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