Journalistic Dishonesty Evenly Distributed Globally

It is almost 3 weeks since the TV channels have sqeezed out sense & sensibility from their coverage because of taking sides with parties they favour this election 2014. After all, it is business time for them as thousands of millions of rupees (US Dollars, UK Pound, Euro included)are being spent on using the power of misinformation and disinformation to win the election by hook or crook.I think the last century produced only one visionary writer who foresaw such use of the television which he has portrayed in the 1984. The 2008 global melt-down has levelled the field for journalists and their papers to have a fair competition with their Indian counterparts. I decided to check on the NYT (New York Times). It talks of “Hindu nationalist Party”, but does not specify if there is also any “Anti-Hindu Nationalist Party”. A careful examination gave away the fraud- it was filed by some Indian and published by the NYT. Should the NYT have allowed such a sponsored feature to go into print? It is highly unethical and most un-journalistic of it to have allowed it go get published in the such low grade pieces are published in my own country. We expect from foreign journalists a fair, objective and incisive contribution in matters intellectual. This piece , and similar such pieces elsewhere, are nothing more than abuse of soft power.
It is not as if the NYT alone has acted big brother with the Indian reader, but the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) has also betrayed similar streak by publishing something known to the people for long about one Robert Vadra, who is married to the daughter of Ms Sonia Gandhi. This piece again has been filed by an Indian. During this election time all kinds of journalists are busy cultivating wannabe MPs for taking favours in future or proving their nuisance value to get their piece of the meat when the prey is hunted (the prey is the citizen whose rights have been sacrificed at the altar of ubiquitous corruption).Neither is Vadra so overgrown nor his misdeeds are as big as the coal block allocation or commonwealth Games scam that a very highly esteemed international journal should have devoted so much space to its story.
These two examples are only to illustrate the point.There are any number of newspapers, journals and television channels that are in this business of journalism. Unfortunately in these times of scarce morality in public life, those devoted to intellectual vocations are also falling prey to the vices that afflicted religion limiting its influence in moulding human personality.The NYT or WSJ might pride in zealously guarding their market and influence, they fear social media. If the international media succumbs to the lure of money and influence and sacrifices truth, it will not survive for long. As it is the youngesters have no time to read newspapers, magazines or journals. Consequently sales are fast moving southwards and establishments are closing down. A few weeks back The Economist had committed similar mistake. Its thinning is indicative of its numbered days. From our experience I dare say that a society that is let down by its intellectuals soon suffers loss of its freedom and becomes a slave. Today the press and the media are already “slave” to the diktats of their owner masters. The so called editorial freedom is a piece of fiction. It is not sufficient to say SATYAMEV JAYATE or truth wins. There is more to it and that is more valuable. It is SATYAMEV PRATISTHATE or respect truth.
PS: The quotes are from the Mandukopinishad.Google for it if interested.

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