Experience Your God

Q. Is there a God?
A. No.
Q. Prove it.
A. I can’t prove it that there is no God.
Q. I say God is.
A. Prove it.
Q. Okay. Is God for ever?
A. I suppose so.
Q. Is God immortal?
A. That is what we have been conditioned to believe.
Q. Is He omnipresent?
A. That is what we have believed so far.
Q. Is He almighty?
A. Otherwise nobody would care for Him.
Q.Not even if He is the purest form of self-less love, epitome of all virtues and the superior most among all beings?
A. That is a matter of faith, which science has not yet proved.
Q. Can we prove that today?
A. Let us try.
Q. Look at it this way: that which is forever, immortal; which cannot be cut into pieces by a sword or any weapon in the hands of man; which cannot be burnt by fire; which cannot be dried by air; which cannot become wet by water or any other liquid; which is palpable but cannot be contained in a vessel of any size; which can be taken from it and emptied only in to it; which is with, above around us all the time; which is the visible as well as the invisible form of God; which I see and you refuse you see even as you too see Him as I do. God is the sky. He is too big for our eyes to see him in His complete form. Science has enhanced our capability to see million times more than a naked eye.Yet, we cannot see God because of the sheer enormity of His size. He is always with us and yet above us. We can put a part of the sky in to our cupped hands and put it back into the sky. The sky neither reduces in size nor does it increase. It is not affected by the stars as is our ocean or the movement of the planets. The sky is constant. It never changes. It is not in motion while the rest of the phenomenon we see is constantly in motion at varying velocity.The sky is witness to the cycle of life from birth to death, but never undergoes the cycle itself. It can neither be cut nor burnt nor drenched nor dried.Like God.It is physical manifestation of GOD Himself.

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