Not Minority But Scare-mongers Afraid Of Modi

Who is afraid of Narendra Modi? The scare mongers say the minority community is afraid of Modi. They are focussed on only one community, forgetting others. It is neither their love for the community nor concern for their safety but rabid political trade-off. Had it not been the community been a solid vote bank, all these political leaders would have left them to fend for themselves as they have done to other minority community. The minority among the minority community have been driven away from their habitats or states under the active connivance of these very same politicians.They don’t even remember how many such victims have come to suffer these inhuman atrocities in states like Jammu & Kashmir.Because of the social organisation of the religious minority communities, they continue to be swayed by their religious leaders. These leaders are in cahoots with politicians, who encourage them to live feudal in the name of religion and “govern” their flock. Democracy is a big threat to them. Politicians encouraging them to come out of the influence of such forces and participate in the democratic process like others are viewed as dangerous people. It is these worried people who don’t want to free their followers to actively participate in the democratic process. They fear Modi, who appeals to the ordinary hard working masses instantly with his sincerity. They communalize the atmosphere, knowing it well that second exchange of population is simply out of question. Those who live in India will live in India. It is better to forge fraternity among different communities and make India a strong, prosperous and great nation.
Besides political power that these politicians have enjoyed rather undeservedly for so long, they are minting money like never before. Take the classic case of Jammu & Kashmir- the Sheikh Abdulla family has ruled for the third generation. It fears Modi and threatens all kinds of silly consequences.The other beneficiary is the Nehru family, which is in the fifth generation. Like them Mulayam Singh, Lalu Yadav, Karunanidhi and several other politicians have usurped democratic power by rigging the voting process or sucking the gullible masses.They do fear Narendra Modi as he is bound to affect their style of politics.
Then there are criminals, who are a dread in their areas. Varanasi provides a glimpse.Rae Bareilli, Agra, Indore, Neemuch, Bombay, Dubai, London, New York- the travelling route of opium and other drugs is known to national and international agencies. Such trades need the services of hardened criminals. Earlier they were supporting political parties but now political parties support them.They are members of state assemblies and parliament. Some of them are charged with heinous crimes. But they win elections, applying their skills of gun running and other arms operations expertise, to rule the territory they call their own. Modi (or anybody professing clean government) holds a potential threat to their very survival and trade and hence they fear him. The terrorists fear him, without whose valuable contribution the arms manufacturers will starve and thousands of jobs will be lost. They fear Modi becoming Prime Minister of India. Modi threatens black money owners, but the whole parallel economy runs on black money. Where from the capital will come without black money hidden in India or abroad? The world might have suffered some meltdown in 2008 but it had hardly any effect on India, excepting reduction in exports (but India hardly exports manufactures; it is largely commodities or talent).
More than anything Modi is feared for not being corruptible. So long as one is corruptible, there is no reason to fear: only the price tag may be different. The problem arises when someone refuses to price-tag himself/herself.
Modi is the change that the masses want. Modi has got the approval from the common man- the man on the streets, the man who has been fooled, starved and humiliated.The fall to street urchins language by college principal of a well known institution in Bombay, an intellectual in Calcutta(Kolkata), politicians, media wedded to them, mercenaries, ISI Agents called sleeper cells, foreign trade or policy interests, international business groups and elements hostile to India betray their anxiety and fear about Modi. These elements know neither India nor Modi. They are thriving on the doles from foreign countries under the garb of charity. Some are basking in the reflected glory of Anna Hazare, having no luster of their own. For them, propaganda against Modi is the free publicity. They too fear Modi only because the money coming to NGOs (Non Government Organizations)is a windfall of unearned money, fame, awards, foreign junkets and influence (power really).
Rest of India fears neither Modi nor anybody else.We are a nation of skilled people who love to earn their bread and butter through hard work. We are feared by those who try to interrupt it or impede it. Modi is one of us. If he slips, we have the option to replace him. But scare mongers have no business to create fear of Modi. Let them note that Modi shall unite, integrate and strengthen India; pull it out of the doldrums into which it has been thrown in the past 10 years;retrieve its honour and dignity which has been compromised by forces inimical to India through the operation of diarchy- an extra-constitutional mechanism. If Modi comes to power, nobody shall dare again to belittle Indian democracy so much. The Indian Prime Minister is not a titular head of government, whose executive authority can be exercised by any Tom, Dick or Harry or their combination.
Indian election 2014 calls for in depth analysis by political psychologists!

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