India Elects & Delivers Stable Government

India has truly arrived in this election 2014. It is India that has voted this time. It is India that has delivered to itself a strong leadership and a stable government. It is the India that divisive and fissiparous forces in politics never allowed to unify and integrate the nation. They sold a divided view of India–divided into communities (majority  or minority) or caste. They are known to have perfected the British policy of “Divide & Rule”.  India across castes,  communities, gender, region, language or any other such consideration has elected after decades its national government. And this is a very big achievement. This is a crushing defeat of  anti-national, anti-people forces. Narendra Modi has achieved what I have written in my post under the caption ” Modi’s Biggest Achievement” on this website and the people have approved the kind of leader I have portrayed in this post. It is India’s victory. It is India. It is the India of the knowledge society. It is the unified and integrated country. It is the people’s freedom from the strangulating grip of ugly vote bank politics that has kept them subservient to political contractors & traders, who used them as fodder for civil tensions in the country, all these years. Their trust has to be maintained and made an example of  a great nation like India.


A great responsibility has descended on the shoulders of Narendra Modi. He has only 60 months, but he has to show results in a few weeks to start with. It is possible if he can restore public trust in the Rule of Law, which has suffered terribly at the hands of the corrupt UPA-I & II in the last ten years. Once the administration starts running as per the law and is seen to be so working, other things will soon fall in line.  The rich pool of honest public servants should be given the responsibility. The Manmohan Singh government had handed over administration to known corrupt fellows who were loyal to extra constitutional authorities rather than lawful authorities.


The senior leaders of the BJP ought to realize that India has conducted a unique  direct election of the Prime Minister of India, like the US President, this time and show grace in making a success of this victory of the people of India. Any attempts to harm the leader or his government will invite furious public wrath. People are watching them because of their utterances today. Any faint praise of Narendra Modi will amount to faint praise of the people of India, civil leer and sneer as also teaching others to do the same. In this moment of great hope they have dejected the nation.


Congratulations Mr. Prime Minister,  Shri Narendra Modi ! The nation looks to you for deliverance from oppression and misery perpetrated on them in the last 10 years by the wicked politicians. It is a standing humiliation of this great nation that corruption of the UPA government has made even the most ordinary staple diet of the poor a luxury by raising the prices of common edible salt to Rs 24 a kilo !  You know it first hand how the poor survive on dry roti and salt. Salt is India’s most powerful symbol of national movement. You have to change this blood sucking of the common man. Prove your commitment to the promises made and you will find the people following you.


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