Modi Need Not Be Thatcher, Reagan, Deng Xiaoping

A change is no change unless it compels thinkers from all walks of life to review it and comment. It is the same with a good poem, painting, novel or film. It must make people spare a moment to think about it and give their opinion. The Indian election 2014 is one such event that has caused a change of great historic value by voting Narendra Modi to the position of the Prime Minister. It has happened in spite of all efforts made to “stop” Modi. The domestic as well as foreign forces were at it round the clock to see that Modi did not succeed in his bid to become the Prime Minister. The results are before all of us. When nothing succeeds like success the cleverest are quick to change sides. Before Modi is sworn as the next PM, many of his opponents have offered their wise counsel on formation of the cabinet, portfolios to individuals and agenda priorities. Everybody has spoken excepting Modi. As his plank is development and growth, he is being compared with Ms Thatcher of UK, Ronalds Reagan of USA and Deng Xiaoping of China and many more. Let me put it straight- Modi is his own model. Modi draws from the rich Indian economic (basically socio-economic) tradition.

On face of it India looks a difficult to rule complex country with so much of diversity ranging from weather to culture. But there is one thing in which one would find India strongly united: it is economic activity. In fact, the so called caste system of India is a superb example of this well knit economic activity. If a giant corporation can operate on the Japanese model of a “family”, Indian model offers the whole country as a single giant corporation integrated on the basis of allocation of all economic activity from  production, services, marketing, research, development and newer growth avenues. Largely in this model monopolies are discouraged and opportunities are created for as many hands to work as possibly can. With a very well developed industrial infrastructure and a large managerial pool, Modi will find it comfortable to chart his own course of development largely because of this integration of all segments of society on issues concerning economic or business activity or development. Whosoever has the skills and is willing to work, does get work and not denied it because of any tag of diversity or complexity. This only those in business know. The highly skilled worker is called “kaarigar” and is better paid and treated respectfully. It is only politicians who pick up foul words from the global political sewerage who try to disturb and disrupt production facilities or businesses. More than Modi, his team will be on test. They have to prove that real socialism is economic well being rather than doling out subsidies. If people have opportunities for work or upgrading skills, they will grab them. The Indian masses are fast to adapt useful and sustainable change of any kind- economic, technological, political, social or cultural. Isn’t the growing number of mobile phone users no indication? Yes, it is. But for these mobiles, India would have not changed so much so fast in the last 15 years; but for the change and empowerment of the masses on such a large scale it would not have been possible for a Modi to cross all the hurdle and break  all barriers to his ascension to the throne.

Modi has promised the people “less government & more governance”. It will not be a very smooth course, for systems and institutions have suffered serious injuries which will take time to heal if treated by experts. I would consider this change significant if it helps achieve these goals:

1. If ethics of governance is inspired by the Father of the Nation treating the Cabinet as Trustees of the Power of the People;

2. Revenue collection goes up and tax rates go down;

3. Citizens don’t have to pay public servants for services remunerated by the state;

4. Citizens are protected from daylight robberies by land sharks, real estate builders, stock markets, financial frauds, supplies of  goods & services manipulators;

5. Access to education and employment is not denied to anybody for any reason, even if intake capacity has to be increase.


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