Narendra Modi Sworn In Prime Minister Of India

A turning point in democratic India’s long life. A historic moment. More than anything else the beginning of an era of hope. Unless one suffers first hand daily oppression by corruption and the misery of the masses due to it, one would never know what was it like for the more than 95% population of this economically poor but culturally rich country. The fact of it being rich culturally has made its people suffer the atrocities of the crooked masquerading as people’s representative so far. India has been reduced by such forces to a mere semblance of democracy. Even monarchy would turn pale at the kind of oppression inflicted on the trusting cultured people of India. But even the nastiest of dictatorships would feel insignificant in comparison to the mosel of democracy developed by the forces of evil in India. They had introduced and strengthened a system of rule of political masters from the national to the village level, outside the constitutional scheme of things. Consequently we have ministers in charge of different districts, members of legislative assemblies (MLA) in charge of the territorial geography of their constituency and party office bearers at village panchayat, municipality, district, state and national level. What does it mean?

It means that no administrative function as mandated by law can be performed without the unofficial approval of these levels. Example this: a young girl is abducted and gang raped. The victim approaches the police. The police refuse to register the first information report (FIR), which can start proceedings to bring the perpetrators to justice. People don’t get supply of municipal drinking water because it is diverted for illegal sale to other localities but the office concerned refuses to take the complaint or action as required under the law. In a hospital, a driver gives stitches because the doctor is running his/her private clinic at another place, but the authorities treat it lightly. Schools are run not by the government appointed teachers but those engaged for a pittance of wages by the teacher concerned, but it is okay with the authorities. Food for the poor is distributed to them on paper but generally sold in the market and tens of thousands of millions of rupees are pocked by those authorities who are under oath of office to be fair, just and honest. For such large scale operations, engagement of service providers and handlers of huge amounts of money are needed. There are highly skilled (if I may say so.), effective , clever, intelligent and bold people fulfilling these requirements. They are the agents of corruption. They facilitate these operations. They are organized, networked and globally mobile. What the foreign policy of many advanced countries does to the governments of developing countries, these people can do much better. They are capable of disturbing government formation, disruption of government policies and dislocating critical functionaries of the government. People of India were sick of them. People of India were desperate to throw them out. They have done that. They have entrusted the responsibility of the government of India to Narendra Modi in the hope to see better days. 

Narendra Modi has so far given ample proof of his commitment, capability and capacity. This time he has promised to prove his potential to serve the whole country (contrasted to his limited service to the Indian State of Gujarat). We trust him. The nation has reposed faith in him. He will get solid support of the people for a honest people friendly government. It is possible to achieve these targets, which will look like small goals in 2019. It can happen at less than 30% of the cost of the budgets of the past ten years, BECAUSE it is sincerely hoped that the government will be determined to function honestly. It is hoped that it will have zero tolerance for corruption. There is no dearth of talent or honest knowledge workers in the government to deliver good governance to the people. 

We hope that we will be doubly happy to vote Narendra Modi again in 2019 for the office of the PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. Sarve bhavante sukhina, sarve sant niramaya…

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