Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Security Must Be Foolproof

I am no security expert. So what I am writing is as a public affairs commentator who has been keenly watching important world developments. The trigger for this piece comes from my internal promptings which tell me to write what I consider relevant. Today Red Alert has been sounded for Delhi and Mumbai, prompted by developments in Iraq. It will be a damn security lapse to think that it is Delhi or Mumbai, the two big cities, that are on the terrorists’s radar. The terrorists have successfully targeted the highest executive authorities globally. They attacked unabated President Bush, contributed to Obama victory in the process, started gunning for Obama after he ordered assassination of Osama Bin Laden living as a protected guest of the Pakistan’s ISI in the Cantonment in Pakistan. They targeted Tony Blair. Their Indian target is Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, whose victory in the recently held elections has dejected international terror outfits and their Indian partners. Modi does not represent Narendra Damodarbhai Modi alone. It is much more for them and it is that which is on their radar. The known terrorists are just one group that is determined to harm all prominent leaders in India but also obliterate India itself so as to establish a kind of religious fundamentalist state as some of them are trying to do in Iraq these days, but there are many hidden operatives too.

Threat to Narendra Modi comes equally from elements in India. All humane qualities are considered weaknesses by extremist elements, who generally operate on extremely low intellectual assets but unbelievable cruelty. They are barbaric in treatment of whosoever suffers their dominance. More than 1700 people have been butchered in Iraq, more than 200 school girls kidnapped in Nigeria, hundreds of children, elderly and women massacred in strife torn conflict zones, human bombs exploded just at will anywhere in the world- their achievements (?) are a ghastly list. They have given a call for jehad in Kashmir. Pakistan has been trying to push terrorists in Kashmir across the LOC for months. 40 Indian workers are in captivity with ISIS operatives in Iraq, whose release the government of India is trying. America has learnt its bitter lessons in the war on terror. It has lost the will to confront them militarily. The NATO is more than diffident. They don’t know what to do and how to go about it. As open societies both European countries as well as the USA are under threat of the terrorists, who are determined to obliterate them. There is no doubt about the economic costs imposed on both of them by the terrorists. Neither America nor Europe can afford to continue any longer paying such costs. However, there is one redeeming feature in their case: they are united in religion (largely) and foreign economic policy goals against all kinds of threats from any enemy country or terrorist group. They are militarily superior and their short term defeats at the hands of the terrorists should not be mistaken as their weakness in comparison to the terrorists. They will take their own time but will have to use all their military prowess to completely eliminate terrorists. That advantage is not available to India. It is in this kind of a scenario that the need to make the security of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, absolutely foolproof emanates. Narendra Modi represents resurgent India, even resurgent Hindutva for some, and the biggest hurdle by ISI of Pakistan to actualizing  its dream of capturing Kashmir first and rest of India later in collusion with the terrorist of the ISIS type. The network of these organizations is very strong the world over and their Fidayeen or human bombs or Rajakaars (volunteers) are present in all places in the world. These people are well versed in the local language and topography and government organization and hence possess superior capabilities to execute their designs with comparative ease. Narendra Modi’s foreign visits will expose him to threats from these elements.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi should promote “Namastey” or “Namaskar” in place of handshaking, as is usual in international arena. But use of chemical weapons is also in use in international arena. Anthrax had created worldwide dread a decade ago. Only the governments possessing chemical and biological weapons know what is dangerous and what is  the potency of the weapon. The Namastey is a diplomatic device, which has to be popularized internationally. India had suffered the silent murder of Lal Bahadur Shashtri, one of its Prime Minister,  in Tashkent, because he subdued Pakistan in a fiercely fought war in 1965. Terrorists from that region are leading the ISIS campaign. Narendra Modi is a victor of the same kind. The dangers should better be anticipated, assessed and evaluated by the security agencies rather than in any blog post. World leaders have been eliminated from remote places by sharp shooters. Today’s weapons are highly sophisticated and can be precise to a point in hitting the target successfully. Security agencies have to have a detailed list of all such weapons. Mere small weapons or trained hands alone will not be able to meet the requirements in moments of critical need. Indira Gandhi’s shooters could not be neutralized before they had pumped 26 bullets in her frail frame! Can the country rely upon such security for the safety of its beloved Prime Minister? Do they have any answer to laser attack? They have to think of the most unthinkable, as barbarity is no Indian DNA. History is proof that the barbaric had succeeded in enslavement of India and ruled for thousands of years. The ISIS is a grim reminder of the past and the challenge demands superior response.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to be his own security planner and manager. He has to acknowledge the fact that now he is 121 crore Indians. He has to understand that his safety is synonymous with the safety, security and sovereignty of India. He has not yet started what he is chosen to do. Therefore, he has to ensure that he serves India not only for the next five years but much more than that. For this, his security is the first consideration. He has also to acknowledge that he is the target of all political rivals and hate groups, religious fundamentalists busy in subversive socio-religious activities, cultural and business agents of foreign interest groups, terrorist outfits, his friends-turned-foes and several others. As he achieves success in delivering good governance to the people of India, he will go on antagonizing the elements who had reaped benefits from bad governments for so many decades. For change to stabilize, this government has to function successfully for the next 59 months.

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