The Creation & The Void

One widely discoursed topic among the enlightened is the conflict in life. People get easily perplexed by seeming duality, such as in pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness, this life and the other life. There should really be no worry about such seemingly opposite realities. They are one and the same thing. Whatever seems contrasting is really due to it being “regulated”. We live in a “created” world, as opposed to the “void” beyond it.  There in space exists the possibility of more creation. The use of the space in this manner is suggestive of highly advanced scientific design and its execution. Who occupies which part of the space or how much space it can occupy  has been worked out to precision. Some controller or regulator of the designed creation has to be there because without it it can’t come into existence nor work. It is endowed with uniformity as well as multiplicity of design and output.


There apparently is no conflict or contrast in the void. All that is called conflict and contrast is in existence on the Earth only (may be at other similar islands in space). Think for a moment life on earth without day and night, but as uniform as the void.  How will life look like in such a case? From the void there is neither night nor day as the light is continuously emanating from its source and but for the revolution of the islands it will look the same. But then life will no more be as enjoyable as it is with all these conflicts, contrasts and complexities. For an orderly regulation of life on the planet Earth, it is essential to have these conflicts and struggles. The sheer mind boggling enormity of all forms of life in animal, plant and other kingdoms and the seasons, climates, weather etc on earth and the effect of the void as also the interplanetary influences on life on earth- all indicate the regulatory mechanism due to which we experience conflicts in life.


Society globally has invested millennia  in trying to unravel the mystery of creation. One stream of thought has invented heaven and hell whereas another has propounded the theory of evolution. Modern space odyssey attempts to travel physically and experience the void or space and its islands. Human dream of colonizing the space is creating extreme ecstasy. Will it lead to total happiness? Leaving the created space, created especially for us in the company of  all living and non-living forms, for creating its duplicate in the space beyond mother Earth,  though exciting looks futile in comparison. For the enlightened mind it is not difficult to reach the uniformity regulating this apparent multiplicity. It is like the birth of a mango tree from a single seed giving birth to hundreds of mango fruits, leaves, branches, only to turn back into dust in due course. That transformation is not taking place in the void. It is happening in the specially created zones like the planet Earth.


That which is the most valuable thing in life is the development of the individual to enable him/her to understand the simplicity woven in this seemingly complex tapestry. For this to occur, education, skills and economic independence play contributory role. There is direct co-relation between these factors and all the conflicts in life. Neither hell nor heaven have been created by the Creator to accommodate the edicts of the religious bureaucracy, who have turned fear into trading, bringing them windfall profits. They think there is all the space in the multiverse for them to encroach upon for free to construct their heaven and hell. Their creation of heaven and hell, sin and good deeds, the cycle of Karma etc. are all meant to instill fear in human mind so that they approach them to absolve themselves of the offence and consequent punishment that follows it  for a price. The real punishment or, to be neutral, is only the cause and effect cycle in life here itself. Once an individual makes his choice to act, behave or live a particular way, he agrees to its consequences. If someone chooses to smoke pot, he has consciously chosen to suffer its ill effects. We all enjoy life our own chosen way. Those curious to understand creation, enjoy it differently than those who think there is no life again after spending the average life span of 100 years. It entails a well thought out choice to make between good and bad, because the options are always available; one can smoke himself out or keep the body, mind and soul healthy.

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