Pakistan’s Low Intensity War & Modi’s Non-Violent Victory

I had earlier posted on this blog my views on the need for fool-proof security for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has deadly enemies in India and abroad, his own political organisation being no exception. Narendra Modi is on the radar of many foreign countries, who would prefer a weak government in position rather than a strong government, decisively voted by the majority of the Indian people and headed by a genuinely strong leader. But first the shock delivered to Pakistan, especially the ISI of Pakistan army. It is no secret that Pakistan is not a full democracy. It is a partial democracy, with full democratic exterior but under tight control of the military. The history of Pakistan post independence is the history of marshal law, not democracy. In order to justify marshal law, the army needed a subterfuge and what could be a better subterfuge than Kashmir. Unethically aided by super powers for their own geo political interests, and a sentiment of  inexperienced political leadership of Jawahar Lal Nehru following the motto “Truth Wins”, Pakistan has raised an imaginary dispute about merger of Kashmir with  the Union of India. For the sake of those who have no intimate knowledge of the historical facts of the period, under the transfer of powers arrangement it was the sole discretion of the Princely Ruler of the state concerned who was given the full freedom to exercise the right to merge or not merge with the country. Some rulers (called Maharaja or Nawab, had delusions of remaining independent, the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Maharaja of Kashmir being two such rulers. Nothing more could vouch for their narrow thinking because of which they failed to comprehend the political change in the country. For these old rulers, freedom was an alien word for themselves and their people, whom they called  praja or raiyat.  But then, the high moral standards of the freedom movement leaders didn’t want to thrust their decisions on those unwilling. Instead they were given the liberty to think freely, even as they resented freedom for their own people.  It was this phase of indecisiveness of the Maharaja of Kashmir that prompted Pakistan to invade Kashmir in breach of all standards of international ethics between neighbours. Besides, India and Pakistan were  simply a single nation till August 15, 1947. Had the British not played dangerous politics of divide to rule, India would have been one nation (with no separate Pakistan). But the British for the first time thought expedient and the consequences are the growth of terrorism in the world. The Maharaja of Kashmir came to his senses somewhat late, but realized the value of signing the instrument of accession to India. It was not difficult for India to punish Pakistan for its misadventure in Kaskmir militarily, but Nehru, the Indian Prime Minister, trusted ethics more than real politics. Incidentally he was a Kashmir origin person himself and in his desire to sound absolute objective agreed for the matter to be referred to the UNO. Has the UNO solved any such territorial dispute in its entire life? Taking advantage of the weakness of the UN System, Pakistan has indulged in military misadventures in Kaskmir more than once and has been punished for it. The last time it was broken into two in 1971 when Bangladesh was born. Thereafter it has mounted a low intensity war against India with tremendous success.

The demographic advantage that Pakistan enjoys in India is unparalled. India is a secular country. More than 250 million Muslims constitute its population. They are in all levels of official and business positions, as against the condition of non=muslims in Pakistan. Pakistan is the self appointed jehadi state, speaking for all the muslims of the world. Its military rulers have succeeded in befriending America, China and Russia with equal ease. It has succeeded in carving closer relations with these countries than India. It was able to exploit Khalistan movement by supplying arms and ammunition and funding the movement in Punjab. It trained Khalistan insurgents. The  Indian authorities, especially the intelligence agencies failed to comprehend its designs on India.  Due to negligence on their part the situation in Punjab went out of hand to  invite operation blue star. While Pakistani designs were ruined in Punjab, it gave a tremendous boost to the Pakistani war on India at a very low cost. The success of its operation in Punjab encouraged it to employ Indians against India at almost no cost to continue the war against India. In the process it has created hundreds of “sleeper cells” in almost all important cities of India. They carry out at its behest bomb blasts. It keeps Kashmir boiling. It has been bleeding India on a daily basis. Hafiz Saeed is just one manifestation of the wide spread Pakistani terror cells network in India. It has successfully trapped intellectuals, progressive forces, secular minded civil society members, lawyers, journalists, doctors, engineers, defence personnel, airport employees, politicians and businessmen. There is just one category that it seems to have spared, that is women, excepting one or two young college girls its cadres kept for their personal pleasure against the diktats of their handlers. There is no doubt that in bleeding India on a daily basis the ISI of Pakistan has excelled. It had almost finished almost all kinds of political ventures excepting the Congress. It supported Congress as it has been able to handle the party to its advantage operating through its agents under the garb of secularism. When the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) won a few states, it lent full support to a newbie called the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) because it was launched in Delhi. Delhi is the strongest ISI operations headquarter, since it represents the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb or the secular culture of India. It achieved stunning success in the very first attempt by trouncing both the Congress and the BJP and forming the government even without a clear majority in the Assembly. The ISI thought, and not without reason, that it could replicate the model at the union government level. Had it been able to achieve its objective, India wouls have split, to avenge the breaking of Pakistan in 1971 (Pakistan & Bangladesh). That would have been the culmination of the low intensity war, resulting in its victory. It went into day dreaming! Thinking that the Indians are divided, foolish, unable to rule themselves, without ruling temperament or all such things which its cadres also came to firmly believe, made them drop their guard. After the forty years of relentless efforts of the low intensity war on India, Pakistan licked defeat at the hands of a man called Narendra Modi, who scored the victory in just 40 months against Pakistan’ forty years!

Narendra Modi’s astounding victory stunned not only his own party stalwarts but the Congress and Pakistan. It was the biggest defeat the Pakistan ISI ever suffered at a cost lower than its own low cost war on India. It traumatised it so awfully that it took several weeks to recover from it. The visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif caused added  gloom for the army. India and Pakistan seemed to be coming closer, to the strong dislike of the Pak military. The Pakistani people are des[perate to break the chains to their freedom that are overtly and coverty round their necks all the time. Like Narendra Modi, Nawaz Sharif poses a threat to the military rule. If democracy comes to Pakistan, can the army officers maintain their feudal life style any longer? Poverty can’t be removed by simply usherin in democracy, they seem to argue. So what is the harm in continuing the marchal law, moderated by occasional flashes of democracy? But they can’t forget their enemy number one- India. So the ISI re-activated its agents in India. The old rhetoric of peace dialogue or track-ii diplomacy was initiated. Cadres were chastised. They pulled up their moles in the earlier ruling establishment, some of whom lambasted poor Rahul Gandhi for the defeat (loss of power). Many called him what has been aimed at Indians in general as mentioned in the foregoing. He was exclusively blamed for the defeat and charged with incompetence and incapability to rule and demand for change of leadership in the Congress party became louder. The party had to appoint the Antony Committee to examine the demand, but recommended no change as expected. So the other plans were put into operation. The visit of an Indian delegation to Pakistan, and someone  calling on Hafiz Saeed was only to send the coded message to the cadres to come out of their melancholia, stupor and inertia as Hafiz Saeed and the ISI  were  desperate for action. In India it is time for festivals. The JuD, LeT and various outfits have successfully (???) carried out acts of terror and bomb blasts during Diwali (the festival of Lights) and other festivals. The much publicised meeting of a non-active journalist (description by Mr Arnab Goswami of Times Now TV Channel) meeting Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan where nobody is allowed to go and on whom the USA has announced a bounty of 10 million US $ was meant to convey the message to the cadres. Pakistan played successfully once again on the weakness of the Indian Intelligence Agencies and the media to get the message disseminated for free for days without a break. Since all its operators are not educated people who can read newspapers, the visual media played what it had sought to play for them. The absurd debates about secularism and communalism have been revived, with the media actively participating.

The target this time is Modi, Narendra Modi and only Modi alone and not the people of India,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi  will remain on the ISI radar 24×7 and it will strike at the first opportunity available.  The Security Establishment hardly inspires confidence about the security of the Prime Minister, what with its complete ignorance of a journalist being handled by the ISI so well and making Hafiz Saeed and his operations the centrepoint of news and views in India and abroad and making Kashmir an issue of political debate in the world once again. Similarly our mission in Pakistan has proved ineffective. Compare the demographic advantage that Pakistan enjoys in India and our own disadvantage our mission is proud of.  We have not yet been able to develop tools of better intelligence gathering. We waste our time and energy in talking silly about Hamas-Israel conflict, without learning a single lesson from Israel crossing the obstacles of demographic disadvantage worse than us in the territory. Same illogical sentimentality, same superficiality in developing global geo-political scenario, same tendency of making light of very serious issues, which has been the bane of India for centuries. All the political elements disrupting parliament on the issue were absent when Kashmiri Pundits were driven away from Kashmir. Kashmir was, is and shall always remain an integral part of India. Let Pakistan understand that its old game is now over. Narendra Modi is different. Leadership to emerge in the decades ahead will be different. They should not dream of Congress rule in India for ever or a Jawaharlal Nehru being in  position or an Atal Behari Vajpayee extending courtesies to them for ever to accommodate them happily. If they refuse to change now India will not hesitate to invite a Narendra Modi to deal with them. It is in their own interest to end this absurd war. Instead it should acknowledge the value of peace and peaceful co-existence. War between us benefits only the weapon industry of the developed countries. Our people want peace and prosperity. We are capable of providing that to them. Let us forget war. Let us opt for peace.

I am enjoying Pakistani serials on TV these days. The Fauzi (military) must take the polite nudge in the understatement of the dialogue writer and delivering actors. They are all sick of marshal law democracy and its fauzi culture. They have great potential. Thia class of playwrights is far superior to the outdated journalists quck to ridicule themselves to prove that ignorance is bliss. Mass media has exposed the weaknesses of the regular media, and therefore, nobody bothers for such type of  journalists these days.

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