America Mutes All Anti-American Propagandists

American intervention in Korea or Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq or in other parts of the world had its critics rush to target it in the most unsavory terms. That could be justified on ideological grounds  during the cold war. There was need for justification for intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. It divided global opinion; some convinced of such action after the insane 9/11 incident, others criticizing it as a mask to indulge in unrestrained military action without lawful sanction as the United Nations had not authorized America to do that. Even the American public opinion did not entirely support the government. The count of American body bags hardly could be justified. Similarly the meltdown of the economy could not be welcomed. America had been routinely riled for behaving like the world’s “policeman”. But the hard reality is that America is the only policeman of the world today and is needed by the world. But for America democracy everywhere in the world would be threatened like it is in Pakistan or in many other countries. America has played the leadership role in world affairs after the II-WW and till date. There does not appear any other super power/power in the world to discharge that role. Were it not so the ISIS would have been wiped out long before it has perpetrated barbaric acts against all humanity for so long unchecked. While the uncivilized massacres of innocent Assyrian Christians, Turkman Shias, Shabak Shias, Yazidis, Kakai and Sabean Mandaeans, Arabs and Sunni Muslims opposed to ISIS and inhumanity that neither the Devil nor God permits of beheading American journalists, United Nations relief workers, foreigners in Iraq continued for months, all voices thriving on anti-American rhetoric fell silent. Even the most vocal international organizations working for human rights or global peace were muted, for they dreaded the ISIS more than followed their human conscience. Can the barbarity and savagery of organizations like the ISIS be allowed to go on unchallenged even for a day? The world has to sit up and take notice, as what is under threat is the very survival of all human values, civilization and culture. Such challenges are not for one country to face but for the entire human society as one single entity.

The world owes it to America that it has at long last accepted the role of the world leader for democracy, human rights, peace and security globally. America has been hesitant, cautious and careful before getting into limited intervention. The threat from the ISIS got somewhat reduced. It resorted to beheading journalists in the most chilling manner and video-graphing the barbaric act and uploading it on social media sites. The ISIS imagines it will frighten the Americans by such nefarious acts- they are inviting solid reprisal. It will not take long for America to decimate any such barbaric organization, but before it launches into that act, others must offer to ally with it. ISIS is not the problem of America; it is the problem of the whole world. The roots of such savagery lie in the misinterpretation of religious precepts- it is not simply fundamentalism or extremism or dogmatism even though it might sound like one of them. It is the nature of human society. Earlier it was the turn of other religions in the previous three centuries and now it is the types of the ISIS and Al Qaeda in the 21st century. It looks like the power of Nature is silently active. There is no chance of the world being thrust into the WW-III. But can peace prevail for ever? No, that is not in the nature of Nature, for change is the essence of Nature. So unless the world gets a shake up of the kind that world wars give, there can not be any more evolution. The human society is guilty of disturbing, disrupting and destroying the scientific balance of Nature by its excessive intrusion, interference and insensibility in polluting the environment and rupturing the outer space too. ISIS are to socio-political order what pestilence is to populations. Nobody can make an ISIS or Al Qaeda sensible or reasonable. You can’t reason with such elements. Nature has cast them in that neurotic mold with some purpose.The ISIS is bound to cause more serious problems for world peace and security. It will gain steam from the Saudi Arabian attempts to close down the holy shrines in Mecca and Madina or removing the remains of the Prophet to some undisclosed location according to media reports. If it ever happens, the world will see greater turmoil than the world war. The world’a atomic arsenal are bound to find ready use in that kind of a situation and the consequences can well be anticipated. The human society will suffer but survive as it had done on several occasions so far.

India has experienced such upheavals in the past. A aggressor by the name of  Nadir Shah continued to massacre the masses in Delhi for three days before the then Mughal ruler offered him his entire treasury in lieu of peace! The British rulers in India mounted no lesser atrocities on the masses. The worst has been the proxy war of the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) Agency of Pakistan Army, using terrorists like the Al Qaeda, JuD, LeT etc going on for several decades now and which had been avuncularly ignored by America and other super-powers until the 9/11 hurt them so rudely. The world has not yet recovered from that incident and its after effects till date. It is worse than the nuclear bombing of Japan in WW-II by America. The economy of America and Europe has never recovered fully from the after effects of 9/11, whereas the ISIS has proved itself the next cause of worry, rather greater worry than 9/11. It is no more “ethnic” cleansing or localized problem of one country. It is a real threat to world peace and security: whether the human society lives in an open liberal democratic form of government or a savage theocratic form of the government prescribed by the ISIS. The ISIS does not favor “peace or peaceful co-existence”. It rejects outright every single tenet of democracy or modernity. It lives to see the whole world “Islamic”. Bur that is not the nature of Nature. So unless the root cause of this barbarity is finished, hope for world peace remains elusive. The world is going to suffer more barbarity. The ISIS cadres are trained modern war veterans, unlike their medieval predecessors, and also know the handling of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. They are trying to get hold of these weapons. They might get help from the ISI of Pakistan. They could have come to possess these weapons had they succeeded in capturing the entire resources of Iraq. But for the American intervention at the right time, they were going to succeed in their demonic mission. That America has effectively checked their march is laudable. This should not be allowed to be used as a tool of American foreign policy to derive other narrow benefits excepting world peace and security, human survival, civilized society and culture. If these are assured, democracy survives; otherwise the ISIS lives.

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