The “Class” & Delhi’s Media Elite Watches PM Mr Narendra Modi

Delhi’s elite, media barons, journalist intellectuals, news & views Moguls and remote controls of government in Lutyens’ Delhi, who have been pink slipped so suddenly by Narendra Modi, are unable to come to terms with the change in the political climate in the country. They started with mocking, ridiculing and outright vilifying Modi ever since he emerged as the serious contender for the top job in the country. It might be somewhat difficult for foreigners to India and even Delhi to fathom out as to the reason for such a sustained anti-Modi campaign. Rest of Indians find themselves as foreign to Delhi as foreigners find India foreign to themselves. The reasons for the sustained anti-Modi campaign lie buried deep in this foreigner entity of Delhi to the rest of India because it is only the “class/elite” of Delhi who understand it and manipulate it. They have been intolerant to new entrants, in all walks of life, whether administrative, executive, political, economic, financial, social, judicial, cultural or (print/electronic) journalism. They have shown the same contempt to everyone. They have always placed themselves high above, claiming to belong to the “class”. This claim they make openly with ease in and outside India, even while speaking into the TV cameras. Wonderful class of people, who discriminate against others on the basis of Class, which is not defined by them but left to the imagination of the person or group of persons they consider beneath their class. The Indian Constitution had outlawed discrimination on the basis of class, caste, origin, gender, language or religion; but such niceties are for others like PM Mr. Narendra Modi to observe and not for our people claiming to belong to the class. It became necessary to write on this aspect because our elite of Delhi class have been desperately looking for a chink in Narendra Modi’s functioning to attack him. To add to their woes, Narendra Modi goes from success to success, at home as well as abroad. He is getting high approval ratings, which the elite of Delhi fail to understand. Hence, they think it is “oratory & Hindi” which is making Modi such a success so far. They imagine that he will fail in a few months in delivering on his words and then it will be their time to make a good meal of him and feast on it. They are wrong, as they have always been on Narendra Modi. It is the same class that was wrong about the dark Emergency in 1975 that destroyed democracy and rule of law in India temporarily (even as the perpetrators tried their level best to continue to fool the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in believing that she could continue for long as PM by continuing the Emergency, she refused to bite the bait). To say that Modi owes his success to oration and Hindi is simply childish.

We have witnessed feudalism and British rule in India. While it might be a political thought that the king can make no wrong, no political ideology has ever propagated the idea that the “class” can never do any wrong! But our class has always displayed arrogance, flippancy and autocracy by never accepting their wrongs or ever apologizing for their errors of judgement or speech. Narendra Modi emerged victorious not by oratory but character, integrity, honesty, sincerity and service as Chief Minister of Gujarat for more than a decade. He didn’t buy support of members of the Gujarat assembly to win a vote of confidence. He made no promises which he did not fulfill. It was his career that promised to change India from a corrupted country to a respected and prosperous nation. There has been no dearth of orators in the Congress Party and the rest of the political establishment in the country. They are all well known orators, making millions annually by working as advocates or other honourable professions. They have been speaking non stop for more hours than Narendra Modi. They had made success of their powerful oratory. They landed up positions of prime minister, chief minister and ministers. They threw all their weight against Narendra Modi. They failed. They failed individually and they failed their party, for they failed the people of India. Indeed, they failed mother India. In spite of their oratory skills & supremacy over Narendra Modi, because of their high education and Harvard or Oxford degrees, and their attempts to portray him lacking even basic knowledge of history or geography, possessing knowledge of economics which can be put on a postal stamp, and above all unworthy of joining the “class” , all the competing orators were vanquished by Narendra Modi. One highly educated member of the class as well as the party showed his concentrated contempt for Narendra Modi by calling him a menial tea vendor or Chaiwallah and offered him the licence to sell his tea outside his party office after defeat in the election. It is a different matter that Modi is the Prime Minister of India and the Class fellow is in complete disarray not knowing how to atone his peremptory diatribe and sick mentality. So it is not oratory skills that the despondent elite of the class are feigning to be the reason for Narendra Modi’s success, suggesting therby in their own crafty style that he continues to be only the chaiwallah  (lower class than themselves) even after becoming the Prime Minister, as one of their prominent members taunted the Indian diaspora gathered in Madison Square Garden in New York to listen to the visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that they may be rich but they don’t have the class. The explosion of the anger of the class can be gauged from this small tweet made publicly in the TV camera in a far away place. How much propaganda the class might be carrying globally through their class-network can only be imagined. They can even write books. India has been subjected to terrible exploitation by this class which is responsible for reducing the country to the status of one of the most corrupt countries. Their campaign against Modi emanates from the fear of getting exposed, investigated, brought to justice and punished for decades of corruption, which was allowed as a reward for sustaining minority or corrupt governments and dividing the country on caste and communal lines. They have suffered defeat because they forgot to take into account the youth of India, who are able to deconstruct all their theories and return a government like that of Narendra Modi.

Much is being made of Narendra Modi speaking in Hindi. They first thought this Chaiwallah has no knowledge of the language that gives them pride, privilege and position- English. But Modi cleared their doubts on this aspect by making a few public speeches in English. Then they started suggesting that Modi is comfortable to speak in Hindi, suggesting he is not as comfortable with English as they are and he is good in Hindi (which has been used by the class in a derogatory sense for decades due to the anti-Hindi political agitation in the South in the early 60s). They are wrong again. Modi’s mother tongue is Gujarati, but he has learnt more than one language and makes use of them according to the occasion. Why does Modi speak in Hindi? Simply because he speaks from the heart. He does not mince his words. He is not crafty with words as a Class member can be with Winston Churchill’s political language. Hindi connects Narendra Modi straight with the audience. He interacts with his audience in this language and encourages them to communicate with him in public meetings. This facility no English speaking politician in India is known to have created for the ordinary member of the audience to freely interact on the spot with the speaker. The Class neither understands such a nuance nor wants to learn. So let them go on deriding Modi, his oratory and Hindi. We don’t mind keeping the class in the archive of history as we have done with Shahanshahs, Maharajas, Rajas and Nawabs. We will add one more species to them and proceed with our mission to establish a classless society in India. We have entrusted the responsibility to Narendra Modi presently. He is under observation. He is a very good learner, with an open mind. He has progressed a lot. His foreign visits have expanded his horizons greatly. He is not the Modi the Class has known so far. His followers have to rise to his expectations so that he succeeds in delivering a good and effective government. It would be beneficial to the Class too if it tries to understand the new Modi.

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