Haryana & Maharashtra Assembly Poll Results 2014

The results of the two assembly results of Haryana & Maharashtra announced today have reiterated the people’s verdict in favour of Narendra Modi. Too much was made of the reverses suffered by the BJP in by-polls in Bihar & UP held after the Lok Sabha election 2014. The English press and the opposition were elated at the less than encouraging success of the BJP in those by-polls. Narendra Modi had not canvased personally in those by-polls. He left it to his party, BJP, to manage the elections in those two states. In UP, sitting MP, Yogi Adityanath, was the sole in charge of the elections. He typifies the hardliners in the BJP. He betrays streaks of impatience, impulsiveness and insensitivity at times and takes to a rhetoric dear to many in the BJP ranks but unacceptable to the reasonable members of the party. Narendra Modi might have used that idiom at the beginning of his career but has grown tremendously thereafter. He has proved himself to be a great learner. He has widened his horizons. He has gained enormous experience as Chief Minister of Gujarat. He was almost sacrificed by the senior leaders of his party who had nurtured their followers on the same diet which produces Yogi Aditynaths in the ranks by preaching “Rajadharma” to him when he was under attack from pseudo-secularists, rank communalists, casteists, corrupt and immoral politicians and the media of India during the communal riots in Gujarat plastering the blame on him to have failed to check the riots as the chief minister of the state. These elements never even made a passing reference to those who engineered the riots in the first place by burning a rail coach carrying Hindu pilgrims. It must have been a great trauma for a man who had grown listening to the high ornate speeches of his leaders revealing traits of the self-proclaiming secularists of India! It goes to the fortitude of the man that is Narendra Damodar Modi that he weathered the crisis boldly and devoted himself to learning the ropes of statecraft. The Modi of 2014 is not the Modi of 2001. However, others in the BJP are no different from the Modi of 2001 or his senior leaders. The BJP has steadfastly refused to grow if making Yogi Aditynath as the election in charge of UP was any indication. The BJP failed to see the victory that Modi brought to it in the elections to the parliament in May 2014 as the people’s trust in him. It made the mistake of treating it as its own victory. Yogi Adityanath was an example of that flippancy. Modi allowed them their will rather than trying to reason with them. He distanced himself from the by-polls. The result was that the BJP suffered humiliation. Between those by-polls and the elections in Maharashtra & Haryana, Modi had visited the United States of America, addressed the gathering at the Madison Square, stunned whosoever watched his visit by observing fast and surviving on warm water only and conducting himself normally doing his strategic summit talks with President Obama, after successful talks earlier with the Japanese counterpart in Tokyo and Chinese leader in India. The elections to the assemblies of the two states were crucial because the BJP/NDA don’t enjoy a majority in the upper house of parliament, the Rajya Sabha. For delivering clean and efficient government to the people that Modi has promised during election 2014 he needs majority in the Rajya Sabha too. The BJP government  and its numbers in the two assemblies will gift it the requisite numbers in the Rajya Sabha in due course. Modi had to enter the fray himself rather than leaving it to the party or the leaders like Yogi Adityanath to waste such a wonderful opportunity to trounce the Congress to rid India of the Congress (his slogan: Congressmukt Bharat) and strengthen his position in the Rajya Sabha. Next on his agenda will be UP and Bihar, Jharkhand & West Bengal, assam & J and Kashmir. His dream of Congressmukt Bharat will be realized if that happens. Chances are that it will happen.

Modi had toured small towns to address the voters in these two states. He was criticized by the Congress party and others for being so active in state elections. They didn’t want him to take such keen interest or active participation in the assembly elections. They were emboldened by the reverses suffered by Modi’s party (BJP) in the by-polls in Bihar & UP. They were busy in propagating that the Modi magic had disappeared and the people will deliver a referendum against the government and Modi personally. They erred again as they had earlier in May ! Modi had turned the tables on his opponents, including friends turned foes living under illusions and delusions of their following in comparison to Modi, routing them completely and scoring a perfect majority in Haryana where it had never been even the leading opposition party. In Maharashtra, it has not been able to get a clear majority, but is the largest single party which is going to form the government. Its 25 years partner, the Shiv Sena miscalculated the stakes and parted company just at the nick of elections misguided by over-ambition of some of its leaders, who are known for their acerbic rhetoric and writing (a good match for Yogi Adityanath). They are going to join hands as good sense is bound to prevail in both the parties. They are partners in the Modi government, the Bombay Municipal Corporation (with budget several times more than that of any small state in India) and their mission. Besides, the NCP led by Sharad Pawar has offered it unconditional outside support already. Therefore, it was no prestige issue for Modi but cold real politics. Modi knows it, and it is for genuine reasons, that the people of India have faith in him. It was demonstrated in Gujarat first and India in the last general elections held in May 2014 when the voters gave him a clear majority in the house of the people or the Lok Sabha. They displayed it in a foreign land, America. They have shown it in Haryana. They have demonstrated it in Maharashtra. They will repeat it in other assembly elections. Modi is the people’s darling. He is not corrupt. He is incorruptible. He has no children. He meets all the qualifications prescribed by Bacon for Judges and classics for rulers. He is a Rajarishi. Those who are determined to sacrifice everything for the people never suffer defeat. Compare it with the choice of the Congress, especially its President, for Rahul Gandhi even when the young man has failed to endear himself to the masses. Had the Congress promoted public friendly leadership in the states, it might have survived the Modi wave. But it steadfastly ignored the people’s opinion since 1967 when it suffered defeat in 9 state assembly elections and thereafter again in 1977, 1989, 1999 and 2014. It treated India worse than the developed countries who continue to consider India the country of rope tricks and snake charmers and a nation of thoroughly corrupt politicians. The amount of illegal money stashed in tax havens abroad and the number of people holding such black accounts hardly can be expected to win the respect of others unless a Narendra Modi descends on the horizon and takes charge of the disgusting situation. That is what Narendra Modi has done. That is the kind of person in whom the people of India have been wanting to place their trust. They are wise people. They know better than all varieties of politicians what kind of governance is required. India is no new born baby – it is an ancient culture which has enough to be proud of by way of legacy including the best form of government called the Ram Rajya or that form of fair and just government that God in the form of Lord Ram gave to his people in ancient India. It is the kind of government where both the lion and the goat drink water from the same stream, meaning freedom from fear, justice to all and equality & well being of everyone. This is no eldorado. They are achievable. God does so for all of us as our prayers are answered almost instantly irrespective of the language we use.

The victory of the BJP in Haryana as well as Maharasthra is the personal victory of Narendra Modi. It is time the BJP accepts this reality and stops needling Narendra Modi forthwith. It is still talking an idiom that is no more associated with Narendra Modi but only Yogi Adityanath and his ilks. It is in the interests of the BJP to transform itself into a party of the whole country, winning the trust of all sections of society. It needs to conduct itself as a responsible “ruling party”. It should stop either talking publicly as if it is different from Narendra Modi or it is his remote control or proxy or master. It should not talk peremptorily that the Modi government has time till 2019 to fulfill all its promises. It talks like this because it has no idea how government is run or how complex issues are handled or how the government has to be sensitive to so many issues at the same time which might give the uninitiated the impression of it going back on its promises. I have consistently maintained this view in all my posts on this website and other fora. Don’t treat Narendra Modi as the tea vendor boy (chaiwallah) any longer; he is now the Prime Minister of a great nation and one of the biggest democracies of the world, elected by popular vote and validated by his summits with leaders of great countries (to mention just three of them Japan, China and America). He is governing well. He has controlled prices, corruption and inflation. Learn to respect him for his position. Don’t always expect him to touch your feet in the Indian tradition of showing respect to elders(Guru Govind dono khade, kake lagoo paon, balihari guru apni Govind diya bataye). Get off his neck guys!

What remains for him to do now? Well,while Congressmukt Bharat seems to be a reality, he has to ensure that it is NDA yukta Bharat at the earliest. Best wishes Narendra Bhai !

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