Did God Also Make Mistake?

I have been engaged on a thought for the last about a fortnight. Seeing the enchanting creation of the Lord I have been wondering if He too had made some mistake? The creation of the creator is so beautiful. Life is on auto pilot. Everything happens in a regulated time cycle. Birth & death are a part of this cycle. It goes on unless human interference alone disturbs it. Those who propagate the theory of Evolution forget the fact that there ought to exist something to start the process of evolution. The theory of Creation gets strength from this logic. God’s creation is so perfect that works only on sound scientific principles of physics, chemistry, biology, zoology and all other branches that man can call knowledge. There exists a perfect order of all things in this creation. Nobody is capable of disturbing this Order. Except for the human beings, who can disrupt, pollute and destroy everything, including the planet Earth itself. Since the mornings generally bring such thoughts for conversation with my wife Sharda, I told her last week that He who is all perfection seems to have committed at least one terrible mistake- the mistake of creating Man. Why did the Lord think of creating man? Should He not have stopped after creating everything before thinking of adding one more species to His beautiful Garden on Earth? Can God commit a mistake?

Since this thought has been troubling me thoroughly the whole fortnight I could neither help mulling over it nor accept the idea of Him making any mistake. Had He been susceptible to make mistakes, the universe would have fallen long ago. Since things stay wherever they have been placed and function as if on auto, there is no scope for any mistake. So there must be an answer. A family friend, Mrs Pushpa Sharma, has deep interest in the philosophical discussions and possesses good knowledge about Hindu religious thoughts, phoned up this evening and after speaking with Sharda for long (ladies do that whenever they can find time), she spoke with me also. After sometime we talked about social change and the diminishing influence of values resulting in crime in families in cities which were unheard of only about 50 yearts ago, such as a son killing his father or mother for money or a husband cutting his wife into pieces. We also reviewed the TV serials from Pakistan  currently being beamed on one of the Indian channels, which are a healthy sign of the emancipated woman growing assertive because of coming in contact with western culture and rising to become doctor, chartered accountant or architect and the social re-engineering silently taking place in a conservative society. The question bothering me cropped up when she said God knows what is happening (an expression we are used to when we find no answers to problems!). But my quest did not end. I am happy to write about the answer I have suddenly found this evening. God has made no mistake. He can never make any mistake. All He does is his Lilaa (meaning show). This can be understood in the context of karma or action, which all living beings are doing. Human beings are doers and so undergo the consequences of their actions (cause and effect falls in this category). God is above this because He does Lilaa and not karma.Man has been cast in His own image. Man is responsible to run this world in a just and fair manner as God Himself does. Since man has failed in his duty we are suffering the consequences.

God created man in the end after creating everything in His own image so as to come on Earth in the form that alone is capable of regulating life on Earth. But man has destroyed the earth (climate, environment, water, air etc). Worse, man has made life impossible for other human beings, rather all living and non-living things on earth. Now even the earth is in danger of destruction. God is unhappy with mankind for vast devastation and destruction. Rise of demons and sufferings of the good people make God to descend to Earth. And what better form for Him to don than the human form. He has endowed man with all those qualities that are capable of restoring Order on Earth. That is why He manifests Himself in different Avatar whenever there is collapse of this Order called Dharma in Indian thought. God comes to earth or manifests Himself or takes Avatar to end the tyranny of demons and providing succor to the good and restoring Natural Order & Discipline. For doing this, He takes the form of any jeeva or living being, but generally human form.

So the answer I found today is that God created man for sound reason to serve His Divine purpose for the welfare of all living and non-living things. There will remain no doubt about the welfare of even the non-living things if we take in to consideration the destruction of hills, mountains, deserts, swamps etc. Man has demonstrated his most barbaric acts by committing plunder of these beautiful creations of God for a very delicate ecological balance in the Creation He has placed after superb scientific calculations and considerations. The human error lies in plundering for immediate gain without even being conscious of the damage he is doing on a slightly long term. His latest attack is on sweet drinking water sources which the urban habitats and industries are destroying for ever by discharging poisonous waste into rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps, deserts etc. The average chemical consumption today is several times more, leading to silent killing. There are more kidney, eye, heart, liver, spine, muscle, bone, nerve patients today than 50 years ago. And it is not because of the statics highlighting the number of people obtaining health care, but because of ingestion of dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. In less than 7 years in the Dwarka sub-city of Delhi more people are experiencing breathing problems and other health ailments, even though the locality is industry free so far. Twenty years hence, the sub-city is going to experience severe health conditions: all due to pollution and reduced quality air for breathing. At the moment, it is dust and noise pollution and carbon emitted by automobiles coupled with chemically treated drinking water, vegetables, fruits, foods and even medicines. There are NGOs ready with reports but no check on the advancing health threats. So let it be till God takes the new Avtar to relieve us of this calamity!

I shall welcome a better answer to my quest. Kindly write your views.

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