Delhi Assembly Dissolved

In less than a year, Delhi will suffer another election to its Assembly. It demonstrates the incompetence, incapability and inefficiency of the political class in a democracy. Can these elected representatives and their parties be levied heavy damages for waste of tax payers’ money and inconvenience to the people generally? How can such politicians be allowed to take the people for a ride and take them for granted. Why should the people participate in fresh elections? Why should there be no amendment to the law to the effect that in case an elected house fails to “function” according to the law, it shall be dissolved but fresh elections will be held only after the expiry of the term of 5 years from the date of its constitution? One or the other party can’t hold the entire state hostage to its whims & fancies. Elections are not meant to satisfy the urge, ambition or ego of just one person or a gang of a few persons. This is not democracy but plutocracy under whatever name.

Who is responsible for this mess in Delhi? Does the Assembly not have all the elected members minus the three vacancies? It was a full house. But it has been “forced to be dissolved” to the pride of AAP or the Aam Aadmi Party , rather its highly ambitious Chief Arvind Kejriwal, who dreaming of becoming Delhi’s Chief Minister again, has taken the victory of his party for granted. This is how he and his party take election results. What will they do if they fail to get a majority? Unfortunately, this group believes that they can fool all the people all the time! Their success last year was because the people mistook them as a political party floated by the Gandhian Anna Hazare, whose campaign against corruption of the Congress led Manmohan Singh government evoked nationwide support. In less than two months of the results last year, they exposed themselves and lost public support fast, so much so that many prominent supporters, attracted to the AAP because of Anna Hazare,  distanced themselves from the group and resigned. Today the AAP represents the ambition of Arvind Kejriwal to somehow become the Chief Minister and his lieutenants to elbow him out to grab the job and supporters in the core group to become MLAs & ministers. Grapes? Elections alone will show how sour!

The performance of the AAP last time was so stunning that people saw a change coming. The party was not granted majority by the voter. The AAP had promised to the people that it would seek support neither from the Congress Party nor the Bhartiya Janata Party. Its hunger for power got exposed when it cast away all such rectitude to embrace the Congress Party for support to form the government much to the disappointment of the voters of Delhi and the people generally in the country. The people were under the impression that the AAP will provide the government that Anna Hazare portrayed as clean and transparent during his agitation in Delhi against corruption (India Against Corruption or IAC). The AAP, to the shocking disbelief of the aam aadmi or the common man, disowned its patron and mentor Anna Hazare in no time. It had no qualms of conscience in throwing its arms around the discredited Congress Party just to get the opportunity of forming a government and Arvind Kejriwal, a junior government officer with no commendable public service record, becoming chief minister with his minions as ministers. The Congress was elated at this turn of events, for the Anna Hazare agitation had made it so vulnerable that its government didn’t know how to handle the transparency revolution launched by him. On its own, the Congress could not form the government as the Anna Hazare tsunami had reduced its strength to just 8 members in the assembly though it had been ruling Delhi for 15 years i.e. 3 full terms of the assembly.

What did such a government do? It did not “function” as a government even for a day because it did not know what to do, how to do. It was a student agitation type of an outfit, good at starting an agitation before even deciding on issues. The party had no political ideology, no vision, no direction. It has none even today. They have only a dream- a dream where Arvind Kejriwal is Chief Minister for Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia for Manish Sisodia, Kumar Viswas for Kumar Viswas and half a dozen other former part-time/full time TV anchors or news readers. They ran a non-functional government in Delhi for just 49 days. In fact, credit goes to them to shut down the government for so long- even America can’t boast of it. It adds to their credit only that they have “forced dissolution of the assembly”. What fantastic feat? Shut down government, dissolve assembly, force people to suffer repeated elections at short intervals, squander tax payers’ money as if it is black money, vilify opponents, attempt becoming Prime Minister, suck the people, seek Congress support again for government formation, use slander tactics, defame judiciary/election machinery/ LG of Delhi and freely fling wild allegations against all & sundry! The people chastised all forces of evil in the last general election when they voted Narendra Modi decisively. India has not seen a strong prime minister for decades. Narendra Modi has infused new life in every heart. He has shown that a clean and functioning government is workable in India. He is being challenged by Arvind Kejriwal and his garrulous lieutenants. The AAP hates and spreads hatred against more than 50% of the Delhi voters who had voted for the BJP, not necessarily as party followers but as the better option than the Congress and the AAP. Should Arvind Kejriwal and his party not respect the verdict of the 50% population of Delhi? Or are they betraying a streak of hate against the voters? Does it not mean that the party and its leaders suffer from a flawed sense of arrogance where they say that they would not allow any other party’s government to function, as only the AAP deserves to rule & Arvind Kejriwal to be the Chief Minister? It flows from such a mindset that they will not hesitate to shut down the government once again under some pretext and also force the dissolution of the assembly until they succeed in forcing the people to elect them to rule & fool them forever?

It is now for the voters of Delhi to decide what they want to do with the opportunity before them: (1) to elect a clean, effective, efficient functioning government or (2) gamble once again on a non-functioning directionless government living on life-support from the discredited Congress Party,

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