Delhi Politics Hotting Up


So the incapability of 67 members of the Delhi Assembly has failed to provide a stable government or collectively serve the people of Delhi, in whose name they have fought the election in December 2013 and have been at each other’s throat ever since and in whose name again they say they are going to fight the election. What a display of egos? Rather self interest. They want only power- power to rule the people and serve their personal ends and secure the future of their families. The election will be held before the forthcoming St. Valentine’s Day.

The exit poll agencies are busy in making their surveys and predictions. According to a few surveys, the BJP is likely to get absolute majority; the AAP will emerge as the main opposition party with figures in two digit; the Congress will reduce its present tally to end up third. It is not so important who wins or who loses. For a critique of the political developments it strikes a curious note that a no-party two years ago succeeds in getting so many seats. The AAP was born of the Anna Hazare led agitation against corruption and made its first success as a child of Hazare. But it has since been clarified and also understood that Hazare is not connected in any way with the party. In fact, Anna Hazare had instructed the AAP not to use his name or photograph for promoting the interests of the political party AAP. In addition, the conduct of A. Kejriwal as Chief Minister, his roadside agitations, public hearing fiasco and resignation after 49 days in office has robbed him of the halo he managed to build around his head during Anna Hazare’s agitation against corruption. He or his followers are not seasoned politicians. Most of them are failed journalists of the print and electronic media and ambitious youth, whose imagination is  fired by slogans like eradication of corruption or welfare of the people- slogans which had fooled the youth in the decades of the 1970s and 1980s, when the communists, Maoists, socialists and Indira Gandhi all used that jingoism & rhetoric to exploit the idealism and energy of the youth. So, logically the election must see the end of the AAP. But if the party wins even one seat, it makes the mark, it establishes its claim to be called a political party and taken seriously. Numbers keep changing like fortune in all walks of life. That single victory will establish the claim of Arvind Kejriwal to political leadership and space. For respectable existence in Delhi that is more than enough. It gives the leader and his party the right to collect donations, get privileges, create nuisance value for itself and create a market for itself in the political space. See the achievement of the party in the last Lok Sabha elections: 4 Members elected to the parliament on the party ticket from Punjab! The party received a solid thrashing from every part of India, but Punjab saved its reputation with 4 MPs in its kitty. That means the party shares the space in the highest legislature of the country with all other parties e.g. the BJP, Congress etc. Sometimes even one MP can change the course of history as Mr. Hansraj Ahir had done by exposing the biggest coal mines allocation scam of the Congress government led by Manmohan Singh & advised by Sonia Gandhi leading to cancellation of 122 mining licences by the Supreme Court of India. This was one of the several historic scams that led to the rout of the Congress Party in the last elections to the Lok Sabha.

The amusing thing is that exit polls are giving the AAP something like 18 seats. That will yield astounding victory of a different kind giving it a long lease of life. What more could the AAP ask for? What more can Arvind Kejriwal dream of? Both as LoP (Leader of Opposition) and Leader of the House i.e. Chief Minister, his personal ambition gets realized: a successful career in politics. He can keep accumulating big sums of donation money, tour the length & breadth of the country in promoting his party and expand in the space vacated by the Congress Party and others.

Who said politics is the last refuge of scoundrels?

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