India Lost & Found

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is exciting unprecedented jealousy among the Congress Party top brass as also its allies. They are fuming at the crowds at his public reception in the USA earlier and Australia now. It is not only the Indian diaspora in these countries that has extended a warm welcome to the visiting prime minister, Narendra Modi, but the President and Prime Ministers of the host countries. Politicians, business & industry captains, professionals and media- everyone has been full of warmth, affection and respect for Narendra Modi. Earlier in Japan and during the visit of the Chinese President to India, the same warmth and seriousness was on display. The people back home in India have been pleased at Modi’s success in building strong  relations with our valued friendly countries. Only his political opponents are dejected, depressed and down. The Congress Party’s malicious brigades have been mobilized to carry out demolition exercise in full steam. So, they have launched their foul mouthed attacks by calling the show as hired crowds. Actually the Congress Party has rich experience in hiring crowds and beating drums to drown their black deeds. The show began after the death of Lal Bahadur Shashtri, who became the prime minister after Nehru, especially on the morning of June 26 after the imposition of the black Emergency in the country, which curtailed constitutional governance and led to suspension of fundamental rights of the citizens and the human rights of the people. The notorious elements who organized such crowds in Delhi were the same who organized mass murders in 1984 in Delhi and elsewhere in the country. They have betrayed lack of basic courtesies towards  presidents, prime ministers, elected representatives of the people, politicians and other prominent dignitaries of those countries. Such statements from the Congress brigade evoke contempt and derision only!

The informality visible during the meetings of the Prime Minister Modi with the Prime Minister of Japan, President of China, President of America, Prime Minister of Australia and other dignitaries is indicative of the charming personality of Modi. He is an unconventional politician. He has risen from the soil, unlike the earlier ruling community of leaders dropped from the deus  ex machina.  He is an unconventional leader. He ran his election campaign in the most unconventional manner; he got the kind of thumping majority mandate that qualifies to be called unconventional; he has given an unconventional governance model and earned the name and fame of the “man of action” as President Obama said during the recent G20 meet in Australia. More than that what attracts the people to Modi is his honesty, simplicity, commitment, sincerity and karmayogi personality. That is the essential India. That is the reason Modi is attracting the attention of the leaders of the super-powers and the Indian diaspora around the world. In Modi the Indians living abroad see their dignity, honour and pride restored. The Indians abroad are no more apologetic about their country, leaders, government, values and culture. In Modi they find their moorings. Modi has suddenly proved to be the sheet anchor of the great Indian drift, a drift that was threatening to take the nation on the verge of collapse. Modi has filled their hearts with pride and hope. The world leaders have acknowledged it. They know India much better than the brigades of the corrupt-beyond-redemption political parties and their leaders. As The Australian newspaper put it succinctly, it is after a “protracted period of weak leadership” that Modi has arrived. He has brought with him the hope of the rise and rise of India. The India that was almost lost for all Indians who love it. The past 68 years have created so many divisions at political, social, economic, security, justice and nationalism that the citizens cry in pain, suffer in silence and pray for salvation.

Modi has found the lost India for which the resident as well as non-resident Indians have been yearning. Modi has fulfilled that yearning. He is a true reflection of the famed India. The world has seen the capability of the humble Indian in Modi. They have witnessed the power of political India in the last parliamentary elections. They have seen from close quarters the energy of an Indian aged more than 60 years fasting for more than a week and still going about his agenda energetically while visiting the USA. They have seen reforms taking place without unnecessary hullabaloo. They know the potential for economic development of India under a leader like Modi. They know his desire for accelerating the process of growth by harnessing technology. Modi presents the right mix of ancient & modern values, where the longing for spiritual attainment imparts strength to the efforts to make life a happy living physical existence. The corrupt rulers had earlier destroyed the ordinary Indian both in material as well as spiritual terms. They earned for the nation and every Indian the infamy of one of the most corrupt nations. Modi has halted this process. Modi has reversed this process. In fact, India has asserted itself: I am not a corrupt nation; I am not a corrupt person; I am as old as humanity and as modern as anybody. India had visualized the events in advance and made advance preparations. Alas! They had suffered somewhere at some point in time due to the savagery of the anti-intellectual marauding tribes, exactly the way they are performing in Iraq or Syria today. Modi is a reflection of that essence of India only. There is need to create a halo around him or make a demigod as his opponents have done to their icons, because Indians are essentially like Modi- karmayogi. All Indians are capable of living like that provided they break the spell cast on them by the Devil, who has made them corrupt- mentally, bodily and spiritually. Life becomes rich when body, mind and soul get served equally.

India found! The young democratic republic, a member of the modern knowledge society,  marches ahead under the inspiring leadership of Modi. He deserves the co-operation from all quarters. The ganging up of frustrated politicians is bound to fail, because if they win, India loses, which no Indian would allow now. They should, therefore, welcome the rejuvenated India as warmly as the Indian Prime Minister is welcome at home & abroad. Courtesy begets courtesy, respect begets respect, truth begets truth. Truth prevails: Satyamev Jayate.

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